Key’s extraordinary war rant outburst at Waitangi


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Key’s extraordinary war rant outburst at Waitangi yesterday was an insight into the blind arrogance of John Key’s attitude to reinvading Iraq and his sad and desperate attempt to rejig his boot licking of America’s ‘club’ as a moral stand against the Left.

Key said he heard from the left wing every time he went to countries with different human rights records to New Zealand.

“I am regularly reminded by the left that they have an intimate knowledge of apartheid and the Springbok tour,” he said in reference to the 1981 Springbok rugby tour of New Zealand that divided the country.

Key has since admitted he does not remember where he stood on the tour.

“These are the very people (the left) who tell me their whole DNA is laced with human rights and standing up for people who cannot protect themselves, then they tell me to look the other way when people are being beheaded by kids, burnt alive and thrown off buildings.

“New Zealand is not going to turn the other way,” he said.

Can you believe the arrogance of this man? Re-invading Iraq, which he has originally described as the price we pay for access to the 5 Eyes club has now shifted to a  moral war which the Left are hypocrites for not supporting?

His spineless acquiescence to the Americans to play soldier on foreign policy while signing our economic sovereignty away with the TPPA is the issue here, not the Left’s supposed hypocrisy! I didn’t hear Key say a bloody thing about human rights when he lowered the flag to half mast for the bloody dictator of Saudi Arabia, the country that funded  ISIS who Key now wants us to go to war with. I don’t think Key had much to say about Syria’s torturing to death of tens of thousands of their own citizens now they are our ‘allies’ against ISIS. And I’m pretty sure Key didn’t say anything about the CIA being caught out torturing people for democracy.

Key’s selective morality is a sick joke.


  1. Winston said it right today,

    Key has made his decision over us all instead of using the democratic procedure, just as any dictator would.
    Winston asked why did he promise first we wouldn’t go there “Boots on the ground” and then switched to “we are in the club” as Winston asked ;
    “Who is the Club”?

    Yet another loss of memory or selective amnesia?

  2. He’s a sick man and the illness is virulently contagious. Consistent moral duplicity is not an error of judgement, it is the symptom of moral corruption – amorality – reducing moral principles to just another tool in the political kit bag. The SA apartheid comparison is appropriate and shows the true nature of moral duplicity. Rather than “turn the other way” New Zealand went one step further and invited apartheid to our shores, and for a few weeks we became “South Africa.” That Mr Key “can’t remember” on which side of the issue he stood speaks volumes. His attendance at Mandela’s funeral, yet another weeping pustule of the sickness.

  3. First we can be sure that Key is going to make a lot of money on the weapons that the new-Zealand army will use in this war.
    And second we can also be sure that none of his son’s or extended families or son’s or extended families of his government are going to serve in this war.

  4. That’s not Key speaking – that’s his Crosby Textor prompter-lines. Sad little banker couldn’t rub two syllables together on his own. Classic empty suit.

  5. I found Keys rant rather unusual too, Why would he use Waitangi day of all days to rant on about a war no kiwi in their right minds would want to be part of. Did they not learn from Vietnam? this is a war that cant be conceivably be won, for every terrorist they eliminate 12 more will step up in their place.
    Waitangi day is supposed to be about NZ & should never be used as a platform to celebrate & unify NZ, it should not be used as a place to justify ulterior motives of the likes of the rant by Key.

  6. It isn’t that the Left are looking the other way at the abuses of ISIS. (Often far worse and more egregious that half a dozen public executions of war captives). Rather that for decades, since the Vietnam War, in fact, the New Zealand military has been at some level at the disposal of the UN.
    We have been very involved in peacekeeping in the Sinai and UN sanctioned police actions such as in East Timor. “Club” wars would normally have been outside our brief. To continue that principled practice would have been consistent with our purported desire to reinvigorate the transnational body. To go in with and at the behest of the Five Eyes boys’ club is the opposite. It makes the toothlessness of the UN even more glaring and allows them no role in the eventual resolution of the various conflicts active in that troubled region. (By the way, despite the pretensions of our leaders, I don’t remember any approach from Iraq, nor do I recall any stipulation on their part that they do not want “boots on the ground” (under-prepared foreign cannon fodder).) Perhaps we should check back through the PM’s emails.

    There are also times when armed intervention, no matter how well intentioned, or how well resourced, can only make things worse. I suspect that further or deeper involvement by the US – and by ourselves, by extension, is one of those times.

    One suspects that the current US administration has finally learned that hard lesson, and so it reluctant to be seen to lead this intervention, or to be isolated in its execution. It is a lesson which has not been learned by all – either in the US or here. Except, of course, that we are not involved from good intentions, rather “answering the call” looks to be a cynical calling card in an effort to curry Four Eye favour.

