Meet your new Government? John Key, Jamie Whyte & Colin Craig and why a vote for NZ First is still a vote for John Key



The minor Leaders debate last night gave an insight into what the Nationa/ACT/Conservative Party coalition would look like, and it was pretty grim.

According to Fairfax Hone Harawira is missing, so his appearance must have had the intellectually dead news rooms of Fairfax in a right spin.

A vacant millionaire leading  a corrupt Government mired in sleaze and dirty politics joining with a free market nut job who thinks incest should be legalised propped up by a religious freak show with a leader who doesn’t believe in moon landings and a candidate who is telling Church audiences that underage prostitution and suicide have gone up because parents can’t legally beat their children any longer.

The entire scenario should focus people who have the barest education to vote – and vote they are – already almost 3 times the  numbers of early voters have voted compared to this time last election. The Unions and Internet MANA are focused on early voting campaigns and it is clearly working.

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Sadly a vote for NZ First is still a vote for National. Despite all the policy and good wishes, Winston will cut a deal with National if he has the numbers.

The thought of National-ACT-Conservative Party Government is enough to make immigration to Australia look preferable.


  1. Yes, I know what you mean Martyn. A scary far right wing scenario indeed! A quagmire of deceit, filth and religious fervour! Give me strength!

    I watched the debate last night and the Greens dominated. Good clear concise policies from Russel Norman. He answered every question with a direct answer and ignored Hosking talking over him.

    Loved Norman’s final summary – a real party political broadcast 🙂

    With the exception of Hone Harawira who did well, the other party leaders were waffling on about nothing in particular. No substance there. However that doesn’t mean they would have no clout after the election! Sickening thought!

    After watching Norman last night, a Labour/Greens/Internet Mana government will do fine thank you 🙂

  2. Let me be blunt . winston peters is a Machiavellian confederate . He’s a wrinkled red herring in a pin stripe suit . At least that’s the impression I got when watching the ‘ Winsome Bleaters Whine Box inquiry ‘ fall flat on the floor like a dead , three day old flounder .
    He’s a liar and a con man too in my view . His speciality is in lying using the truth and he uses the truth to prise open cracks in ones natural suspicions of career politicians to plant his parasites of confusion .
    Nothing ever comes of his finger pointings other than we think that if Winny’s had a go at it and nothing is found then there’s nothing to see here .
    If you vote for Winston Peters you vote for how stupid you are .
    He’s also a nasty little bully . Like pig muldoon . A nasty , dirty little man .

    • @COUNTRYBOY – well Winnie the poo(h) was the protege` of mentor Muldoon! Obvious to see sometimes.

      Winston says a lot, but what he says has no substance. Can not remember the last time he was able to back up his claims with solid evidence. All p**s and wind if you ask me.

      Take his latest revelation re being approached by a said “bagman” for him to consider going into a coalition with Collins, if/when she topples Key. When approached about his source, he couldn’t give it, despite saying he will swear on an affidavit that it’s true. He’s a lawyer, so will know how to manipulate that one!

      Good luck to National if they want Winston to prop it up, post election. Labour can do well without him and his persistent BS and prattling. Much better having the Greens and IMP as coalition partners, to give NZ a progressive government.

      • I am baffled about how any person can vote NZ First or Conservative knowing that it will be a vote for National. If a voter wants to put National back in again, voting National is all that is required. To vote for either NZ First or Conservative risks a large wasted vote if they fall below 5%, which I think they will.
        Is this really too complicated for the average voter?

      • Hi Mary A. Peters fancies himself as King-maker, and he may be that this election. Whatever he has said previously about possible alliances you can forget. I predict he will go with National if they need his seats, and likewise if the left need him. The only thing he wants is a senior Cabinet post and to even old scores.

    • Aside from the trouble we all have trusting Winston, if he holds the balance of power and National has 45% and Labour 30% there’s going to be a lot of people who think he should be going with the larger party and a lot of pressure for him to do so.

      And to be fair if his is a true centrist party then they are kind of obliged to go with the larger of the two.

      • except he will be betraying everything he has said if he goes with John Key NACTIONAL….and his reputation will NEVER recover!

  3. Oh my, #TeamKey with Jamie “Legalise Incest” Whyte and Colin “Bible bashing / Whip your kids” Craig. There is no way that will be a stable government.

