Investigation: National’s Campaign Flying Blind – What National Fears Most and Where It Is Most Vulnerable



Investigation by Selwyn Manning.

Selwyn Manning.
Selwyn Manning.
FOR ALL THE PRIME MINISTER’S PUBLIC BRAVADO contacts inside National speak of a party in tatters, with electorate-based campaign handlers fielding concerns from rank-and-file members, volunteers angry at their leader and their party hierarchy for allowing this ‘dirty politics’ scandal to get away on them.

But what is feared the most by National’s political elite is the pending dump of email correspondence between Jason Ede and Cameron Slater.

That, and revelations potentially contained within the cache of documents, is what National insiders believe may eventually place the Prime Minister John Key under oath.

However, let’s first consider the impact dirty politics revelations have had at the grass roots level, where things are beyond surreal.

For National’s volunteers, for those busy door-knocking on the campaign-trail, they are being confronted by a significant degree of public revulsion at dirty politics.

Understandably, the volunteers are fielding questions, and an inevitable cold-shoulder from others at a level few would have predicted.

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The questions put to them are ones they cannot honestly answer. For the well-meaning public, they just want clarity which the honest facts can convey. But for National’s door-knockers, they cannot answer them because dirty politics is an issue the volunteers have been ordered to ignore.

The strain is intensifying.

Since the campaign began, National’s volunteers have been offering feedback up the chain. Their message has filtered up to campaign handlers, to campaign managers, to strategists, all the way up to Steven Joyce. What the Party’s elite do with that information is a volunteer’s guess.

But as one contact said to me this week: “There has been no crisis management around this [dirty politics crisis]. No one has gone away and read all emails sent by National MPs or National staffers to Cam Slater.”

And in a jab at the Prime Minister’s chief of staff Wayne Eagleson, the contact adds: “Heather Simpson [former Prime Minister Helen Clark’s CoS] would never have allowed this…”


Prime Minister John KeyDamage control? After a surprising revelation, I can report that neither the National Party hierarchy nor the Prime Minister, nor campaign manager Steven Joyce, nor the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff has commanded that a data-trawl of all communications between the Government’s executive wing, Ministers, political appointees, and National Party hacks, and Cameron Slater the founder of Whaleoil.

Contacts say the level of frustration for the party faithful “is devastating” for those trying to lift National to victory at the September 20 General Election. According to these sources, National Party members are “angry with few avenues available to them to express that anger”.

Well placed contacts confirm, that neither the leader John Key nor the Party president have initiated a sweep of Government, Ministerial Service, Parliamentary Service, or National Party communications so as to identify how broad has been communications with Cameron Slater and the Whaleoil blog.

As such, National’s campaign is flying blind, unable to predict what will be the next damning headline and revelation of a culture of malcontent and dirty politics that has been conceived at the very heart of New Zealand’s elected government.

One contact told me this week: “No one [in National] appears to be taking responsibility for damage control… National is swimming in donor money but campaign funds have been targeted to pay for the Team Key strategy, which is now seen as flawed. The funds were targeted to resource the campaign based on the political environment of two month’s previous.”

Another states rawly: “Key doesn’t have control of this. Hopeless.”

One contact speaks angrily about John Key. “He’s now exposed and unable to curb the attacks on the Party’s credibility”. His answers they say “ring hollow when Key is confronted over what’s the truth” – regarding the Security Intelligence Service Official Information Act release of declassified documents to Cameron Slater.

To put it simply, these well-placed people have lost confidence in their leader. Significantly, these contacts are not ones that enjoy high public recognition. But they are well placed inside the party, dedicated to social conservatism and centre-right politics. And they confirm that factions are positioning to cleanse the Party of its malcontent, that is if they are given the chance.

We have seen hints of this already in the media, commentary pushed by others naturally supportive of National and centre-right politics.

Matthew Hooton.
Matthew Hooton.
On Radio New Zealand Matthew Hooton deconstructed the Prime Minister’s claims that he was not informed of the release of official intelligence information to Cameron Slater in July and August 2011. Hooton’s verdict? That John Key is lying, or if he is telling the truth, then it is worse, as it demonstrates a culture of gross incompetence, according to Hooton. (ref. RNZ).

For his risky analysis, Matthew Hooton became the focus of the Prime Minister’s scorn. This led to Hooton making a statement to media clarifying the terms of his business’ relationship with the National-led Government and claiming it would be beneficial for all should the Prime Minister check his facts before unleashing scorn on him, a natural National Party supporter. (ref. Scoop).

Hooton’s anger is understandable. Key was expected to lead National to a resounding victory on September 20. Instead, it looks, as a best-case scenario, likely to need New Zealand First’s support to govern. What that means is, National will not be able to advance reform that the Party’s supporters demand. Many of these stakeholders are donors – some represent companies and corporate interests that contract Hooton’s business to lobby and advance a rationale in their commercial or political interests.

Consider this: When National insiders contemplate the likelihood of National’s party list vote sliding down below 45 percent, and they figure that National is toast if its support does dip below that line… they are not necessarily suggesting it cannot take the Treasury Benches, but rather its centre-right agenda is exhausted. In street terms, they admit National (as a vehicle designed to deliver such reform) is dog tucker.

Meanwhile, National Party contacts on the ground say the public’s questions follow a common theme:

  • How long has this dirty politics stuff been going on?
  • Who exactly has been involved?
  • How many people within the John Key Government and the National Party have become involved with this dirty politics?
  • Who allowed this rot to infect the Party?
  • Who is ultimately responsible?


Jason Ede.
Jason Ede.
What is clear is the most grave thing National fears is the release of emails exchanged between Whaleoil founder Cameron Slater and Jason Ede – the Prime Minister’s point-man between his office and ‘the bloggers’.

The Ede emails are communications that lead back to the Office of the Prime Minister, to John Key himself and his Chief of Staff who oversees the handling of this political appointee. Jason Ede was initially employed by former National Party leader Don Brash, his salary paid for by Parliamentary Service. But when Key took over he kept Ede on the payroll. And when Key became Prime Minister he appointed Ede as an advisor in his 9th Floor Beehive suite, vetted by the Security Intelligence Service, and once cleared, placed on Ministerial Service payroll.

Contacts inside National say Ede’s appointment was initially a mystery not only to the Party’s officials, but to their Ministers too. The question of what Ede’s purpose was, has for some been answered by the revelations in Nicky Hager’s book Dirty Politics.

