Our Democracy is more important than the law Cam’s rich Daddy can buy in court



Smack down. Soz Cam, no gagging order for you champ. 

The media can continue to report on Cameron Slater’s communications with high-profile figures after the High Court blocked the blogger’s bid for a gagging order.

We must see the Ede-Slater emails, they cut to the very heart of the abuse of power and if as Selwyn Manning has pointed out, Ede has been scanning the PMs briefings…

One of Ede’s handles that he used to communicate with the blogger was political.animal101@gmail.com.

But where Ede slipped up was using his Jason.Ede@parliament.govt.nz email address to receive digitised copies of official government documents from a photocopier/scanner in the Beehive. Its address is: l9-Photocopier@parliament.govt.nz. The l9 referring to Level Nine, the 9th floor of the Beehive Executive Wing, the Prime Minister’s suite.

Once Ede received the documents from L9 to his Beehive email address, he forwarded the documents, adding correspondence and instructions, on-sending to nzedjed@hotmail.com which was a second handle he used to then communicate directly with Cameron Slater.

As we now understand, Ede also used varied or dynamic IP addresses to access the internet in an attempt to mask his true identity. But again he failed to understand ICT communications protocols and sent on meta data and idiosyncratic hash data of which is forensically identifiable.

After being informed of the methodology Ede used, Contact A said: “Okay so he received the hard copy of the briefing paper, scanned it to himself, sent it to his hotmail, then sent it to Cam Slater. Its a direct link. The Prime Minister is accountable for that.”

…then for the health of our democracy, we must know if this link is real and we will know that when the Ede/Slater emails are released.

The claim by Slater that his emails were hacked and as such must not be spread around only works if the information isn’t in the public interest. Certainly things Slater says to his lawyer or accountant or Doctor should be privileged and not released, but neither Hager, Rawshark or even the mainstream media are interested in exposing those elements of Slater’s life (a restraint that Slater has never shown), they are only interested in exposing the corrupt political manipulations and malevolence Slater and his sadists conducted.

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Our Democracy is more important than the law Cam’s rich Daddy can buy in court. With 3 journalists now in possession of the emails, it’s just a matter of time before they are released.

Let’s see what the people of NZ think of John Key after they are released.


  1. Slater should be condemned by all rational Kiwis . His e-mail’s were in no way ‘private’ as they contained evidence of criminal activity (which he became part of) and further evidence of government abuse of power . As a citizen he had an obligation to report criminal activity to the proper authorities. Instead he participated in these criminal activities.

  2. You are right on all counts except I no longer think Keys teflon is all that penetrable.

    I think he’s taken a bit of a hit but by and large National type voters have either turned a deaf ear or a blind eye to Nationals corrupt activities that Hager’s book and Rawshark dumps showed because of years of unquestioned propaganda about the man. We don’t even know much detail about Key prior to parliament except for the sanatised version we’ve been fed for years.

    In the hope this will go away Key threw Collins carcass to the wolves last weekend as a sacrifice and I am assuming its because their polling suggested this would be a quick fix to their woes. The last two questionable polls hint that this has worked.

    However the monster that Collins quickly became in Keys government is down to Key. There is no way on Gods green earth that a boss who ran a tight ship and one that calls the shots would ever, ever end up with a Judith Collins roaming this earth without that boss wanting it to be that way. Key is no simpleton and he is a master manipulator so I am in no doubt that all roads lead back to him or as he likes to put it, his “office”.

    The only thing that will uncover their activities is continued evidence being put forward by the media leading to all the way to the top, followed by a thorough investigation and fully independent inquiry, one Key has no control over, leaving no stone unturned. Much in the way Nixon was slowly exorcised from power.

    But I worry it is now left to the MSM to do their jobs with the Rawshark information and after 6 years of uselessness I don’t know if there is anyone who has the will to or is capable. I mean who knows how far Nationals tentacles reach into the media!

    But here’s hoping for NZ’s sake.

  3. “Let’s see what the people of NZ think of John Key after they are released.”

    If the latest polls are anything to go by, they won’t give a shit. To my utter amazement, Key has all but completely recovered from Dirty Politics and Collins. Turns out the Teflon was actually Kevlar.

    • Yes. 🙁 It’s a sad, sad, day (and a huge reflection on the moral compass of a large section of New Zealander’s) when little old ladies who are church going and “god fearing” and as upright as the day is long head off to the ballot box behind their walkers to vote National. If they only realised that that tick was giving support for the most despicable and corrupt government in NZs history. I just shake my head in disbelief, and wonder what the hell is wrong with this country. I’m almost at the point after 68 years of never wanting to live here anymore – I’m just so disgusted.