  7. Ugh. No, John, we don’t want you to look the other way from atrocities, in fact we want you to STOP looking the other way when America or its allies commit atrocities. Oh wait, that’s right, if America does it, then by definition it must have been the right thing to do!

  8. I’m not sure we should be chasing this red herring.

    Msm “Catton, huas, tall poppies…”

    Sabin Sabin Sabin Sabin

    Key “Isis, human rights…”

    Sabin Sabin Sabin Sabin

    The trick with Key is to ignore what he says – it has no content anyway.

  9. What exactly is your problem with us assisting in the fight against ISIS? We should not sit back and do nothing.

      • I have done my research Countryboy. What on earth has that link got to do with it? If you mean the West contributed to creating ISIS, isn’t that all the more reason to correct our mistakes and help other Middle Eastern countries in their fight?

      • Yeah Mats. Go and get yourself killed for the benefit of big oil money. They will really appreciate your sacrifice.

        • You are being ridiculous, nobody in the West is fighting ISIS for the oil. The fight against ISIS is for the sake the people who live there and to achieve regional stability. Also for our security too, a terror organisation as large as ISIS is a threat to the entire Western world.

          • You really have to ask yourself, tho, how foreign intervention is going to contribute to regional stability. Can you think of one example where western intervention has made the middle east more stable? Just one.

            I’m not saying the problem will go away on its own; only that the west has a strong tendency to make things worse. This is largely because interventions are never done for the good of the people being bombed (!), and that corrupt motivation generates corrupt actions which generate more violence.

          • The Syrian war is all about getting gas pipelines through Syria from Qatar. Syria is an ally of Russia whose gas has dominance in the European market. Qatari gas would provide competition and control by the US and their allies Saudi Arabia and Qatar. To enable this they need regime change in Syria. The US has been talking with a forked tongue attacking ISIS while it is also supporting it by arming “moderate rebels” who promptly shift to ISIS
            Can you imagine what would happen if a new energy source to replace oil/gas was found. You would not see the westeners in the middle east for the dust of their departing armies and oil companies. Here is a link to a journalist that knows what is really going on.

    • Have you thought for a moment why it has reached this point because that is a major consideration for what happens next and why anyone from outside should be involved in this latest mess in the Middle East. ISIS exists today as a direct result of the West. This monster is their creation. And the model followed to get to this point has failed miserably.

      Over the last 100 years of interference in the Middle East for profit or empire building or whatever took their fancy the old empires of Europe and the US have done a spectacular job of creating the blood bath and the tinder box that exists in 2015. With every invasion or war and practically every input that they have had, things have gotten worse and worse. They have even overthrown democratically elected governments in the Middle East to suit their interests and financial gain has been their leading cause.

      And the second reason to question any involvement is the personality who is championing this latest cluster fuck on “our” behalf, none other than John Key. A man whose entire adult life has been dedicated to enriching John Key’s bank account, no questions asked. It could be as hideously simple to this deal making, dishonest, opportunist, that he and his cronies could be making a pretty penny from this latest round of blood shed.

      The people who live in that part of the world are the only ones who can solve this properly long term, possibly with UN aid and oversight but definitely without Western policy and interference and certainly not us from the South Pacific who haven’t a clue as to how to fix anything where they live.

      • You are absolutely correct, and really the only military action I support in regards to ISIS is helping those Middle Eastern countries, supplying them, training their troops etc (Which is what is proposed we do). Also targeted airstrikes, but its not like we have that capability anyway.

        Anyways I know we are not going to make a massive difference in the grand scheme of things but its no reason we should not join our allies in this fight. To say we shouldn’t is a similar argument to those who say that because we are so small we should not care about our carbon emissions.

    • Mats wake up. It’s not our fight. It is NATO’s. They created this mess and Saudi Arabia and Israel are pulling the strings. Saudi money buys America’s and Europe’s arms CIA and Mossad train the paid mercenaries who stir up the militants then conveniently have arms available for the newly created thugs and hey presto warped religious views justifying violent oppression thru USA created militia’s.
      Good place to start is a bit of research on the School of the America’s and then Central American uprisings 1950’s thru to the 1980’s. Kinda the blueprint for American Israeli warmongering. After all, this is their true agenda. Continual war . It’s profitable mate. William Blum’s writings ( he has a website) are very readable and give an absolute beginner like you a good foundation of understanding as to what is really going on.
      I cannot recommend Global Research highly enough if you are serious about educating yourself regarding the continuing world war.