Since the book went on sale, and certainly since the raw data began to be released by Rawshark, the hacker who obtained the correspondence, National’s once tight ship has become leaky. In a move to try and understand what is happening, National Party contacts, once reasonably dormant, have been talking once again.

For example, this week, after the resignation of Justice Minister Judith Collins was accepted by John Key, a contact I will refer to as Contact-A, whose role and position is extremely relevant told me: “Key is being drawn more and more to Jason Ede. He thrashed Cunliffe last night [a reference to the Christchurch public leader’s debate], not that many people saw it. But the Slater and Ede references are a sensitive issue.”

“The PM will do everything possible to throw JC under the wheel of a bus and declare the problem solved. The trick will be to tie the story back to him. They [meaning the Prime Minister’s staff] will be nervous.”

Contact A speaks of how National believes the most prominent polls elevate National’s true popularity by a few percent. And it hasn’t escaped National’s attention that TVNZ’s Colmar Brunton poll has identified troubled times ahead for the Party.

“The Colmar Brunton poll shows that the PM took at hit on the OIA issue. If the Ede material is hard, it will be a severe test for Key…

“National is absolutely locked to the PM’s credibility. This week’s polls will be interesting to see if National can hold at 48 percent. Their two-pronged strategy of the economy and a popular PM are being tested by MSM [the mainstream media].”

Again, the conversation led back to Jason Ede and the potential damage the cache of emails may have on John Key.

Contact A: “If Ede has plotted all on email, Key’s personal numbers will never recover. The party vote numbers will take a hit too. Colmar Brunton has always been National’s strongest.”

Besides expressing a genuine fear for what the future may bring, Contact A spoke of the impact on the candidates and incumbent MPs seeking another term.

Contact A: “Its devastating. The government desperately wants to talk about the economy and the pre-conditions for tax cuts.”

Contact A believes: “The PM lied over the OIA… How could he not know about sensitive documents on Goff being released when he admitted on Saturday and yesterday how efficient his office operated over the email alleging Collins ran a campaign against Feeley [the former Serious Fraud Office boss]. Its not credible,” Contact A said. (ref. NZHerald).

A FEW EMAILS between Jason Ede and Cameron Slater have already been released.

political.animal101 =...
political.animal101 =…
What they demonstrate is an attempt to conceal Ede as the true correspondent.

What we now know is Ede used email extensively to communicate with Cameron Slater.

One of Ede’s handles that he used to communicate with the blogger was

But where Ede slipped up was using his email address to receive digitised copies of official government documents from a photocopier/scanner in the Beehive. Its address is: The l9 referring to Level Nine, the 9th floor of the Beehive Executive Wing, the Prime Minister’s suite.

Once Ede received the documents from L9 to his Beehive email address, he forwarded the documents, adding correspondence and instructions, on-sending to which was a second handle he used to then communicate directly with Cameron Slater.

As we now understand, Ede also used varied or dynamic IP addresses to access the internet in an attempt to mask his true identity. But again he failed to understand ICT communications protocols and sent on meta data and idiosyncratic hash data of which is forensically identifiable.

Who is NZ Jed =...
Who is NZ Jed =…

After being informed of the methodology Ede used, Contact A said: “Okay so he received the hard copy of the briefing paper, scanned it to himself, sent it to his hotmail, then sent it to Cam Slater. Its a direct link. The Prime Minister is accountable for that.”

At the heart of National Party concerns is whether the Prime Minister, or his representatives in his Office did in fact receive a full briefing by the Director of Security Dr Warren Tucker over his decision to release security intelligence information to Cameron Slater ahead of mainstream media and others.

The Prime Minister has stated publicly that he was not briefed on the pending release. This despite stating in 2011 that he was briefed by Dr Tucker (ref. video). Obviously this whole element of this issue is a matter for the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security to consider within the scope of her inquiry into the OIA release to Slater.

But the primary concern inside National is if John Key eventually provided the truth under oath, and if it were to be made publicly available, would that show he lied about the SIS briefing?

Contact A: “I am not sure if the emails will show the wording from Ede to Cam for the purpose of lodging a request. But it had to be discussed with Cam, he wouldn’t have known otherwise. And the government knew about the request because a Minister was discussing it [with] Cam prior to its release by the SIS.”

Contact A adds: “It’s preposterous to think the Prime Minister was blissfully ignorant of this whirlwind of leaks going on all around him.”

Two days passed before Contact A got back to me on this issue, and wrote: “Selwyn, do you know approximately when the Ede emails will be released? If people make false statements to Cheryl Glynn’s inquiry [the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security], the emails could provide the grist that prove that people lie under oath.”



“I don’t mind you informing XXXXXXXX what I am feeding back to you. But right now the only thing National has is a well resourced campaign and collateral on the ground. But none of that was designed for this effort, and many volunteers are confused, concerned and worried.”

That is the damning statement issued to me this week from a sincere, concerned, and loyal National Party politician.

We began to discuss how Jason Ede was resourced, while working in the Prime Minister’s office and after while working up the road at the National Party’s offices.

I raised it like this: “There is also the matter of the Prime Minister’s fund of which Ede used. Now as I understand it the PM Fund is resourced by the Party not MinServ. What is your understanding of this fund?”

The National Party politician replied: “I am not sure about the PM’s fund. I know the Party has set up the National Foundation fund for the Thorndon property, established as a legacy project.

“But the leader’s office will have a budget funded by ministerial services, and there is a budget to fund things like the research unit etc. But research units generally buy children who have few skills and no experience.”

Jason Ede could not have been provided access to the Beehive Executive Wing without significant clearance. He could not have obtained a swipe card to work on the 9th floor without the Prime Minister’s approval.

Was the Prime Minister’s Fund resourced by taxpayer funds via Ministerial Service? It looks unlikely.

Was the Prime Minister’s Fund politically resourced via the Party’s coffers? More likely.

But this is where it gets mirky. Jason Ede, while on the taxpayer payroll appears to have been resourced (not necessarily paid, but given a budget) in part by the Prime Minister’s Fund. If this claim is accurate, for what purpose was it used?