  4. Watching the debate last night, it seemed to me it was more designed as a sort of smear job for ALL the minor parties than anything else. Watching Hosking smirk every time the leaders starting arguing, it was pretty obvious what image he was trying to convey, i.e. “Look at this bickering rabble. Do you want ANY of them to be part of the next Government? Yeah me neither, just vote National.” How many times did Hosking reiterate the latest polls that show “National can govern alone. They don’t need you.”?
    I thought by far Hone and (lamentably) Winston did the best job. Flavell was ok. The rest looked like they were in a circus, including Russel who seemed distracted and bewildered (imo he shouldn’t even have been there in the first place – the Greens clearly deserve to be in the big boys club at this point and should be debating alongside Cunliffe and Key).

    • They wouldn’t dare put Russel Norman in a debate with Key and Cunliffe or cry baby John would start whimpering about the two ganging up and double teaming him. The Greens are much better than most of them, but as the saying goes – it’s hard to soar like an eagle when you are surrounded by turkeys.

  5. Mike Hosking should not be chairing political debates – he is quite clearly a staunch National supporter and this has come through quite clearly in how he handled last night’s debate and earlier, his interview with Nicky Hager and Steven Joyce, where he was all pally with Joyce but really climbed into Hager. I thought TVNZ, being the state broadcaster, should be above all this and its staff should be totally independent.

  6. Winston should be viewed as the enemy by both sides. He’s a pure manipulator who cannot be trusted.

    I would rather Colin Craig, he’s the crazy we know and at least we know where he stands.

    Hone looked distracted and really wasn’t in the debate so to speak.

    • I agree. Right now, I would take National with a clear majority rather than the Coalition of The Damned.

      The Mods have it in their head I’m a nasty righty…but I’m not. I’m bang in the middle in regards to economic policy, but tend mostly to the left (not very far mind you) in regards to social outlook.

      Come on Labour…sort your shit for the following election. You’ve lost this one. Limit the damage and rebuild. Don’t compete with the Greens.

    • Colon Craig “I know where we stand with him.” Are you kidding me? He is a moon-landing doubter! Were you in the studio with him?

  7. Before the passing of the anti-smacking law, no parent could ‘beat’ their kids in this country. Since the passing of the law, child abuse has risen 32%. Go figure.

    • Since the neo liberals started their treasonous war on NZ’s populace , poverty , crime, unemployment , child poverty , third world communicable diseases , a new class called the working poor , loss of civil freedoms , surviellance of our own population by govt agencies, and a borrowing of over $300,000,000 every week to prop up a welfare state to justify taxes for the highest earners have increased in unprecedented percentages…So kind of makes your inane quoting of percentages regards child smacking laws seem a little ‘quaint’, doesnt it.

      Go have a little figure…and next time submit some REAL input into the blog , please.

    • IV. Because it’s a crime now, and there are now relevant statistics, ipso facto – it’s measurable, whereas…… geddit?

      • Beating your children was a crime before. Statistics were gathered before. The anti-smacking legislation has achieved nothing, because those who beat their kids ignored the aw before and continue to do so today.

  8. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha *stops to take breath* hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    At least this blog has given up hope of winning and is now moving onto the preemptive excuses for losing.

    So who ARE you going to blame most? The media? Right bloggers? Or are you going to blame the majority of the country who reject Labour and the Greens? Admit it…you are going to lose because (quite frankly) the majority of the country don’t like how spiteful the left HAVE to be all the time.

    The right are dirty maybe…but you lot are filthy.

    • Heres a pre emptive one for you before you get too cock sure of yourself regards whos dirty and whos filthy …..


      In which in this case ,….National are both . Enjoy .


      • Watergate…?? Really..? That one word, right there shows you either know NOTHING about the past, or nothing about the present.

        Or you’re high.

        Are you high…? Mind you according to Hone, that’s not a bad thing. Or is it? Hmm. Depends on whether you listen to his “personal” view, or his German bank-rolled political view.

        • As you came on all strong and obviously in a ‘spiteful’ manner yourself… I found it not worthy to dignify your outburst with anything but a single word.

          And also the accusations of knowing nothing about history..political history?…I assure you I do.