  10. Key’s utter ignorance and lack of any deep critical thinking, combined with a dearth of historical and geographical knowledge, is an embarrassment to New Zealand.
    America and Britain must be quietly laughing their heads off at what a gullible, vacuous puppet…. or is that muppet , that they have so effortlessly befriended into ‘ The Club .’
    Effectively, what he has done, is put a ‘bulls eye’ on New Zealand’s head.
    Thanks mate . Don’t worry ,we’ll mop up once you’ve finally f****d off to Hawaii !!

  11. iam sure that president key will; be sending porn star daughter key and his DJ son key to lead the charge Max key over there in Iraq showing that key fighting spirit ,being part of the club even one of those way cool body bags for the fighting keys.

  12. Will Key be offering to send his son as part of the 100 soldiers required by old mother england and uncle sam, so we can be in the club?

  13. While TDB is writing feel-good comments in support of the Waitangi event, John Key will be picking up easy votes by a hardly veiled repeat of Don Brash’s hostile speech of a few years ago. Likewise Andrew Little will be losing votes for Labour by promising that it will look at the possibility of a greater autonomy for Maori people.
    There is a large body of people who resent what they see as pandering to Maori claims. National use Waitangi day to stir up such people and they can be reminded during election campaigns. If Waitangi day is always going to be a win for National, it is better to stay away.

  14. The MSM appears to have thought that this was quite “ok” what John Key did there, as there was little criticism, if any. On the other hand I listened to Radio Live (CRAP) at midday today, and they were quoting persons criticising Catherine Delahunty using a speaking time at Waitangi to criticise private business and profiteering and such.

    OMG, how “evil” for that to happen, an unforgivable sin, it seems, but hey, playing with the sentiment of bodies in bags or coffins, a supposed fight for “human rights”, and then also now suddenly wanting a less black flag, as a black sil ver fern one may be perceived as too similar to the “islamic” kind of flag that ISIS carry, that is totally “dignified” as coming from our “leader”.

    But the sheeples do not seem to worry, EFTPOS is their faith and preferred leisure time, shop and drop, and enjoy the infomercials on TV and the radio, we are “ready” to fight for the freedom to shop, online or in real life, here and there.

  15. Key’s bootlicking of the USA is all part of the payback for his winning of the election with the help of US intelligence services and US backed mainstream media.
    To blindly support USA in its military madness is criminal. Just look at the debacle that Ukraine has become because of the US instigated takeover of the democratically elected government by a bunch of NAZIs. They are killing their own people, civilians, claiming they are terrorists. The Novorussians are however winning this war, because they are genuinely fighting for their homeland and the Kiev based army largely does not really want to fight their own people, and what is America’s solution? Give them more lethal weaponry laughably calling it defensive weaponry. (So they now have smart guns that can tell if you are using them offensively or defensively. LOL) Hopefully Merkel and Hollande can reach a sensible agreement with Russia otherwise there is going to be all out war, even nuclear war. What will Key’s response be then? Send hapless NZ troops to fight Russia. The time to call the USA out about its offensive foreign policies is now but the media in NZ refuses to tell the truth about what is going on. Even Thailand is subject to American meddling whichis causing instability closer to NZ.
    Before you dismiss me as an anti-American nutcase consider the evidence of past US meddling
    1. VietNam. The Gulf of Tonkin incident where the US claimed Viet Cong gunboats shot first. A proven lie
    2. Iraq. Weapons of Mass Destruction. A proven Lie.
    3. MH17 Not yet proven, because the enquiry has been muzzled) but almost certainly a lie and a possible false flag
    The true story regarding the situation in Ukraine is readily available on the internet. Try googling FortRuss, The vineyard of the Saker, Dimitri Orlov, or Professor Stephen F Cohen
    I have tried to interest the mainstream NZ media in presenting news that is not simply US propaganda (The BBC or Reuters) but they have not responded and are content to feed utter rubbish to the NZ people.
    John Key’s pretence that NZ will help the situation in Iraq by sending military there is ridiculous. It is all about Washington being able to say it has allies in its unconscionable aggression around the world

    • Mr moderator. Having calmed down a bit I would prefer the first sentence of my previous post was removed as I have no evidence to support this position. Thanks.

  16. The day Mr Key steps up to put his life on the line is the day I consider his argument for war. As it stands he’s a complete coward who has no heart or guts, who bought his way to power through sitting behind a computer. He has done nothing to earn my respect, ever.

    I know without doubt that he is lying, New Zealand’s involvement has nothing to do with human rights, what a sick joke to even say it, the hypocrisy nearly knocked me over, Boko Haram anyone? #BringBackOurGirls

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