It gets mirkier still. We know Ede’s roll was to be a conduit between the Government and the blogs. We know there are allegations that the Whaleoil blog received payment for hits on its clients’ opponents. While this analysis is evidential-based, it is yet circumstantial. But it is proper to raise the question, in the Public Interest: was the Prime Minister’s Fund partly used to fund the Government’s hits, as they were communicated via Whaleoil?

On this point, the National Party politician said: “What I do know is that a National Party board member has previously expressed concern about those activities and considered that there were risks. But the National Party board is weak as the PM and Joyce are all powerful… Goodfellow [the National Party president] is held in contempt by a number of MPs.”

After some 24 hours, the National Party politician got back to me stating: “Your hypothesis regarding the Prime Minister’s Fund is correct… It is resourced by the PM’s annual fundraiser and nets tens of thousands, probably in the region of 100 to 200k.”

National’s insiders may largely claim to have not known what Ede was up to. They are not alone. The Parliamentary Press Gallery, also considered the true nature of Ede’s purpose after he was caught out taking photographs of the mess left after a Press Gallery Christmas Party… images that turned up the morning after on the Whaleoil site.

On December 11 2013 gallery chair Claire Trevette told Fairfax: “It does make me wonder what other contributions [to Whaleoil] Mr Ede might have made, as well as whether this is sanctioned by the prime minister in any way.”

For the record, the Prime Minister’s Office stated: “It is our understanding Mr Ede took pictures of the aftermath of the press gallery function and sent them to a blogger. Mr Ede did this off his own bat.” (ref. Fairfax).

In light of what the public now knows, was this statement a lie?


Lady JusticeThe drip-feeding of evidential material suggests the scope of the Prime Minister’s initiated inquiry is too narrow – given that it exclusively inquires into the Justice Minister Judith Collins’ role in the Whaleoil hit against the Serious Fraud Office.

Clearly this issue is much larger and broader than that.

Add to this the Inspector General of Intelligence and Security’s inquiry into the release of declassified intelligence information to Whaleoil blogger Cameron Slater – while important and honourable, again will not satisfy the public interest in assessing whether the public ought to have confidence in the good and professional governance of this country’s affairs.

The Prime Minister risks undermining the public interest if he continues to refuse a Royal Commission of Inquiry.

Perhaps even more concerning is a growing unease among our diplomatic corp that a Royal Commission of Inquiry is now necessary on National Interest grounds.

The rationale goes that New Zealand must now be seen to actively repair a perception that its good governance principles have been damaged.

New Zealand’s international reputation as an honest broker on the trade circuit is at risk. This is a vulnerability where opportunistic trading economies currently competing against this Nation (in produce, agriculture commodity markets) may be quick to exploit.

But that issue will be fully traversed in the next installment of this investigation.

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  1. “…with electorate-based campaign handlers fielding concerns from rank-and-file members, volunteers angry at their leader and their party hierarchy for allowing this ‘dirty politics’ scandal to get away on them.
    But what is feared the most by National’s political elite is the pending dump of email correspondence between Jason Ede and Cameron Slater.”

    So they’re not concerned about the scummy behaviour, the unethical behaviour of Ministers and any possibility of out-and-out corruption, they’re concerned about “getting a bad name.”

    Self interested, self-serving mental midgets, till the end.

  2. Minor correction, but one that may prove quite important in coming weeks: Jason Ede was first employed by (then) National Party Leader Bill English as a press secretary in the National Leaders Office. He was retained when Don Brash replaced English. And again retained (and promoted to his Beehive role) when John Key replaced Brash.

    • As was Phil de Joux (a researcher who became Key’s deputy chief of staff in the PMO for six years). And Nicola Willis (a researcher who became Key’s director of communications in the PMO until recently). And Sarah Boyle (longtime political adviser and OIA specialist, still there). All served three leaders – English then Brash then Key. This information is all on the public record via the Parliamentary Service/Ministerial Services. Useful names to remember.

      • There once was a strange one called Sable,
        Spending too long on Whaleoil with fables,
        He believed all the plonkers,
        Til finally gone bonkers,
        Said corruption and de -ceits
        for me ‘ !!!

  3. Thank Selwyn
    Is it an exaggeration to say there is constituional crisis in New Zealand ? A loss in confidence in our government, our Prime Minister, our Justice System, the question of corruption and cover up at the centre of our government ?

    If that is the case, what are the appropriate constitutional responses ?

    The governor general dismissing the government ?
    Asking for the PMs resignation ?

    The Police and Judicary investigating the PM ?

    Who is New Zzealands preeminent experts on constitutional crisis that can answer , assess these questions?

    • Huh ? A constitutional crisis? With the most popular Govt and PM in history? The only crisis in in Labours poll ratings and policy omnishambles. But your comment is good for a laugh.

      • Did you not read the story? You have no idea what damage the right has caused this country. It will take a long time to fix and an ever longer time for the right to live down. shame.
        But cackle on about Labour while your party eats itself from the inside out. Pity your leader doesn’t have the fortitude and leadership skills to deal with it.

        • There is no sign of National eating itself from the inside out. None. Labour, on the other hand, is a very different story. The repercussions on McCarten after this election are going to be interesting indeed.

          • See, here is the problem: if amoral and unprincipled partisanship goes unpunished by a complacent electorate, there are many gloves that will come off. It won’t be a political environment anyone will much like, but it is as sure as that day follows night.

            The kind of smug red-baiting Intrinsicvalue is modelling mirrors the rotten heart of his style of politics.

            As Selwyn’s article demonstrates, there are still some people of principle in National. We need to appeal to them and leave the Intrinsicvalues to their self-congratulatory corruption.

      • @Intrinsicvalue – enjoy the dance while you can sunshine, because it will soon be all over for your beloved leader and his corrupt ministers!

        Even if in the unfortunate event that FJK and the Natsies win a third term of office, their game of Dirty Politics will haunt them all the way through. To the extent I give it a year, before the Governor General has no option but to sack the FJK administration and call a new election, as a constitution crisis develops, the result of Hager’s revelations!

        Be assured this issue will not disappear after the election!

        • Mary, it is already disappearing. This is not being driven by voters, but by the left and their lapdogs in the MSM. The tide has turned, and the material due out on Labours own dirty tricks will put some real perspective on all of this.

          • Key is a cuckoo in the nest, his loyalties lie elsewhere.

            NZ is still the the last true democracy left standing in the English speaking World,… Just. If Key gets another term in office we can all say goodbye to that.

