Hone Harawira, biased polls & Matt McCarten: examples of the msm still pimping for Whaleoil



Despite all the filth. Despite all the manipulations. Despite the allegations of bribing an MP to stand down, hacking into Labour’s computer and downloading their database, Secret Intelligence Service briefings, rigging candidate selections, trawling brothels for dirt on journalists and undermining the head of the SFO – DESPITE all that, the right wing mainstream media of NZ are still using Slater as a source and pumping his smears.

This bullshit story on Fairfax media that there is some sort of rift within MANA and that Hone has gone missing is a perfect example of them using Slater’s post as a source. then again, this is the same right wing media organisation who thought doing stories on Key golfing was more important than Dirty Politics the day it broke.

I’ve spoken directly to MANA, Hone is NOT in hiding! Right now he is in Auckland, NOT bloody overseas, he was on Radio Live this morning, on the leaders debate tonight and on The Nation with Laila in the morning! To source Slater and then parrot his bullshit was acceptable practice before Dirty Politics. Journalists like Michael Fox caught doing it now should be shown all the contempt they deserve!

Like wise the attempt now to attack Matt McCarten which has also been seeded on Whaleoil with the claim Matt is also mates with Whaleoil. Despite his public claims, Slater has been threatening to release what he has on Matt – pfft – go ahead you clown, I’ve spoken directly to my sources, and there are no emails, just a handful of calls and a text message that was to do with Cameron’s slagging off of Unite! The absurdity of claiming Matt as a source is ridiculous yet that doesn’t stop the mainstream media trying to make a story out of nothing…

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 4.13.13 pm

The ‘communication’ between them are banal nothings that amount to jack shit.

The emails that matter right now are the Slater-Ede emails, not these ones.

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Slater is a far right hate speech monger who injects hate politics into the body politic. He has been outed as a hypocrite and sleaze merchant of the lowest kind. He manipulates, twists and misrepresents almost everything on his blog and one can never be sure exactly who has written it. He is a deceptive and damaged individual who is the problem, not the solution, that journalists are still using him as a source  is sickening.

As for the mainstream media polls telling us the county still loves National despite all the hate politics he has been caught out doping – I simply don’t believe NZers are this stupid or evil. Both these polls with their tiny samples and land line bias have been woeful in their over support of National and under support of Labour. These right wing media polls are not trying to reflect public opinion, they are trying to manipulate it. Right now, only 2 days in, there has almost been three times the number of early polling than this time last election

Screen Shot 2014-09-05 at 3.58.44 pm

…so to hell with the mainstream media. I’m not letting Fairfax media tell me who will be the leader of this country. These journalists are still using the same discredited players that have been outed by Dirty Politics when really those players should be shunned. Here’s one site demanding David Farrar be stood down from RNZs The Panel. After the disgustingly offensive sexism Jordan Williams  has expressed to Slater, he should be banned as well!

The issue isn’t Hone or Matt, the issue is the stinking corruption this Government is neck deep in! This malevolent and corrupt Party needs to be ended and ended now.

Get up nd vote these evil skunks out!








  1. Watched the Nicky Hager debate at Otago today,

    There was a lot of discussion about the Dirty politics and the legality of blogs blah blah.

    According to todays legal interpretation Slater is outside the norm and can be liable for malicious intent or deformation charges could be pending on him.

    The whole Slater, Ede, Lusk, cactus Kate and their crew are really in the shit according to the legal professors at the symposium.

    Have a look at this as the 2 hour debate is informative.

    Please watch this Otago University debate from 1pm today as Nicky Hager will be there. 1pm – 3pm

    • thanks great debate…i watched live …and it was very very good …a real education from all angles..media, law , political science, ethics

  2. The nauseating GNats lovefest front page of the Dompost today bears no relationship to the feedback at public candidates meetings I have attended, or to the door-knocking I have done. At last nights education theme meeting (candidates from Labour, Conservative, National, Alliance, Green) I and others there sensed there was not one GNat voter amongst the approx. 50 strong at times angry audience.

  3. The frustration is getting to me to, Martyn.
    Do we have to go so backwards as a country, before people open their eyes, and we finally go forwards.

  4. Regarding banning Jordan Williams: perhaps we are behind the play and the team is already playing the reserves. To wit:

    RNZ The Panel, 03 Sept: Guest John Bishop introduced by Jim Mora – “Business Consultant and former political journalist. Actually, I never know what to call you, but that’s rough enough.”
    Bishop – “That’s near enough.”

    Rough indeed, but not near enough. Try this link and tell me if I’m wrong.


    Just a little more clarity would have been nice. Perhaps it explains fellow guest Dita de Boni’s bravissimo performances.

  5. I posted a comment on Stuff early today re Hone ” being missing in action.” To date, my post hasn’t been put up! That will be because I came out in support of Hone, while criticising FJK and the fact any chance to challenge him, is either not open for comments, or the comments are closed off early!

    Same happens with NZH sometimes, despite NOT posting defamatory comments, just opinion on the issues, holding FJK to account.

    Our msm is being sanitised in favour FJK and the Nasties!

    If this government is re- elected, the suppression of free speech will only get worse until we are gagged completely!

      • Their comments section has serious problems. I hardly ever see my posts no matter how often I refresh but I ask to be notified if anyone responds and I get notifications. Following the link I can see my post and the reply but IIRC I have had two views of the same page open at the same time – one (refreshed) and without my post and the other with my post and the reply.

        It’s hard to know what’s going on – whether it’s intentional deception or incompetent programming – but it’s highly irregular and doesn’t inspire trust.

  6. I’m hoping NZ’ers are not about to re-elect the Nats given the mountain of manure propping up the government, but I’m starting to wonder.

    Is it apathy?

    Are voters so used to holding up their left/right designation they are unable to conceive a different path?

    Is there hope at all?

  7. More dirt being spread from John Armstrong in today’s NZH opinion page, where he’s calling Labour the living dead!

    Obviously back into support FJK mode now, giving him a cruisy ride to the election!

    It’s a pity the likes of Armstrong and msm aren’t more concerned and looking at asking questions of FJK about the dirty politics revelations, demanding some answers!

  8. as our local paper went this morning “Slater action halts Whaledump leaks” with a nice glossy pic of slater on a beach,in contrast with the small bits that they have had on all the rest of Dirty politics etc, when is ALL the mainstream media going back to reporting in a neutral manner and let the people decide for themselves

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