Does John Key have Alzheimer’s disease?


How forgetful is our poor Prim Minister? He has changed his story 3 times over when he was told about Mike Sabin’s ‘personal issues’, and it’s not the first time that he has been so forgetful is it?


The double standards of NZ politics are extraordinary aren’t they? Helen Clark was crucified for a speeding ticket, water saving shower heads, power saving lightbulbs, signing a painting she didn’t paint and repealing a legal loophole that parents charged with assaulting their children were using to escape child abuse charges. Key on the other hand has had his office create falsified SIS information to smear the Leader of the Opposition months before the 2011 election on a far right hate speech blog. On top of that we have all the dirty politics tactics used via Jason Ede and Key’s incredible memory blanks when he is cornered in a lie.

Only the Right can get away with unethical behaviour while still denouncing the ethics of others and get politically awarded.

In John We Trust.


  1. My plumber told me about Sabin’s issues back in August. If my plumber is better informed about members of the National caucus than the PM I think we need a change.

    • Evidence seems to be mounting up for this to have gone back to August. I have heard that suppression orders and such have affected what John Key may or may not have been able to do, but I really have to ask, why would any suppression orders that might be in place, be compromised by Key NOT appointing Sabin to the police committee (can’t remember full name of it). I accept it may not have been possible to take him off the ticket for the election, though I am not 100% convinced there, either, if anyone can explain how that may have panned out.
      Sabin, knowing that this was going on should have withdrawn, of course, but I guess even a few months of the parliamentary salary………..

      • Are suppression orders even possible before a defendant has appeared in court? Maybe Sabin was threatening legal action against anyone who said anything. His type are often all bluster and thuggishness. I was threatened once that something would be found to charge me with if I didn’t withdraw an offhand statement about poaka corruption and abuse of power.

  2. Martyn,

    Brilliant picture character of the keyster.

    Key is just a slime ball, he doesn’t want to remember any thing he wont address.

    He simply wants to conserve his demented twisted brain while finding ore ways to destroy us all.

    “Only the Right can get away with unethical behaviour while still denouncing the ethics of others and get politically awarded. In John We Trust.”

    God help us all.

  3. Key most definitely does NOT suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease.

    Key has selective amnesia. He’s used it to get out of tricky situations that he can’t justify and God (or whoever) knows there have been plenty of them over the past six years! He has relied on his own chicanery to deceive NZ through three elections!

    I have a gut feeling the Sabin issue and Key’s associated deliberate, self protecting evasiveness is going to be the catalyst which will see him walk!

    When the alleged offences are leaked out and they will be, he might have to run and run pretty fast too! For his lies and cheating throughout this one, once the public get wind of the nature of the alleged offences, Key will need much more than the DPS to rely on to protect him!

    Key is not worthy to hold any office of representation, let alone PM! NZ deserves much better than this despicable, lying self indulgent creep!

  4. It could be a medical condition that also causes dizzy spells and slurred speech as well as forgetfulness.
    Might it be intolerance to ethanol?

    • If he isn’t suffering from alcohol abuse then he has a wicked speech impediment.

      Never before have we had a PM who cannot even pronounce the name of our country.

      Plain embarrassment every time he opens his mouth for what he says on top of how he says it.

  5. Hopefully when Parliament opens on Tues the Opposition parties will show their worth.

    They have so much ammunition against Key that all the bullshit from him will be questioned.
    He is a national disaster of the worst kind.

    • Key will just throw the blame back on to opposition, then he will make a smart reply to questions,then he will laugh along with his idiot mps ,wave his hand at the questioner and dismiss whoever has the audacity to question his Prime Ministerial lies, never fails.

      • Yeah same sh*t different year.

        But Little has the measure of him and knows he can get his attacks on to the news channels and sites to demonstrate what a c*ck Key really is.

    • Well actually Andrew Little spoke well .Key did his usuall rant at what Labour did when last in power ,he was spitting spite with all his bombast and lies.
      When Andrew Little tried to bring up the Sabin problem the speaker shut him down, because of suppression order,thus preventing him from questioning Keys lies,but Little got around it and got his point across.
      Same old same old with Key shouting a lot saying nothing of substance.

      • Yeah, for a country with supposedly free speech I’m astonished that all mention of the unspeakable acts of he-who-is-not-to-be-named is gagged, even in parliament. In fact I think the opposition should break the injunction under privilege – because the courts must not pretend to gag parliament.

  6. I think it’s a bit insulting and stupid to claim FJK may have Alzheimers. Alzheimers is a real problem, with some tragic effects, and sufferers do not need to be compared to that POS FJK.

    • Key dosnt have alziemers ,he just convienently dosnt remember, except when he claims he has a “mandate” that’s just a dillusion.

  7. Does John Key have Alzheimer’s disease? No. I’ve looked the affliction up. I have concluded he is suffering a different malady, he is simply a bloody liar. And it’s actually not him who is suffering from it, it is us.

    According to the news tonight part of the legacy he wants to leave is a new flag. The dramatic legacy he is leaving though is that of being dishonest with the unfailing, unceasing example to every citizen old and young that lying is fine.

    • John Key has a new design for the flag.
      It has a royal blue background, across the lower right diagonal – to reflect our past and also to acknowledge our Pacific night sky.
      It has in the lower right corner, the stars of the Southern Cross, each in white with a red centre – again to acknowledge our past, hark back to our current flag, and as a symbol of being guided into a bright future.
      The top left corner has a black background to acknowledge the colour made famous on sporting and athletic grounds through outstanding achievement the world over.
      Emblazoned diagonally in a flowing S-shape from bottom left and rising up to the top right corner will be a rampant red herring.

      • I see he has an application in Washington to add another Star to “Old Glory” and have New Zealand added as the official 51st State (sorry Puerto Rico… you didn’t make the cut)

    • Spot on Pete.

      Might I add this. Along with his selective amnesia, let’s not forget Key also suffers from multiple personality disorder as well, unable to decide which personality he is at any given time!

      And isn’t it interesting the old flag ploy is being rolled out once more, as a diversionary tactic?

      Never fails when Key is caught in a quandary of lies and deceit!

  8. The obvious smiling joy at giving Nzer’s a right royal reaming up the wazoo should be the undoing of this professional confidence trickster.
    He thought so highly of a alleged criminal portrayed as a decent law abiding family man with cabinet minster qualities and expected us to swallow this saga hook line and sinker with smelly bait,
    just another attribute of a man with serious mental sensibilities.
    The ‘Do as I say and Not What I Do’ attitude is akin to Dicktatorship.

  9. One thing that keeps nagging at me, is that numnums is operating with the help of the same “fourth estate” that almost delivered up Don brash as PM !!! Don Brash !!! Does anyone here really think that numnums would have got within a continent of being PM if we had a fourth estate worth more than a tin of dessicated doggy doo doo?

    Muddle Nu Zillund Looks more like an empty field from here….

    • No – our inept (at best) media led all the uninformed to the poll booths with nothing but ignorance and created bias in their tiny little minds with which to choose their vote.

      I can only imagine the MSM are constantly under threat of an abrupt career end if they do not promote national.

  10. On good authority, mps were banned from speaking about the Mike Sabin problem, the Police and National party were told to suppress the information ,but the case will go to court. It seems John Key controls everyone including the law from speaking out on anything that might affect him.
    Australian politics allowed a back bencher to call for a spill (vote of no confidence) on their PM,for far less problems that our PM caused. NZ National party backbenchers are either nervous of going against Key
    or condone his actions , they must know of his lies and bad actions ,maybe they are victims of the spy brigade,Key has used spy network to get his own way in the past , what a way to run a country by fear .

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