      • Agreed. TVNZ keep pimping their “Vote Compass”, how about creating a “Moral Compass”, and see how all these fucking National supporters score on that. “I don’t care about anything or anyone, as long as I can get mine”, seems to be the mantra of about half the population.

      • Its several things, ..an aged generation who still think were fighting the vietnam war and those nasty peace loving hippies are out to bring down the govt , the majority of Key lovers who really couldt give a rats about politics and want the easy answers so they can get back to their rugby , beers and barbies , those who fear interest rates going up if theres a change of govt- the same ones who bitch and moan about their low salaries and wages, and many who just cannot percieve of a really common situation overseas whereby various parties collaborate for solutions….

        New zealander s want a quick easy answer hence the ‘out of sight , out of mind ‘ mentality….coupled with all the wealth of so many neo liberal punters and backers who bankroll the MSM , hire the PR machines, spin doctors..slant the polls…..

        It is no wonder New Zealanders are so dumbed down, disinterested, politically illiterate and doomed to repeat the same mistake year in , year out. They would rather have dishonesty , deciet , corruption and devious criminals in power than face up to reality and admit that their ‘ She’ll be right ‘ , ‘Cant happen here ‘ , ‘ Wheres the beers , Honey ?’….lazy , slack mentality is the root cause of why their living standards for significant numbers of the population are so apalling….in short…New Zealanders are often (politically) irresponsible…another term as stated above would be ‘She’ll be right’.

      • Working with these little old ladies (and sadly not able to open my mouth too much – I need my job) the biggest people to blame for this ignorance by older National voters it bloody Leighton Smith, Shaun Plunket, etc. These oldies spend a lot of time on talkback (which keeps them company) and it’s been full of ‘left wing conspiracy’, ‘it’s Kim Dotcom’,’oooh Labour’s involved’ ‘it’s criminals’.When you’re 80 & fragile you aren’t going to be running round on the internet or even reading ‘Dirty Politics’. These talkback hosts are a hinderance to democracy.

    • Dont believe these polls !

      … They are a desperate attempt to use poor statistics…questionable biased sampling and poor questions and analysis to hoodwink the gullible NZ voter into thinking John Key and his corrupt Nactional are unbeatable.

      Science has been corrupted by the right wing agenda into PR .

  4. Money corrupts,

    We should never allow any “Rich Daddy’s” or very rich people anywhere near the position of Prime Minister or any other M.P. representation of our public justice, legal, or any leadership of our public wealth & social administration.

    To allow the rich to run our country is as dumb as allowing private interests to control our economy.

    Evidence now with Corporate welfare to Aluminium smelter, AMI insurance and other financial interests, Warner and others we know now that companies do not show good corporate stewardship rather only good Corporate governance for it’s mainly foreign owned shareholders.

    They don’t follow the Democratic model at all only self interest as Slater’s rich daddy does.

    Bribe the MSM, Justice and administrators of this country policy is their modus operand.

  5. Martyn

    Will your friend be releasing the correspondence between Mr Cunliffes Chief of Staff and Slater.
    it would help to confirm Mr Cunliffes assertions that theRe is nothing to see here.

    Its not good that people might think Mr Cunliffe is being tricky over this matter especially after he was caught out lying over consulting the IRD on CGT.

  6. I was reading about the High Court ruling – the interim injunction, on anything not already in the medias hands.
    They have more High Court discussions about it through this coming week, and this ‘could’ see their release stopped with a permanent High Court injunction on anything not already released in the media.

    I reckon these Ede emails must be released this weekend, just in case, (and a bit likely,) the High Court get paid – oops told, to stop their release!

    The sooner the better now, and that will shut them all up!


    • I agree MISTERY – totally- these people look as if they are starting to play real dirty ,now…

      They know the big king hit is coming …..so they are closing in on a news blackout on anything that can really permanently damage the Key govt.

      The Ede data will provide the king hit . They know it.

      Any outstanding data must be released this week…..at least the most important material… these people pulling the strings CANNOT be trusted …their track record demonstrates this.

  7. Are there any “Ede-Slater emails”? Do you know this, or are you just hoping that there are?

    Isn’t Cameron Slater being sued by some guy for publishing private information from a stolen computer that fell into his hands? How is that different to what he is crying about?

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