The things Whaleoil did to Matthew Blomfield & why haven’t Police chased his stolen emails the way they did for Slater?



The full story of the beating at home by Matthew Blomfield is now out and the vile means which Slater decided to destroy Blomfield’s life by publishing stolen emails is as ugly as it is hypercritical in light of how Slater screamed victim over his own emails being hacked and handed to Nicky Hager.

Can anyone read Fisher’s story and not throw up a little? It’s pretty grim stuff and is simply sadistic cruelty for mere kicks.

Matt Blomfield was beaten bloody. A shotgun blast ringing in his ears. Blows from the stock of the weapon splitting skin to send blood running down his face.

It was a horrifying attack at home. His children were watching. One stood at the window as her father grappled with the intruder. The other sought shelter in the house, seeking safety from the armed man who brought violence to their home.

Blomfield had fought off the attacker, fiercely enough that police later found blood from which they took DNA.

There is no justification for anyone to be beaten in front of their children like a dog in the street. Incredible that Blomfield’s stolen emails and the long fight for justice he has suffered at the hands of Slater doesn’t seem to get anywhere near the speed of Justice Slater has enjoyed. Blomfield has been fighting for 2 years to get Police to move on his stolen emails and he has been beaten in front of his family, Slater on the other hand has an investigative journalist’s house raided within 36 days of making his complaint.

The double standards of the Police are breathtaking. What the fuck is going on here?

Blomfield’s departure from Hell Pizza wasn’t pleasant. There were accusations, ill-feeling and an eventual falling out with those who had been friends – Hell Pizza director Warren Powell, his PA Amanda Easterbrook and Powell’s friend Marc Spring.

The depth of feeling is captured in emails held on a file in the Manukau District Court, where Blomfield is suing Slater for defamation. Filed in support of Blomfield’s claims, the emails show Easterbook arranging a meeting between herself, Slater, Spring and a liquidator in April 2012 for what was called “Operation Bumslide”.

In a chain of emails between them, there was a joke about Blomfield being raped and one in which Spring made disparaging sexual remarks about Blomfield’s wife Rebecca. Spring did not return calls.

Easterbrook did not want to comment beyond saying: “Just because you’re copied in on something doesn’t mean you agree with it.”

About that time, Facebook messages apparently hacked from Slater’s computer and supplied to the Herald, show him forecasting a “big story”. He told one confidante it “involves Hell pizza, a g[u]y called Matt Blomfield” and a lawyer. “I’ve got him on money laundering, cheque fraud,” wrote Slater.

Blomfield alleges Operation Bumslide began to play out in early May 2012 when he became the focus of more than 100 articles posted to the Whaleoil site in a two-month period. Slater declared the beginning of an investigation based on the contents of a hard drive he had obtained on which were 10 years of Blomfield’s communications and personal records. There was no explanation about where it came from, but court documents would later allege Blomfield’s former business associates had given it to Slater.

In the weeks that followed, those court documents allege, Blomfield was described as being involved in “drugs, fraud, bullying, corruption, collusion, compromises, perjury, deception” along with being a “psychopath” and a “pathological liar” who loved “notoriety and extortion”.

Blomfield, who sued on the basis the claims were untrue, says he was puzzled over Slater’s interest: “I’d never heard of Whaleoil.” He says he wasn’t contacted before any post ran on the site but watched, initially incredulous then frustrated and finally strained, as the blog painted a picture of someone he says has no resemblance to himself.

“There were stories of me committing every crime you can imagine. I felt like the only thing Cameron Slater hadn’t accused me of is killing someone. The time and energy it takes from someone is very hard to deal with.

“There were only so many people I could sit down with and walk them through the story and say what had actually happened. You’re never going to match the reach of Cameron Slater.”

The apparently hacked Facebook messages show the blogger appealed to media interest in his Blomfield posts. In May, after the campaign began, one Facebook correspondent asked Slater: “Any journos taken you up on your offer?”

“Not yet,” the blogger replied. Journalists were “lazy”, he said.

…there was NEVER any public interest in what Slater did to Blomfield, that’s why Slater lost his case in Court when he tried to pretend he was a Journalist to gain legal source protection against Blomfield’s defamation case.

Key called Award winning Journalist Glenn Greenwald a ‘henchman’, surely that word is far better used to describe Slater and his tactics? Slater is the PM’s ‘henchman’, what was NZ thinking voting for a leader who rings this kind of person regularly?

Key described Slater as ‘colourful’. That’s one word I suppose, other words could be ‘psychopath’, ‘sadist’, ‘narcissistic’, ‘obscene’, ‘immoral’, ‘unethical’, ‘cruel’, ‘dehumanising’, ‘bullying’, ‘demeaning’, ‘brutal’, or just plain ‘delusional’.

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Where does one begin? That they planned it? That Matt’s emails were taken from him? That this was spiteful? The odious overtones towards Matt’s brother and wife? The online crucifixion? The humiliation?

And all this from the person who is mates with the Justice Minister who had the audacity to champion Cyber Bullying legislation. It seems if Collins had truly wanted to make any great strides towards stamping out cyber bullying, she could have just cut off Slater’s email connection and done more to prevent future cyber bullying than any single other action.

With friends like these, who needs ebola?


  1. I read this NZ Herald article with interest last night. As much as I’ve grown disheartened with their coverage of substantive issues, Mr Fisher generally does good work (although I’m not going to support his use of the phrase Dot-bomb…that was below even his standards).

    Combine this with Dita de Boni’s article on the reasons why the Fourth Estate has reason for concern with the police raid on Mr Hager’s property there may be some hope for that media outlet. Potentially some of their staff are becoming aware of the wider picture and how they have been led by the nose to stories which support the right-wing narrative, time will tell.

