Revolution is coming?




  1. Revolution started with Solidarity and then Tianenman Square. Ongoing ever since. Slowly building through collapse of Berlin Wall, and latterly Occupy and Umbrella Revolution in Hong Kong. Recognition of one percent as problem now obvious. Handheld internet devices enable unstoppable momentum. Just waiting for the penultimate spark, IMO.

  2. NZ bottom 50% had only 6% some years ago and it has fallen steadily since.

    Since NACT have changed public reporting by stats and directly comparable figures have not been released in recent years .

    Indications are that we are approaching 3% with a massive number well into negative wealth.

    The media have most completely mislead.

  3. NZ is a very scary place right now,being dismantled and sold, rights declining, young people being underpaid ,under educated,a whole generation being sold down the river by Key government.
    Retired people in Auckland being priced out of their homes by increasing rates. maybe that’s the way to provide houses for rich immigrants.
    If TPP is enacted it will be far worse, big business from overseas coming into to NZ to take over.
    Why some people voted for this I don’t know,but I do know overseas media is owned by the people who want to take us over, so the only knowledge some people get is that we are a rock star economy.
    We all know Key lies, what makes anyone think he even believes it himself.
    If something dosnt happen soon for NZ we are done and back to the 1920s/30s and depression .Waipawai spy base had only 50 people at protests,a sad reflection of the will of the people.

    • @ Elle . I share your misgivings I have to say .

      It’s like most Kiwis are brain washed isn’t it ? It’s as if they’re rendered incapable of functioning on a specific level . And that level is to protect themselves and each other against oppressors . It really is a bit weird . The surly loner Kiwi Bloke mentality is really just a weak and afraid luddite looking for love . The tough sheila is really a girl who’s shunned her femininity for gumboots , had a hair cut done with a hatchet and grew a broad arse born of self loathing leading to poor eating habits and perhaps worst of all , unhappiness . I’ve done a little traveling and I’d say we’re by and large a miserable pack of bastards with a jealous streak linked to being deeply , deeply unhappy and afraid . If we knew love and were lovers and I don’t just mean of a sexual nature , although that’s hugely vital and important . I mean to love life on an existential level . In ones heart . It’s not fucking easy when the power bills climb faster than the barometer drops is it ? And when you’re finally beaten down by seemingly endless dollar bombs dropped on us by a cruel and calculating cadre of greedy , snivelling Jonky-Stiens trying to see who they can fuck over better than the creep before ? Honestly , I’ve been to visit people living in rubbish dumps and they’re happier than we are , what with our twinkle sparkle cars and having the luxury of wasting more food than we can eat of an evening . It’s all just a bit fucked up .

      We have THE most extraordinary country to play in and yet we work our gut’s out trying to keep ahead of the foreign owned banks who are here , uninvited I might add , to make our lives less pleasurable while making us feel guilty for not working harder for their profit . We’re told we must not only work harder but we must work longer . Not just in hours per week , but in years per life . That, is not right or correct and the societal dysfunction that, that’s causing will inspire University text books of the future I’m sure .

      And yet ?? Bewilderingly , mysteriously , Professor Milgram-ingly , Craig Zobel’s Compliance – ingly , social experimentingly mysteriously , we concede , like Slaves one mouthful away from starvation and at the behest of our Masters .

      I’m equally sure that those responsible are laughing at us as we struggle in times of plenty and when we finally wake up ? They’ll dry their tears of mirth and move on with our money .

      • Careful now CB the spooks will be at your door one day if you keep being all poetic and visionary like. Do like your description of who we really are. Spot on!

  4. If the Revolution does come one would expect it to pass by a country populated by a, as so famously described by Gordon McLauchlan, “Passionless People”.

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