            If you are not aware of what has been happening to democracy in America, Canada, the Uk, Australia, and Europe. Then I can only say without giving offence, that you are very poorly informed.

            I see the Greens, who seem to have more global political awareness, and Labour as the only hope I have to protect democracy and save NZ from this Orwellian nightmare engulfing the western world. I don’t believe I am in any way exaggerating by using the term Orwellian.

            If it was the other way round, it isn’t thank God, then I would be voting for National.

          • A bloke who once thought he had Value,
            Intrinsically he always would tell you ..
            ‘ You must follow Key , for he thinks just like me’ ,
            But the corruption and lies are so see- through !!

        • There was once a creature called Sable,
          Who once tried to climb th’ tower of Babel,
          He fell on his head, and feeling half dead,
          Thought ‘ I need more corruption like Ede ‘!!

      • Intrinsicvalue – Heres a good comment not for a laugh,

        Maybe you trust this?

        Remember when Key screwed the labour lead Government when he partnered the ruthless currency raider NY operator Andy Krieger to undermine our economy in 1987, remember?

        I will give you the facts so you are really honed in to how trusting this carpetbagger is.

        Oh sorry Intrinsicvalue you couldn’t have known could you?

        You was burning tires in Indianapolis, as motor city Detroit was going down the gurgler as I past through in a greyhound bus watching it crumble from a deep recession and ………

        MARKETS: Shadow banking in the spotlight

        Giles Parkinson10 Nov 2008, 10:54 AM
        Financial Services
        Global Financial Crisis
        Financial Markets
        Global News

        John Key is living proof that not all heads of derivatives operations for large US investment banks end up in the dog house. Some get to run their own country.

        Key was elected prime minister of New Zealand last weekend after his National Party achieved a crushing victory over the incumbent Labour government of Helen Clark.

        The timing of his elevation, in the midst of a financial crisis, may be quite prophetic. After all, Key’s rise to prominence in foreign exchange circles came after he struck a rewarding relationship at Bankers Trust with Andy Krieger, a daring New York-based trader who launched a legendary raid against the NZ dollar in 1987.

        Krieger reportedly bet more than the country’s entire money supply against the currency, forcing it down sharply and taking massive profits in what is still described as one of the finest forex plays ever completed.

        Key’s role in this raid is not entirely clear. The timing of his arrival at BT suggests he might not have had a great deal to do with it, but he benefited from Krieger’s continuing interest in the currency, which helped Key lift BT to top of the local currency tables and attract interest from international investment banks.

        New Zealand’s new leader also knows a lot about job losses, having by his own admission earned the reputation of being the “smiling assassin” during his short stint at the Sydney offices of Merrill Lynch in 2001 when he reportedly helped fire some 500 staff.

        He had been through this process before, after Merrills incurred massive losses as a result of the Asian crisis. Key, then head of the bank’s forex operations in London, is credited by former colleagues for his ability to hold a demoralised team together, even while sacking, in his own words “dozens fewer than 100”, a comment that reveals an early talent for political spin.

    • Andrew Geddis on pundit traverses these issues comprehensively. He is a public law lecturer at Otago University and has authored books on electoral law in NZ.

      The National government still holds the confidence of the House and given Parliament is not sitting and an election is so close anyway there is no chance the Governor-General would intervene.

      The GG does have the power to dissolve Parliament but really the position is one of convention and it would have to be a truly exceptional state of affairs (much worse than this) for the GG to ever intervene.

  4. WOW this is pure gold.

    Sir Selwyn. that has a ring to it.

    Incredible work a gem thanks Sel.Yes it is a crisis and loss of confidence at the highest order.

    I watch for two years while Nixon squirmed and Key should be honest and save us the impending agony.

  5. The revelations in this article explain so much. Key has stopped talking of a left wing conspiracy in the hope silence will help the public lose interest in finding the truth. He can’t hide from the growing tide of disapproval of how his government has managed its own double faced, double dealing, unethical, immoral use of the positions of trust they were elected into. Off with their heads.!!!!

    • Oh he’s still doing the conspiracy bit. Yesterday he blamed the teachers protest on a left wing conspiracy. It’s getting old.

  6. Excellent analysis. I agree with you reagrding the emails between Ede and Slater will be the real biggie. They will be desperate to prevent thiose from ebing “dumped”, so it is little wonder that Slater has now gone to the High Court and is attempting to obtain a gagging order injunction.

    If that injunction is granted, it will be proof that our country is now a banana republic police state, but we already knew that.

    Another question… why have the police sat on their hands for so long, and continue to do so, when there is a hate speech internet site that is opening acting to incite threats of violence and, on occasion, death threats? If any other site did that repeatedly for six years, the police would have closed it down long ago. The police commissioner has some very serious questions to answer.

    • Peter, you seem to be clued up on this, if they have an inquiry, does it dilute the effectiveness of criminal investigations afterwards.
      It’s my understanding it does.
      I’m concerned everyone is calling for an inquiry, to nail those involved, while those implicated are doing the same to escape serious charges.
      Judith called for an inquiry, Key put up his hand straight away, and now everyone wants one.
      We need a criminal investigation. Now.

      • Not totally sure, as I am not a lawyer. But, yes, we also do need a criminal investigation. Often though, both can run at the same time, as in the Louise Nicholas case. In the case of the CTV building collapse in the ChCh earthquake, there was an inquiry, and now the police are looking at all the evidence, including the evidence that was uncovered by the inquiry, and deciding whether to prosecute, so my inclination is to not worry about that too much.

  7. Oh come on – the Royal Comm needs to go much wider and to cover Labour corruption (I was bribed by Annette Kings flunky), and Police/Judicial corruption as advocated by Grace Haydn and Siemer. Personally I want it dug into whether Ede used Nat party subscriptions to pay the Herald columnist and Whaleoil to call me “mad as a bag of cut snakes” in a vitriolic attack on me that occured only about 5 minutes after I thwarted JuCo from attending a planned meeting at national police HQ, nothing I had said implied madness – it was fully in line with the global evidence base and experts opinions on police chase policy, and fully supported by the inquiry to police chases here by Justice Goddard. It seems too coincidental that I got dissed in both the herald and then by whaleoil – I want to know who ordered it and the price. Royal Commission the lot of our corrupt authorities. Key and JuCo only continue a long heritage of corruption already well trod by Labour. If this is about a clean out it should be a full one not just one to suit the agendas of those seeking to tilt an election via emotive means, in NZs interests a broad non partisan apolitical inquiry is needed. Here is the attack dogs work on me.