          I just have reached the stage Im rather bored with trolls like you. I noticed also you never bothered to explain why Nationals policies are so wonderful…when viewed in the light of ample evidence that …

          A) their neo liberal policies have impoverished so many in this country ..and

          B) You would have to be politically naive to really think this govt is telling the truth regarding corruption. It is unprecedented.

          There is ample material and data for you to peruse yourself on this last point. If you still cannot see what is blindingly obvious,- I for one wont waste my time trying to persuade your deliberate decision to remain deaf dumb and blind.

          • Wild Katipo. Because you assert something (in this case nothing other than your infallibility and intellectual superiority) doesn’t mean it exists, particularly as you presented no evidence. How has neo-liberalism impoverished me? I luff the choices it gives me (for starters.) You gotta laff – at yourself – surely?

            • How old are you?…have you worked on the minimum wage these days…tried to keep up with the cost of living?

              Basic truth…I was earning more at around age 23-4 during the early 1980’s than I do now under Roger Douglas’s neo liberal reforms…and you call that PROGRESS?….more like regression.

              Want proof?…watch Ian Frasers ‘FORTRESS NEW ZEALAND’ on you tube.

              The choices it gives you to not have collective bargaining?…….so…….you will recieve a flat rate for working on weekends and public holidays …whereas before you recieved double time triple time…concepts young people know nothing about these days.

              Fact is…if you like the idea of 260.000,000 children living in poverty -which translated means a huge number of people unemployed or making up the ranks of the working poor – fine….your welcome to believe in the lie of a ‘ Rockstar economy’ .

              Send Roger Douglas a thank you note.

              Choices. To shit on large numbers of working people and thieve off them the abstract concept of ‘time’ (their lives ) in exchange for wages. Shit wages.

              Choices. to deconstruct under the Employment Contracts Act union award rates that protect the conditions (Pike River) and wages to feed , house, clothe a family.

              Choices. To basically cannibalise the social fabric of your own nation.

              Get out and sniff the roses…go to the provinces, the poorer suburbs of every town and city and have a talk to the people.

              I suspect you never have .

              • Ever worked for $3.15 per hour?(minimum wage USA 1982.) I have, and don’t assume I’m a Yank. Pungawerewere I don’t wish to turn this into an intellectual pissing competition so I won’t criticise or poke fun at anyone here again (unless they’re obviously one of JK’s fk buddies.)
                In the meantime Vote early and Vote often!!

    • A spiteful comment claiming the ‘left’ are spiteful!? come on Steve D, YOU don’t have to be so spiteful.

      And I hate to break to to you, but 47.9% is not a majority, so technically the majority of the country rejected National at the last election, akshully.

      • I hate to break it to YOU but if Greens are polling around (let’s be generous) 15% and Labour around (let’s be realistic) 25%…that that adds up to…taa dahhh….NOT MORE THAN 50%.

        Add in IM if you want, but Nats + everyone else except those lot makes a majority who will reject the Left.

        Where’s this “flood of voters” abandoning National..? Let’s face it, not only did WhaleDump NOT hurt the Nats, it ended up hurting Labour as all the focus came off Labour and the left minor parties, meaning they couldn’t gain any positive traction.

        Look….if Labour could sort their shit and only had to rely on the Greens for a majority, hell – I would go BACK to voting for them. They have been the ONLY party I’ve ever been a member of, and have voted for them actually more than National.

        But not when they’ve had to rely on spiteful filth.

        • So thusly your a ‘swing ‘ voter…and from that we can deduce that you are also anti union , that you agree with prolonging neo liberalism, that your ok with (do we have to keep repeating all this all the time ?) 260,000,000 kids in poverty- which means in actuality people whose parents families are either a) unemployed or b) the working poor on low wages.

          And while were at it…whats all this crap we keep hearing about a ‘Rockstar ‘ economy when we have so much of the aforesaid conditions that even the blind can see?

          You cant have it both ways , my old son. Either it is or it isn’t.

          And if it isn’t?…why ?…and why support that ? Do you really agree with Bill English who stated not so long ago ”We should be glad we have a low wage economy because it encourages overseas foreign investment”…..REALLY??!!??

          We should be ‘ GLAD ‘ about that ??!!! MY GOD !!!!!

          So I take it you are quite happy to shit all over huge numbers of children and their families in this country just so you can exploit their situation and be enriched by that.

          YOU PRICK!