    Cameron Slater…where to begin, without stooping to his level of personal attack, let me just state he has some serious soul-searching to do, if he seriously thinks that his actions are acceptable behaviour in a civilised society.

    I think it might be advisable for him to retire from the blogosphere and get some gainful employ, maybe making chairs or something constructive.

    • “serious soul-searching” seems a waste of time unless there is a reasonal expectation of finding a soul.

  2. Frankly I think Slater deserves to be hacked again, investigated by the police and security services, and generally derided publicly by anyone with half a brain.

    But this is my emotion talking and I need to own it… Just like Mr Slater needs to do with his mob-justice example he sets to the whole of NZ. Why is it that he sees himself as a higher power able to make wholesale judgements, and suggest punishments for the most psychopathic of his readers to dish out? Well we all know why… “He suffers from Depression”. He has made himself Judge and Jury, while inspiring the proverbial Executioners(Psychopaths) in our society to finish things off!

    I think it is more likely he suffers from Psychopathy/Sociopathy or a combination of Bipolar Disorder and Narcissism. But none of the above psychological disorders are considered actual Insanity by our Justice system, otherwise some of our worst convicted murderers might have gotten off more lightly. So why is it then that he is not being prosecuted by the crown for effectively taking the law into his own hands?

    By allowing Slater to continue his obsessive hobby in freedom, our justice system makes an example to others that Mob-Blog-‘Justice’ is now an acceptable paradigm. Something needs to change, urgently.

    • Having just finished chapter 4 of Dirty Politics I would suggest that Mr Slater suffers from the ‘Dark Triad’ personality traits- psychopathy, narcissism, machiavellianism plus sadism. This has also been linked in 2 academic studies to trolling , and also to bullying. Bullying and depression can also be linked. Probably if Mr Slater is concerned about his depression he should really consider giving his blog site a break until he is in recovery and start a physical journal instead.

  3. In my opinion slater is seemingly untouchable because every body knows he will ‘Attack’ if painted into a corner, he will lie and smear with all his faithfull clones behind him, their combined voices will be loud and shrill repeating negative phrases over and over till other dullards pick it up then you have a loud collective voice chanting negative hostile BS, not even caring or knowing if the chant is correct.
    Honest voices will be lost for a short interval in all the opininated lies that slater and his band of clones spray over nz.
    History tells us it doesn’t last forever.
    Take heart braves ones.

  4. I read the Matt Blomfield/Cameron Slater article last night and couldn’t believe this is happening in NZ. Mr Blomfield has been treated very shabbily indeed. Could this be because he isn’t a good mate and confidante` of FJK? I’d say so.

    Speaking of Slater, I see he has voiced an opinion in NZH’s Dita di Boni’s latest article, stating being defamed and threatening a law suit against her and also the NZH!!!

    Now we wait for future opinion posts to appear in NZH and other msm networks, to see whether Mr WhaleOil comes up as part of the discussion! Bet he doesn’t!

    Seems to me, Slater being a buddy of FJK has its advantages!

    Not good when someone such as the likes of Slater can threaten media, when he doesn’t like what appears!

  5. Thanks Martyn. I read Fisher’s story about this yesterday, and I did wanna throw up ‘just a little’. So in posted it on my FB page and I got the sum total of zero comments about it. Apparently everybody has gone blind, deaf and dumb and I just can’t for the life of me understand it. It is heartbreaking to see evil flourish while good people do nothing.

  6. American corps own our police force, and JK
    JK owns slater, work it our for yourselves, Slaters enemies are John Keys enemies and vice versa and the MSM are the jury who finds both them innocent as they will Collins,who will be in cabinet for sure .

  7. That really makes for disgusting reading. I do wonder where this is heading. It’s obvious from Dirty Politics that the NZ Herald have been hand in glove with Slater all along, but then occasionally something like this article pops out.. like they’re co-conspirators but there’s still some degree of tension in the relationship.

    It seems like the Herald hasn’t quite figured out where it stands – at the end of Fisher’s article, after going through these gory details of Slater as the ringleader of a mob slander campaign, it almost seems apologetic to him, hinting that maybe he’s changed and put it all behind him, got ‘good people’ around him to keep him ‘focusing on issues that matter’ and done good things like ban death threats… hello, they’re illegal, and have been all the time he’s been blogging!… I got the feeling they were on the one hand hanging out all this dirty laundry, while keeping it quiet that they’ve been working with him extensively, and then trying to say ‘maybe it’s not that bad anymore’. It feels like a ‘dirty politics’ style article where they’ve tried to get out there first and put a happy spin on something that really can’t be seen in a good light at all.

  8. If the Herald article is true then that Slater fellow has serious mental issues.
    I don’t mean that as a cheap shot…I suspect he’s rather more brittle than he likes to think.

  9. We saw it before the election and we continue to see it now. If a National government opponent gets assaulted, robbed, libelled or their property vandalised (Hone) they can expect it will be subject to normal police investigations i.e. very slow if you are lucky, but more likely they simply won’t even bother (not serious enough you know!). It is, of course, very different if the victim happens to be a National Party friend. The investigation will then be priority one and no expense will be spared. On the other hand if the accused is a National Party opponent then police will call in the flying squad and execute dawn raids. If the accused is a National Party friend then they will probably just let the case lapse due to “insufficient evidence”. Remember that John Banks would never even have appeared in court had it been left to the police and Cameron Slater continues to break privacy laws and conduct offensive behaviour with the police doing nothing about it. The New Zealand Police Force is as good as the Queensland police force, and that is not a compliment.

  10. Mr Blomfield can be assured on one thing; those who understand the workings of Slater’s troubled mind know that his writings should be taken with an ocean full of grains of salt…

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