So Key is now lying about knowing about Sabin before the election?



This looks dangerous for Key.

He has stated he did not know anything about Mike Sabin before the election on Breakfast, but the NBR disputing that and have gone on the record claiming Key was informed in April!

Either Key is lying or the NBR are lying.


  1. Key needs to have an exit strategy in place as he is in danger of falling over himself as far as telling porkies goes.

    Seems to me that even some of his worshipers are now starting to see him in a different light.

    Abbott going, Key will be next.

  2. Key is an out and out liar. And I have decided it will be his lies which will bring him down eventually and it will be a very hard and particularly nasty fall from grace.

    NBR says the Sabin case was out there in April last year. Labour says the opposition was aware of it quite a while before the election. So when was Key in the frame? I’d say long before the NBR and opposition, way before voting began last September!

    NBR and Labour with a consistent story, while the other party Key, in true deceitful form. He’s lying. Seems 2015 is going to be yet another year of the *GREAT LIE* from an extremely corrupt PM!

  3. ‘El Scumbago’ slip sliding away again, will the carpet bomb style media support for dear leader ease up on this one? Maybe the NBR has OIA’ed the matter, someone resembling a journalist should have by now.

    Lets put it this way…
    Assault Is Not OK,
    It Is OK to deselect a dodgy candidate

    The internet whispers if true about the nature of Sabin’s activities will not be a good look for even the most devout of El Scumbago’s fans.

  4. People who can repeatedly lie without batting an eyelid, for financial reward, gravitate towards vocations, ( if you can call them that), in money trading, real estate and car sales to name a few.
    They are born liars and will very rarely change, in my experience, so it should come as no surprise that Key has once again been found out.
    If it had been anyone else caught repeated lying like this they would have been hung out to dry along time ago.
    Unfortunately we now have a media covering his arse all the way by not reporting events fully, or worse, not at all, so in effect, lying on his behalf.
    There are certain journalists ,(for want of a better word), of today that are destroying the credibility ,(joke), of the professional reputation of the journalists of tomorrow.
    They should hang their heads in shame but their egos won’t allow it.

  5. If you asked Our Beloved Leader he could look you straight in the face and tell you that he’s “never told a lie in his life”.
    I think it’s time to start a charitable fund to buy the man a flushing toilet, of which there is an acknowledged absence on Planet Key, because the excremental stench of his breath is surely not a good look for “our” nation’s “leader”…

  6. FJK has bungled this one. Now to sit back and watch his lying deceitful self try to pull his nuts out of the fire. It’s common knowledge what Sabin’s crimes are, if it wasn’t before Breakfast this morning, it is now. Sabin was outed as the ‘prominent NZer’ that has been given widespread suppression orders. I think FJK and his sinisters believe that because they always get away with it, the same will happen here. I really don’t think so.

    • Dave Hoppy let me assist, John Key it seems knew about Sabins problems last April, cant see how it defines eternity,it defines the liar John Key.

  7. Now we wait for the timeline of *prominent NZer’s* (Sabin?) alleged offence(s) to be made public.

    If it took place well before last election, Key and his MPs would have been aware of it. I say this, because the Beehive/Parliament would be like most institutions, a hotbed den of gossip, innuendo, whispers and chat, something the PM could not have avoided overhearing.

    If the *prominent NZer* is Sabin and has had his name and details of the alleged offence(s) suppressed, then it would be done to protect Key more than anything else. Should this be the case, then the alarm bells should be going off very loudly now! Because it could only mean Key not only has the police and msm working for him in a personal capacity, but also maybe the judiciary as well!

    I am only surmising here. However if correct, how any more corrupt can this despotic PM and his odious government possibly get? How do we get to the truth?

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