          And you have the gall to come on here and post about people with a Left viewpoint being spiteful and filthy .

          You’ve just discredited your lame comments.

          I rest my case….. and might I add yet again with another wannabe troll from Whaleoil who is easily bought off and mindscrewed by the lies on that blog.

          Good grief.

            • Pop on back over to Whaleoil, my old son,…your only here to ‘tick’ the boxes, troll and offer up inane sycophantic homilies…gets rather tiring after a while.

              HINT :if your going to do that…at least come prepared. And while your at it…tonight when you dine out, drink that cool, refreshing glass of red, devour that steak and take the rest home for your dog…….spare a thought for the many families who had one meal today of bread when thier kids are sick and they cant afford to take em to the doctor.

              After that…send John Key and Roger Douglas your thank you notes. Gotta love that ‘Rockstar economy’ , dontya.

              • Kiaora Wild Katipo. You’ve assumed that I’m a rightie. Noooooo – Douglas was a disaster and I dislike JK and the Nats.
                As for poverty – I was telling a gal pal today that I stole my first pair of long pants and shoes. Having a sec’ school teacher mother and HOD grandma didn’t help except to learn to spell “you’re.”

            • 🙂 Well spotted , my old son …had to laugh your quite right 260,000…been typing a bit fast as have to fly….need to get back to my minimum wage job pronto before Massa whomps me .

              But point taken haha 🙂

          • Jesus….settle petal. You’ll give yourself a stroke.

            1. Never posted on WO. Ever.
            2. You make so many incorrect assumptions about me, I wonder if you’re actually trying to be ironic.
            3. I was a regional rep for Finsec for many a year and have encouraged many a worker to get representation from some of the best employment lawyers in Wellington when I feel they’ve been screwed. So…anti-union..? No.
            4. You personally call me a prick…? On here? Hero. You would never say that to my face….
            5. My rejection of Kim Dotcom and his shameless whoring…is a bad thing? Interesting way you chose your moral high-ground.
            6. Labour winning THIS election would be the worst thing for those who need real help. They would achieve nothing in 3 years, be booted out, punished for the chaos IM and NZF will bring (as they MUST rely on them this election) and never get a look in for another 3 election cycles. I would chose writing off this election to build a credible left option that only had to rely on Labour and the Greens every day, for the greater good.
            7. You do seem to have taken quite a shine to me. I like that.

            • Yeah, his attacks are invariably personal, and his political-compartmentalising askew with me too.
              As for WO – I’ve read it a few times, and can’t stomach the vitriol. Slater is rather whale-like in a large blubbery sense. I thought a woodlouse would have been more appropriate.

        • “But not when they’ve had to rely on spiteful filth”

          I’m not sure what you’re getting at Steve. Do you mean the revelation that National has engaged in spiteful filth by using Cameron Slater and his cesspit blog to muck-rake and attack their opponents? That had nothing to do with Labour.

    • @Steve D

      You have automatically invalidated your argument by getting personal.

      Pity you had to resort to downright nastiness, in an attempt to justify your comments!

      But hey, to us, the “filthy” left, that says it all about from where you are coming from! Not a nice place to be eh?

  9. Bomber said: “The thought of National-ACT-Conservative Party Government is enough to make immigration to Australia look preferable.”

    Just imagining if my options in this election were confined to only:

    A] National-ACT-Conservative Party.

    B] Immigration to racist Australia.

    C] Glass vile of deadly Ebola Virus.

    The last option would do just fine thanks. . .

    But seriously, thankfully we do have viable and trustworthy choices in which to cast our vote – rejecting all political polls as propaganda & brainwashing – the only REAL POLL that matters is on the 20th of September! Our Democratic Choice will see this current corrupt National government removed from power – and the top echelon put behind bars.

    May the TRUTH set us free. . . [ No Cam, that’s not the dodgy defunct Truth rag either ]

  10. my new Brendan Horan would have done well if Hoskins didn’t ‘go to break’ every time he opened his mouth. And Democrats for Social Credit, who would have had the only woman leader there, was not invited to attend even though they have 30 candidates this election and have contested every election for 60 years. we are shut out due to the dodgy ‘conflict of interest’ of the same people being on the boards of TV stations and banks. How can you be impartial? the whole thing is rigged and no one except you guys and a few other seem to be noticing….

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