  8. Ede is still listed on the Parliamentary intranet as being a “Senior Advisor” in the “National Leader’s Office” with a phone and room number
    Parliamentary/Ministerial Services are usually pretty quick to remove staff who no longer work there from the internal website

    Pretty sure if you called the Parliament Switchboard you would still get put through to the office of Jason Ede by the operator

  9. ‘Nixon on Nixon’ – that doco has many similarities to what is occurring here. With the Ede connection there is a distinct possibility that we may see the first PM of NZ forced to resign or be impeached!

  10. If the national party wants to ‘save face’ for the future, reading this, I would say they need to DO something internally NOW, or risk losing all respect as a political party in this country.
    So personally, I’m quite happy if they DO nothing.

    • Will be interesting to see where SIS Warren Tucker fits into all this…. I noticed he attended one of the secret meetings. Just a huge web of lies.

  11. Cupcake (Slater) has gone to the Courts to stop the MSM from printing any further e.mails. I have no doubt that he will succeed. I also have no doubt that Bloggers can and will fill the gap.
    Mr Orifice must be running seriously scared…
    Wouldn’t it be great to see the slimey bugger and his cronies heading off to the Big House on a 20 year stint for treason, perverting justice etc etc…. He’ll make somebody a lovely wife
    There won’t be any home detention in Hawaii either…

    • Well, Slater et al. appear to have successfully forced Twitter to suspend the @whaledump twitter account to try to stop the revelations, and John Key (presumably acting on Crosby Textor’s latest advice), started calling the hacker “a criminal”. Obviously they have never heard of White Hat hackers. Fortunately, @whaledump2 is now up and running and continuing the release of THE TRUTH. Which National’s leaders, paraphrasing a famous line, can’t handle.

  12. Thank you so much for this vital information. If only our media could express this, the wide reaching implications, the details, the depth to middle New Zealand. The people who have a right to know what this govt is doing. Best piece I have read so far.

  13. And when National wins what will the left do then? The voters are so over your criminal behavior. You are the ones that hacked and stole. Slater is protecting his private material. Would you not do the same? 3 more years 3 more years!

    • I expect you think that Woodward and Bernstein should have been jailed as well. Had they been operating today this is exactly how they would have gotten the goods on Nixon.
      Me, I would much prefer that the sort of rubbish National have been involved in be expunged and that every future govt knows from now on that there just may be someone policing the police, as it were

      • Here’s the thing; I can’t figure out whether Nats supporters just don’t get it or do but just don’t care? I hate to think it’s the latter. Their just not getting it seems preferable to me.

  14. That is a great article, so nice to hear that there are national people who are starting to talk about it. They have been living a life of fear for the last 6 years so hopefully should know what to do about it, Vote Positive.

  15. Let the email revelations flow on, Whaledump number two was swift with this, after Twitter closed down the original account. And some mainstream media have now also been provided with sensitive emails, showing the dishonest, nasty strategies the Nats have followed over recent years.

    Key may boast he is still so popular, but the closer the election date comes, the more emails will prove he has reason to worry, like the whole National Party. Nat voters are switching to Conservatives and New Zealand First now, in increasing numbers, some may feel less motivated to bother voting.

    If only David Cunliffe avoids more mistakes or flops, like comments on the capital gains tax, we may be all right, get enough votes and have a different government after all. Let us keep the fingers crossed.

    And a great post this is, once again, by Selwyn.

    • As much as a capital gains tax might be needed, I fear it is that, in whatever form that is holding back Labour increasing its support. I am beginning to think that a transaction tax may be a better option. I’d like to see it replace GST I think it would be more far reaching and would not have to be anything like the amount GST is.

      • I agree that the CGT is confusing voters and causing some unease. I don’t understand why a financial transactions tax is off the radar.

      • Mana policy supports a financial transactions tax and a capital gains tax, and getting rid of GST, we need them all to ensure we can get 260,000 children out of poverty.

        • I know but it will need to be picked up and run with by a major party to have anything more than a snowballs chance in hell. David Cunliffe is making gaffe after gaffe with the CGT and I fear that the result will be Natl get in by themselves and nek minute we are sold up the river via the TPP.
          It bothers me enormously that several very serious issues are being pretty much forgotten in all of this, the TPP being one and another being Colin Craig picking up enough to make binding referenda an issue, which on the surface sounds good but when did you ever see a petition or referendum that is PRO something, they are extremely anti-progressive. They are very much a “be careful what you wish for” thing. Switzerland did not grant women the vote until the 70s and I would hazard a guess and say that was down to referenda.
          But back to Labour and CGT it is going to be the thing that costs them the election, I am very sorry to say

          • One has to question why – with every thing in the above blog – the media have taken and run an untruth told by the PM and not the fact he was bood during the Press debate?

  16. I have to laugh at the “you are the ones that hacked and stole” claims. As if that gets you off the hook raiding a Labour Party database, using expertise provided by the National Party itself (their technician), exploited such information for political points scoring …

    Whoever Whaledump is, he or she, *passed that information to Hager*, and yet boards everywhere heave with the assertion that Hager was the one that did it. Or that it was necessarily a Left-leaning person. You don’t know. You were all out there screaming like nothing that a Left leaning person hacked Don Brash: turned out to be one of your own, sickened by the two-faced behaviour emerging even then. But no, always easier for you people to have gone and slated everyone … that had nothing to do with it.

    Here’s what is always intriguing about the Right: anything that the Left happens to do, is to be decried in the most extreme terms. But the Right insist on extreme shows of “Oh we don’t do that” even as you ARE doing it. To an extreme degree that has not been seen in this country – ever.

    When that facade is ripped away – as it should be in this case – the bleating again begins.

    There have been multiple instances where Clarke had moved on Ministers who made much less serious transgressions that Collins did, one instance where a Minister made exactly the same threatening moves against someone serving in a Civil Servant capacity – Benson-Pope had someone removed for simply being married to a person connected with the National Party. She found out, within days, he was GONE.

    Key on the other hand has stonewalled, belittled and mocked the mounting evidence … and for some reason, some very low information voters have taken him again at face value.

