Best wishes to whaleoil defamation businessman who was shot at in April


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On April 13th of this year, Matt Blomfield,  the businessman who his taking Cameron Slater to court for defamation, (ironically over stolen emails taken from Blomfield’s computer and handed over to Slater), was threatened and shot at in his home.

Our best wishes to Matt and his family and we all hope the Police investigation as to who threatened and shot at Matt is released soon.


  1. Maybe the police should look into whether there is any ballistic evidence linking this shooter and the shooter who put a bullet through Hone Harawira’s electoral office window.

    Actually thinking about it, maybe any investigation of the shooting at Hone’s Electoral Office

      • it was an airgun pellet that killed a police officer a few years back. Whats your point??
        I understand the calibre in hones office shooting was .22 calibre.
        Perhaps you would like to demonstrate with your head how harmless a pellet is? And also remind you that before the aromoana shootings david gray had threatened a victim with an air rifle apparently.
        BUT as you appear to have the information from hones office shooting, may we ask for verification? and the reason for pointing out this detail?

    • So Stephen if someone threatens you, we can safely dismiss that as a “conspiracy theory”. Just trying to establish the parameters here so we all can run by the same rules.

  2. You know you’re getting close to the truth when the bullets start flying .
    An effective threat mechanism .

    Indeed . Best wishes Matt Blomfield . And well done Martyn Bradbury .

  3. This Hager symposium should be watch by ya’ll today

    We watched the Nicky Hager debate at Otago today,

    There was a lot of discussion about the Dirty politics and the legality of blogs blah blah.

    According to todays legal interpretation Slater is outside the norm and can be liable for malicious intent or deformation charges could be pending on him.

    So Matt Blomfields case should go into the mix here.

    The whole Slater, Ede, Lusk, cactus Kate and their crew are really in the shit according to the legal professors at the symposium. Have a look at this as the 2 hour debate is informative. Please watch this Otago University debate from 1pm today as Nicky Hager will be there.

    Please watch this Otago University debate from 1pm today as Nicky Hager will be there. 1pm – 3pm

  4. This has gone beyond the point of farce. Slater is involved in 2 court cases at the moment. In one he was trying to stop other people from releasing private data taken from his computer and in the other he was trying to justify releasing private data taken from someone else’s computer.

    I pity his lawyer – the chances of getting the two cases confused must be very high. Although it also provides the opportunity to double-bill for the time spent on research so maybe it’s not so bad.

    You couldn’t make this stuff up, you really couldn’t.

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