Flying a flag at half mast for a dictator



Nothing shows how vacuous our independent foreign policy really is than putting our flag at half mast for a dictator who is best mates with America.

Flag tribute to late Saudi King Abdullah a bridge too far for many
The Government’s decision to lower New Zealand flags to mark the death of the King of Saudi Arabia has drawn criticism because of the kingdom’s poor human rights record.

Prime Minister John Key requested the flag on all Government and public buildings – including the Auckland Harbour Bridge and Parliament – be flown at half mast yesterday.

For a PM who is trying to whip up fear against radical Muslims who use medieval practices so he can con the sleepy hobbits to enter a war, licking the boots and paying respects to another radical Muslim state who use medieval practices seems a tad confusing. Thankfully for Key, the sleepy hobbits ain’t that critical.

Saudi America over all.


  1. Want to understand the west’s relationship with Saudi Arabia.
    Watch Adam Curtis’s new documentary ‘ Bitter Lake.’

  2. I’m sorry Martyn, but this is silly. The flag is lowered on public buildings whenever ANY head of state dies in office, as well as any former Commonwealth President, PM etc. A very quick search of the Ministry of Heritage and Culture website shows it was also lowered recently for that well-known pro-American Hugo Chavez…

    It is a mark of respect to the nation, not to the person or the policies they enact.

    • I don’t remember the flags being lowered for Saddam Hussein or Colonel Gaddafi so I guess at some point the policies they enact do figure in the calculation.

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