    We on the Left however have noticed something: a rising tide of ignorance, vacuous behaviour and a smile and wave “she’ll be right” attitude to some of the most serious, fundamental problems in this country.

    Problems that the Right, by the pursuit of long discarded mantras by any other sensible party on the planet, have only themselves to blame.

    Winston once again has the last word perhaps: Hager didn’t write this book, the National Party did.

    Your chickens have come home to roost. There’s gonna be some broken eggs by the end of it.

    Enjoy your long walk of shame …

  17. If Slater gets his injunction then I hop TDB gets this information, then I suggest that as it comes in it gets posted to Whale Blubber’s site.
    That would keep him busy, flat out getting rid of it all

  18. Considering two polls came out today saying they could govern easily I don’t think anyone in the National party is worried at all..

    • Govern ? So that’s your idea of governance, is it ?
      I think you will find that ordinary Mum and Dad New Zealanders call it corruption, but good luck with your delusion.

    • heard of skewed polls?…very easy to skew the interview sample and very convenient poll results at this time….as Jim Bolger said “Bugger the polls and bugger the pollsters”

      Polls are used as PR and to put people off from voting

      Mike Williams: “These polls are counter-intuitive”

      Every one MUST get out and VOTE!

      • Did a search about skewed polls. Found nothing about skewed polls in NZ. Also I couldn’t find NZ bookmakers odds for the election results in 2014. Only skewed poll news was for Mitt Romney.

        ‘So it seems that Mitt Romney, the “numbers” candidate, and his staff, are “shellshocked” about the election results because they believed all the Fox News types who kept saying the polls were “skewed” against Republicans (and that if you “unskewed” the polls, Romney was really winning nationwide by 11 points).’

        Hope you’re right!

  19. The polls are over estimating nationals support by about 5%, just like last election.

    They will lose more votes as more info on how dirty they are comes out …. and there is just no end to the dirt from them.

    National are not only on the way out …….. a few of them will be appearing in courtrooms as the defendants.

    • Surely the polls are showing people are sick of hearing the left whine on about dirty politics. We want to hear decent policy not lefties whining on like a Boeing spooling up at the airport. Get over it and debate policy.

      • No! Too late to cry policy mate-

        The Nats have had years to sell their policy to us but decided instead on a strategy of obfuscation/diversion/cliche and of course , smear- instead of straight up politics.

        As a correspondent said earlier- “If the Nats thought they could win the election on their policies they wouldn’t have engaged in the filthy politics….”

        Their scat has hit the fan and they all have to wear it now.

      • Funny?…I was thinking more along the lines of long prison terms for criminal corruption.

        I think that would be more pertinent for National regards any ‘policy’ with respect for anything that pertains to the FJK crowd….

      • Personally, I think the polls seem to indicate a lot of Nats are either incredibly slow to catch on to the truth or else willing to ignore their leaders’ corruption and lies because they can’t face admitting what Key, the King of the Porkies, is really like. Either thick as pig shit or as pig-headed as 500-pound hogs.

  20. There has to be at the least, some pretty basic truths in all of the material floating around about Whaleoil, Slater et al, because nobody could have made all this up. Figment of the left’s imagination and a smear campaign? I don’t think so. Why is mainstream media hammering David Cunliffe so hard? Egg on lots of faces?

  21. Oh my God , all my dreams are coming true . Well , almost all my dreams . I’m not yet Brad Pitt , I don’t drive a new Aston Martin and I’d really like a cute woman to give me many hugs and kisses . ( If there’s a wish granting Fairy reading this ? Now , would be a good time x )

    The inbred deviancy of The National Party that’s being sloshed out of the shit bucket to the horror of the public is precisely what I mean when I talk about my pet fetish ; The Great New Zealand Institutionalised Lie .

    Their lust for power and money has seen those bastards swindle and head fuck the farmer for generations and as we all know , tell a lie often enough and it becomes a truth . Suddenly and rudely we can all now see how institutionalised scum baggery can become and of how difficult it is to break into thus get rid . Like the parasites they are , they’ve plugged into the farmer artery of easy money and they’re not going to let go without a fight .

    Lamentably , and embarrassingly , as I drive along SH1 between Invercargill and Christchurch , I see National Party hoardings flourishing in farmers paddocks . Those farmers have yet to realise they are promoting their abusers . ( I exclude Cowsploiters from the Farmer title . )

    The reason for Farmers being so blindly supportive of The National Party is that the National Party told them to be so , then proceeded to rip them off on such a grand scale that it’ll boggle the mind when the Truth will out .

    It’s my view that when / if a true and proper Royal Commission of Inquiry is convened , the G.N.Z.I.L will be exposed and you will be gobsmacked by what you will learn .

    Here’s a question . Is there anyone else out there who might concur with me ? Because I’m feeling pretty fucking lonely over here !

    Excellent work Selwyn Manning .

    I can barely wait for the next instalment .

    • Thank God for MMP where your Party vote counts!

      …you are NOT alone Countryboy….you have friends all over NZ who think as you do!

      …but the pollsters and msm are spinning and skewing for John Key’s Nactional…a shock awaits them on polling day! ( and they know it)

  22. Do the latest polls that have come out use just landlines, if so the results are seriously skewed.

    Great post Selwyn thank goodness you’ve written this, shame it isn’t in the MSM.

    • Michal

      If the polls are done on landlines then it is more likely to favour the left as more right wing voters have work or business interests and tend to be on cell phones.

      I think National are holding up because most thinking people have been able to see the links between dirty politics and the left and I’m sure Matt Martens links with Whaleoil which have just come out will be added to his links to the hacker

      • The exact opposite is the case as more and more people who cannot afford landlines rely on cell phones only, but, even that is going further up the food chain as the “landline” is more and more just your internet connection.
        The next issue with that is divide between those with cell phones on plans and those on pre-pay

      • @MARKM

        If it emerges Labour have been involved in orchestrated dirty politics to the extent the Nats have, I can sincerely promise they won’t get my vote at this election nor get it for another until I’m convinced they’re again running a clean ship. Can I have your promise you’ll do the same with the Nats? This isn’t about blindly following the party you or I lean towards but about having the most open, honest leadership we can get, surely?

