Cameron Slater facing bankruptcy


Cameron Slater has gone to ground and is avoiding being served a bankruptcy notice in his continuing defamation battle with Matthew Blomfield.

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Apparently Slater hasn’t been paying his court ordered judgements against him. Seeing as Cam is such a big screamer when it comes to paying fines, it seems hypocritical in the extreme to be dodging this one.

I’d love to hear the whale oil army’s attempt to justify this.


    • I thought Slater was on a benefit. He should be being investigated by the WINZ Fraud office, as he was getting money from Marketing stuff wasn’t he? And how was he allowed to leave the country.

  1. Canon must be so proud to sponsor those awards, look at all the positive social media representation the logo is getting because of it’s association with a quality journo..

  2. What Bankruptcy does is prevent Cameron Slater from filing civil actions or making counter applications. A very smart move by Matthew Blomfield resulting from what could be described as dumb moves by Slater.

  3. Ahhhh poor baby.

    John Key will help his buddy boy Cameron Slater out, I’m sure.

    Key will sort something out for the WhaleOil, even if it means indulging in some of his usual slimy chicanery, to *influence* the court and justice system! A wink and a nudge here, greasing a few palms there should do the trick!

    Of course the favour will be called in eventually by Key, when things start to heat up and the pressure goes on, as his lies, subterfuge and deceit catch up with him! Cam will oblige willingly no doubt, in his usual toxic manner!

    After all, isn’t that what friends are for?

  4. The entire Right Wing/ Fascist / neo Liberal / Neo Conservative element who’re the scourge of our planet were doomed at the get-go . It’s always been that way . It’s just a matter of ‘when’ they’re doomed . Sadly it’s never before they do terrible harm, as is the case here in NZ .

    The Right Wing are cunning , greedy and devious, usually highly educated but thankfully unintelligent . . They will stop at nothing to get what they believe is their fair share, which is everything .

    For jonky-stien to use an egotistical narcissist like slater for his dirty work should surprise no one . And slaters fall from grace should equally surprise no one .

    While my reptilian brain would love to see the bastard hung from a telephone pole , my human brain thinks a better idea might be to have a song written about him, a book published about him, a mini series produced about him and a statue erected of him, all to remind us that the price of freedom is eternal vigilance .

    We human beings must remember to be most anxious when things couldn’t be better because you can bet your furry little nipple protectors ; there’ll be some fucker out there plotting and scheming . We just need to recognise the signs and nip them in the bud .

    If jonky-Swine can slip past the glare that Assange, Snowden, Greenwald, and Hager brought to bear on him, then he’s one of the best we’ve seen . There’s a lot the Human world can learn from this .

  5. How public was this action?

    Was Cam tipped off that he was going to be served? Just the normal bush telegraph I suppose.

  6. And with Whale Slater falling to bits, this is the beginning of Karma taking the Key administration to pieces, piece by piece. This is what happens when you breach your allegiance, abuse your powers, and ignore the democratic values of the people you represent. Key is beginning to lose his strategic method of dirty applications. Oh sure, Key may bail Slater out, but the public are going to catch on.

    So let’s watch the Key castle crumble as his wealthy empire collapses.

    • @ TREVOR MILLS –

      As the Slater falls to pieces, watch him start spitting the venom, as he turns on Key & co-conspirators! His fragile mental state will dictate it will be nasty. Very nasty indeed.

      Bring it on.

      • bankrupt notice is to do with the blomfeild case the court action from the fall out from dirty politics is going go on for the next 2 years i think you are right
        slater i going feel cornered and like any animal hes going to lash out ,i yhink ird will be after him to cam is big self repossibilty

    • If Key crumbles lets hope its before the TPP is passed ,the harm will be done to NZ, so whatever happens to Key we will suffer.
      Maybe Slater will get a guilty fit at the harm he caused assisting Key to win the election,maybe he could spill the beans in reparation,Slater will benefit and so will NZ.

  7. Excuse me while I reach for the champagne bottle – I know small minded and petty but he is not a nice man!

  8. I would not be surprised if Mr Slater may eventually disappear from New Zealand, and set up base with some “friends” of his in Israel or so. Then he may perhaps try running his smear and slander blog from there, avoiding the police and courts in New Zealand.

    The man still has connections, and who knows, he may soon suddenly vanish from the shores here.

  9. I wonder if Slater has left the country already, perhaps he sneaked onto the plane with JK or perhaps went back to Israel.

    If a criminal can escape from jail and go overseas, Slater can probably leave also.


      Could well be. The WhaleOil could have left NZ already, as part of Key’s official entourage, then diverted direction in transit and headed for the Middle East!

      Interesting that you mention Israel. Perhaps Israel could be the connection between Key and Slater. Both sharing a similar ancestry, which would explain a lot!

  10. Wanted donations for a non profit fund to;

    1. Purchase lead for inclusion in an unnamed cricketers boxing gloves.
    2. Indemnify said cricketer for resulting injuries to a woodlouse!

    • Jesse Ryder has a terrific opportunity coming up to strike a decisive blow in support of a decent society.

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