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“I believe people are capable of amazing things and I do believe that climate change can be halted and even reversed. I just hope it happens in my lifetime. I don’t want to become the generation that future children talk of as having destroyed the planet. I’d like to be the generation that fought back (and won) against human induced climate change. The generation that worked out how to live in harmony with the planet – that generation!”
DR JENNIE MALLELA Australian National University Researcher Biology and Earth Sciences

“So whilst there is enough good and committed people we can change our path of warming,” However, he went on to add, “I am always hopeful – but 4 to 5 degrees Celsius of change will be a challenge to survive.”
DR JIM SALINGER Honorary Research Associate in climate science with the University of Auckland’s School of Environment.

Read More, What Scientists Feel About Climate Change; HERE

3pm today marks the start of the campaign to stop Solid Energy, the heavily taxpayer subsidised State Coal Miner reopening the mothballed Kopuku 1 open cast mine just south of Auckland.

We are not calling for currently operating coal mines to be closed, which is what the science demands, we are merely demanding that no more be opened.

The demand that No New Coal Mine operations be started, or restarted is a moderate one.

Those who support the opening of New Coal Mines in the age of climate change inhabit the lunatic fringe.

This day marks the start of an epic battle for common sense and even conservativism against extreme ego driven radicals bent on self aggrandisement at all costs to the community the environment and the climate.

Join the campaign for common sense and against climate extremism today. Details HERE


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Pat O’Dea is the Mana Movement spokesperson for climate change.



  1. Have you not noticed @ Pat O’Dea ? The lunatics are in control of the mad house ? That’s the entire problem .

    I live near a small, rural, south island town and down round these here parts they spray pasture lands with poisons , hack back, or cut down marauding trees , throw cows about as if there were no tomorrow to piss and shit in our water and all for absolutely no benefit to us local types . We can’t even go to the local farmers market to buy stuff and things because jonky-stien has that kind of thing buried under anti-terrorism legislation . ” Do not leave your home made, wholemeal loafs unattended . We are a safety conscious farmers market . ” Fifty or more new laws pertaining to the sale of food and seeds ? Is that correct ? A local friend tried to sell her fabulous free range , home cured , manuka smoked bacon and a few kilos of imported , organic fair trade coffee beans and was shot . No one knows where her body is and her chickens are starting to ask uncomfortable questions ? What am I going to tell them ?

    Also , down round these here parts , we live with a coal mine . An open cast coal mine and down in that black boil of a hole real men dig out the earths guts with a hearty hi ho . They drive their coal trucks with a frisky double – de clutch and a vroom-diddy-vroom and haul that black gold to a crushing plant intelligently placed at the opposite end of the town to the coal mine . So all day , one can hear ” Vroom – diddy – vroom ! Double – de-clutch ! ( Manly hiss of brakes ) stern look as if manning a space probe , muscled arm clamped to steering wheel in that ” Look at me ! Wrangling this beast . What a man am I ? ” as they snack on ball bearings and lead headed nails all washed down with a diesel / petrol cocktail .

    Of course you do hear ” What happened to old so and so ? ”
    “Aw , the cancer huh ? ”

    But I digress .

    In this beautiful land , Bill English-ophiles poison , defecate and burn . They slash and hack and God help you if you’re seen as one of them Greenies or some fuckin’ hippie poof .

    Clean Green . Gods Own . Heartland .
    Polite titles imbuing logical fallacies to sooth the furrowed brow

    She’ll NOT be right Mate .

    If you want to change the way the monkeys dance to the organ, change the tune . If you want to influence a persons attitude to embrace a need for change you must appeal to the lowest common denominator ; the Masses . After all, we’re all now governed by the behaviour of the lowest common denominator . Sooner or later , after some Clem Clump trips over his slippers ? Some insurance lobbyist will convince some lazy, useless politician to ban slippers or at the very least will pass a law requiring a WOF for the slippers and a licence to operate slippers by the wearer . I bet ! One day you’ll see The Warehouse shoppers with a large L for Learner stuck to their arses as they drag their slippers along the isles of twinkle sparkle plastic . Plastic made from … you guessed it . Coal and oil .

    Engage the Masses . The intellectuls will be forced to tag along .

    • My sympathies to you Countryboy, it sounds like hell. But don’t lose heart.

      Luckily for me I don’t live in a conservative sort of redneck backwater that you describe.
      If I was to choose a non-de-plume it could be Cityboy. (In fact, this is what my partner’s nickname for me is.)

      “The future of humanity is in the cities”

      This above phrase was first coined in the 19th Century when 90% of the majority of the world’s population resided in the countryside. At the start of the 21st Century that statistic, just as predicted, has been reversed.

      What this means is that all social innovation spreads first from the cities and then into the the country side, and that is how it will be with the fight against climate change.

      For instance Auckland activists have successfully halted a coalmine just south of the city, the first victory of this type that I know of in this country.

      But I am sure that this movement will get to your rural backwater town eventually.

      Kia kaha!

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