        • Enlighten us please. I think we would all be naive to think that machinations do not go on behind the scenes. But this outright kneecapping of your opposition? I think Natl have taken this to new heights and you would have to blind to think that if there is something very dirty out there on Labour, it would not be out there by now.
          You may be referring to contact between Matt McCarten and Whale Spew, well, I am absolutely certain, if the Slater could gain any ground by using that, he would have by now, and from that I take it, it is more damaging to him than it ever could be to Labour

  23. One comment on “‘Dirty Politics’ symposium, streaming today”

    Comment on post

    Please watch this Otago University debate from 1pm today as Nicky Hager will be there. 1pm – 3pm

    May we put this proposal forward to the symposium please.
    NZ now needs a Independent Commission against Corruption, as Australia has now please. As this Australian Commission invites the public to lay charges against whom they deem as corrupt. This would solve the current problem we have with a Government making the rules to investigate the Government.
    This in coercion of justice itself is a form of corruption.

    A serious drama has been unfolding in the state of NSW concerning corruption being uncovered by NSW ICAC. ICAC (Independent Commission against Corruption) is an independent body that investigates government bodies (local and central) and employees including parliamentarians

    An ICAC is a permanent continuous “Royal Commission”

    NSW ICAC was set up in the 1980’s, claimed one scalp, the then premier (equivalent to NZ’s PM) of NSW. Then it went dormant for nearly 20 years until a geophysicist lodged an anonymous enquiry with the Australian Stock Exchange wanting an explanation as to how a listed company could acquire a government issued Licence to Explore for Coal for $1 million and the following week seek to raise additional capital valuing that same licence at $500 million.

    The repercussions of that innocent enquiry have been huge. The tentacles have spread out claiming scalp after scalp of MP’s of the current Liberal (National) government (who are in their first term in power after 20 years in opposition) have lost 10 MP’s who have either voluntarily resigned, or stood aside or been forced out. 16% of the elected right-wing MP’s gone in just 10 months

    They just couldn’t wait to get there hands into the “pots-of-gold” that comes with power

    What is interesting
    The hearings are conducted in public. For the last 2 years they have been the only game in town as MP after MP resigns. The only newspaper reporting these misdeeds is Fairfax Media (Stuff in NZ). Newscorp (Murdoch Press) the dominant media news-outlet never report on the goings of ICAC. Overt Censorship.

    What is further interesting is that none of this has been commented on in the NZ press

    Queensland has an ICAC in the form of a CMC
    Victoria has an IBAC, is in its first year, conducts hearings in private and has yet to report

    South Australia has been under pressure to set up an ICAC
    Here is a report from the SA.ICAC commissioner on its first year of operations

    That interview-report is a worthwhile read – compare that to NZ Auditor General Office

    Read the statement of purpose of NSW ICAC
    Members of the public and public officials are encouraged to report suspected corrupt conduct to the ICAC.

    New Zealand needs an ICAC

    Please watch this Otago University debate from 1pm today as Nicky Hager will be there. 1pm – 3pm

  24. Can anyone who has ever taken part in one of these polls let us know what questions are asked. Are the polls based on party vote only, how do they assess electorate seats, do they just assume they will be the same as they are now. I reckon Chch could see a bit of a colour change and Ron Mark could shake things up a bit in Wairarapa. I’ve never been polled. Also they are calling mobiles now, I wonder what proportion and how they obtain the numbers, would be very interesting

    • I’m over 40 and have a cell phone and land line. I’ve lived in Wellington, Tauranga, Hastings and Hamilton. I’ve never been polled, even though most of the year there’s someone in the house 24/7. No one I know has ever told me they’ve been polled. I’m now starting to wonder if some of these polls are made up on someone’s computer screen.

      • I was called on my land line and was asked to be polled, she said her supervisor would listen in????

        After ten minutes of questions she abruptly said soory we don’t need your vote and hung up. hear that you NatZ phoney polls we are on to you.

  25. Hey troops on the left don’t fear those NatZs who think these polls aren’t rigged, don’t believe it
    Just surf “polls can be manipulated”

    There are Pages of about 1,400,000 results, here’s only first two pages of relevant results.

    Come election day your shock will come.

    so all you natz bull shit – your day awaits, come election day you will be booted out ta bye bye.

    That is what your shitty pollster’s are all about eh?

    “Opinion polls seem to have become the latest weapon in the poll campaign. For a price, the prediction of seats tally can be changed to suit the interests of political parties. The agencies have no qualms accepting even black money for this purpose”, News Express claimed. The influence of opinion poll agencies goes beyond mere opinion polls. In some cases, the poll agencies have claimed they can even prop up dummy candidates in the constituencies where the rival candidate is on a strong wicket. It has also been claimed that some leading editors are hand in glove with these poll agencies. – See more at:

  26. ” At the end of the day ” for a $10 a week tax cut does it matter what happened the weeks before.
    F**k economic growth I’d rather humanity

  27. Everyone needs to know this about FJK before the election:

    quote: “The video that caused Vinny Eastwood alternative media to have their youtube channel terminated – expose corporate psychopaths – Transperancy, Exposure, Accountability


    Ladies and gentlemen, John Key,
    Leader of the National Party
    Prime Minister Of New Zealand since 2008
    Everyone Voted for him without knowing his track record,
    Who he worked for, Where his career originated & how he does business today.
    By the end of this Short Video you will know enough to be able to make an informed decision when voting him in or not again.
    Little Johnny was born in a state house,
    A Son of an alcoholic absentee father
    & guilt provoking mother
    who pins all her hopes on her son,
    living vicariously through him,
    especially because she never had another boy
    and never remarried.
    She then allegedly inherited a large sum
    and allegedly spent much of it on her son.

    John worked for 10 years
    as a New Zealand investment banker
    since the mid 1980’s
    When the market crashed
    he made a killing selling New Zealand dollars.
    He headed offshore In 1995
    working for…

    -Merrill Lynch
    This bank was exposed as the worlds first derivatives traders
    & went bust during the 2008 financial crisis due to its heavy investment in the derivatives market,
    swallowed up BY…

    – The Bank of America
    Which it turns out John Key still has shares in,
    A conflict of interest considering anyone could google the Bank name and “fines”
    to see it’s been fined many times for drug dealing,
    gun running, money laundering & is famous for getting countries into debt,
    Is John Key personally profiting from New Zealand’s growing indebtedness ?
    The Bank of America also has a stake in the military industrial complex
    who’ve profited tremendously after several successive, no end in sight, illegal US wars.
    This gives you an idea of the kind of circles John revolves in.
    John’s worked for Merrill Lynch in Singapore, London, Sydney & …

    When the “Irish Tiger” economy was kicking off,
    It was allowing “sweet heart” tax breaks
    to big banks and financial institutions
    if they moved their back offices to Ireland,
    So John did, Assisting 15,000 of his clients to Avoid Tax
    the Irish economy was hollowed out with debt,
    collapsing shortly after John skipped the country & put all his money into…

    -“Blind Trusts”
    John Key knows what’s in his blind trusts,
    he’s a bit of a drinker and he let it slip while a bit pissed
    that he owns a vineyard,
    turns out that vineyard is in his blind trust,
    although he claims he doesn’t know what’s in it.
    This is because he has 2 trusts,
    1 blind & 1 not so blind that mirrors the other one.

    He was in charge of business units like
    global foreign exchange
    and European bond and…

    -Derivative Trading
    What is Derivative Trading?
    Basically it’s so complicated that the Auditor general once said something like
    “it’s such a technical area that I can’t understand it,
    so I got KPMG to investigate themselves for me and they assure me it’s all good”
    Recall the great depression?
    Of course not, in the 1920’s you could buy $10 worth of shares for only $1 down
    allowing people to gamble on the stock market at incredible volumes,
    massive amounts of fake money & debt was generated
    and the economy got sucked into it like a black hole.
    To prevent that happening again, a law was crafted called…

    -The Glass Steagall Act
    Which was repealed in 1999 leaving the US derivatives market completely unregulated.
    The New York State gaming Commission tried to regulate it because they saw derivatives as gambling,
    but they were unsuccessful, obviously.

    In 1999 John was legally allowed to sell derivatives in America due to the repeal of Glass Steagall,
    Was invited to represent Merrill Lynch & join the Foreign Exchange Committee
    of the…

    -Federal Reserve Bank of New York
    A private banking cartel that has a monopoly on the supply of money
    and loan it to the US government at interest & more or less control the US government through debt.
    Ownership of the 13 banks with shares in the FED can be traced back to the worlds most ultra intergenerational wealth families, hidden away from public view via an elaborate network of family trusts.

    John Worked there for 2 years and twice undertook management studies at Harvard University in Boston.
    He became known as the smiling assassin by colleagues
    after personally terminating over a hundred employees in one day
    with a big beaming smile, no guilt, no remorse, no conscience, a…

    -Corporate Psychopath
    Charming & enchanting when you first meet them
    But are ultimately shallow and have few meaningful lasting relationships,
    They crave money and power and are willing to sabotage,
    intimidate, manipulate, steal, defame, lie and cheat, shamelessly without guilt,
    Desiring attention & idolization with pathological narcissism & despising criticism,
    Often sexually promiscuous.
    Private prosecutor Graham McCready is including a DVD of
    The Wolf Of Wall Street in his evidence against John Key
    Evidence of the lifestyle & mentality Key & co-workers likely enjoyed on wall street.

    Normally on Wall Street your earnings get paid
    40% Cash,
    40% Stock
    20% Options
    Key demanded to be paid 100% in stock and options
    That’s where his incentive to crime is!
    Imagine the opportunities for insider trading when you literally run the country?
    He tried to flush out commercially sensitive information from the ombudsman when trans-rail was being valued while at the same time owning shares in it!
    John Key just can’t help himself.

    When Key left Wall Street after 6 or 7 years in foreign exchange,
    he was in the tip top of the elite, with roughly 50 million on salary and bonuses,
    -Key refers to his 5 million dollar mansion as the house that Merrol built,
    They had a beach house in Omaha and now have a 3.2 million Hawaii holiday home,
    Only 202,000 people have incomes above 30 Million Dollars
    Roughly 2,000 of those are billionaires,
    -John Says
    “We’re not ridiculously wealthy, there are lots of people not seen on the NBR rich list that have a lot of money.”
    Not counting his blind trusts he could be worth hundreds of millions.
    Is he wall street banker or New Zealand prime minister?

    Jumping forward to the 2008 financial crisis:
    Money Magazine said derivatives were one of the chief causes of the 2008 credit crunch,
    A collapse that happened in the same year we elected John Key
    To handle the debt crisis he helped cause
    as he admitted on breakfast tv!
    And what did he do once elected in order to save us from the debt crisis?
    He borrowed more money than all previous prime ministers combined!
    We’ve gone from 8 billion to over 80 billion so far,
    With 112 Billion worth of derivative debts
    In Off The Books Accounting Since 2011 and growing!
    Key knew about his unauthorized biography long before it was released,
    guess what? It doesn’t even mention the word derivatives once!

    A man of the people you say?
    He’s supposed to be the Member of Parliament for Helensville,
    & lives across town in a 5 million dollar Parnell Mansion he calls “the house that Merrol built”,
    Only had 1 public meeting in his electorate the whole election,
    On the proviso that no one can talk about or criticize him, any other party,
    Or their policy, Or their candidates,
    And guess who was the only person that violated those conditions which John Key himself set up for everyone else? John Key!

    So, let me see if I have this straight,
    he’s a psychopathic narcissistic passive aggressive mamas boy with daddy issues,
    And he has control of a country that has no corruption prevention framework?

    He may have been sent here to destroy this country,
    But it is not yet destroyed & we can change our future if we choose to.
    Sink Team Key and it will deal a crippling blow to the financial elite’s agenda.” end quote.

    Transparency, Exposure, Accountability

    Opinion and belief.

    – See more at:

  28. Where is Jason Ede? Parked up in Fiji or Vanuatu maybe with instructions not to go anywhere near social media perhaps?

  29. Maybe it would be better if you put a picture of David Cunningliffe in the wanted poster because it looks like hardly anyone knows him by his poll results. You will probably find more people recognise Jason Ede than Cunnliffe.

    • There once was a wee man called Key
      Who sat down in Parnell for some tea,
      The man that he supped with,
      Just couldn’t be trusted ,
      And that’s how it is with Mr Ede.

  30. “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears not a traitor; he speaks in accents familiar to his victims, and he wears their face and their arguments, he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation, he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of the city, he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to fear.” Marcus Tullius Cicero

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