Pak’nSave pull adverts from Whaleoil



Pak n Save have replied to complaints that their adverts were appearing on hate speech site Whaleoil by deciding to block their adverts from appearing on the site. Their reply…

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 9.09.17 amCongratulations for Pak’NSave on making this type of ethical stand. They are showing more moral compass than Canon.



    • You forgot “scum” Weepu. There are Pak n Sav stores in Christchurch that will be branded “scum” by Whale-Blubber and by association, #teamkey.

      I haven’t heard Key come out and say that Chch East people are not “scum” and totally denouncing what Slater said about Chch East people. He talks about the hacking or democracy, as if these two concepts are distinct and separate. Is Key scared of Whale-oil? After all, Slater has said publically that ‘ PM’s come and go and he’ll be around long after JK has gone ‘. What dirt does Slater have on Key?

      How the hell can Key condone Whale-oil calling Christchurch people scum? Is that what all the Tories think of them? Haven’t Cantabs suffered enough under Brownlee’s arrogance in his fiefdom of Christchurch, without having their noses rubbed in it by Slater-hate-speech and by reticence, the PM?

      National’s not just indulging itself in disgraceful dirty politics, but it is doing what Key is saying the left is doing, “playing the man, not the ball”.

      If calling Christchurch people “scum” is Key’s idea of democracy, God help us all if the Tories get back in on 21st September.

    • Doesn’t appear to be the case. It just seems now to be more likely you’ll be able to shop at PaknSave knowing you’ll be unlikely to be mixing with shoppers that visit the WO blog. They’ll all be at Countdown.

  1. Does this include all Foodstuff supermarkets, or just P&S? I avoid clicking on WO links, so don’t know if they were displaying New World ads too. I hope more businesses take this step to prevent their brand being smeared with the sewer’s most toxic filth.

    Whale Oil Be Fucked.

  2. Why were they ever advertsiing with this scumbag in the first place?

    And… why were DB, Coca Cola, and the Grocery Council secretly using him to attack their critics? Corporate NZ has some explaining to do.

    • As the Pak ‘n Save statement says, they weren’t “actively” advertising with him.

      As is the case with most blogs/sites on the internet nowadays, they allow their sites to be part of Google’s Advertising platform. Ad’s are then served based on a multitude of parameters including search terms/interests/site content etc. etc.

      Whaleoil would just be one of the many thousands of websites in that pool.

  3. Does anybody know whether websites that have google ads on them can block particular ads from appearing on their site? I complained to David Farrar a few months back about him having loan shark ads on his site (while at the same time he said he loathed loan sharking but did believe in interest rate caps) and he said there was nothing he could do about it.

    If an advertiser can withdraw association with a certain site, why can’t a site pull association with an advertiser?

  4. I contacted the NZ Defence Force last year over their advertising on Whale Oil’s site. I think they have taken a similar stance, while not saying so in so many words.

    “Further to your inquiry, we checked with our media agency and they have identified that this website falls as part of the Google Display Network, which we buy advertising space on. This is a supplier who provides bulk buying of website advertising for us – which means that they place our ads on a large range of sites that meet our demographic requirements. We don’t always see all sites it will be placed on. It’s unlikely one of our ads will appear on Whale Oil again.”

    • Quite agree; all you do is perpetually provide WO with oxygen. I suspect that the extra they get in donations will more than make up the loss of any advertising revenue.

    • So, Karl Parx, you’re saying we should just roll over and accept it? I didn’t notice any alternative from you. Please, tell us what you’d do. I’m eager to learn.

      • In answer to your first question, “No”. In answer to your second, “given a choice to be petty or not, don’t choose petty”.

  5. Huata Nikora • 36 minutes ago
    I would boycott PnS if I ever had the urge to slum it there anyway
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    Lol, first post on the subject at the hate speech merchant’s site.

  6. You should get his missus fired from there as well I’ve seen her out at Botany Pack’n Save spreading her lies

  7. Amazing that opinions different from your own are classed as “hate speech”.

    It seems that the left wing have finally understood that your policies are completely unpalatable to ordinary New Zealanders.

    Rather than joining the modern world though, you have taken the lead from the witch hunters of Salem and decided to stir up a storm of ignorance and hatred.

    Fortunately the opinion polls seem to be showing that people today are not quite as gullible as those in the 1600’s

    • Yes – it looks like costing Pak n Save several million dollars per annum in sales as a response to their action

  8. Hahaha what a pathetic, childish little battle you are waging.

    Since the ads you see are based on what you google, nobody on Whale Oil is really going to notice. Voters on the right of the spectrum (the majority of kiwis) are hardly Pak n Save’s target market!

  9. I’ve worked for Foodstuffs / Pak ‘n Slave (not on checkout) … and I don’t believe for a second they didn’t know their ads were appearing on WhaleOil. The majority of owner-operators are extremely wealthy staunch Nats. I wouldn’t put it past them to directly advertise with WO.

    When I hear Kiwis naively praising this chain (simply because it is NZ owned), they don’t know that P ‘n S are well known for bullying the heck out of suppliers to bring cheaper prices to their store. They buy in bulk. Some of the owners have earned themselves quite a reputation with food suppliers, sale reps, truck drivers and ground floor staff for being quite awful people.

    I’m all about shopping NZ and local – but I don’t go near anything to do with Foodstuffs.

  10. In defence of Canon, I mailed them on the weekend voicing my displeasure, boycotting, reputation association etc blah blah and their reply was this……

    Thank you for your feedback regarding the recent Whale Oil controversy. We appreciate and understand your concerns regarding Cameron Slater’s comments and actions This is a very difficult situation for Canon as being naming rights sponsors we have no involvement or influence over the judging and selection of the awards recipients however we have raised our serious concerns with the event organisers, the Newspaper Publishers’ Association (NPA). They are currently reviewing the situation and we will update you with further information from the NPA as it comes to hand.

    We can advise the independent judge selected by the NPA gave Cameron his award for one specific breaking news story – the Len Brown affair. The award is not an on-going endorsement by Canon New Zealand, or by the event organisers, of any current or future stories/opinions Cameron Slater may be involved with.

    For further information please visit the statement from the event organisers, on the Canon Media Awards website. This also further outlines our position.

    So yeah, I suppose they are aware of the issue.

  11. Making complaints to the advertisers is not petty.

    The point of any media is not the content but getting you the punter, to eyeball the brand, so that brand can try and sell you stuff or build a favourable impresssion in your mind. Advertising is the life-blood of media, without it, they will wither and die. Blocking the advertisers is cutting off Cameron Slaters oxygen.

  12. I use the fantastic ad-block plus, so I don’t get to see adverts most of the time. I enable ads on sites like this, so they can get the revenue, and I actively use things like amazon affiliate links when I shop there so someone can get some of amazon’s cut (e.g. So, whaleoil had ads eh? Who knew?

  13. Simply amazing how feral the right have become over this. They threaten, blackmail, denigrate and lie and think its all hunky dory but just can’t hack it when it blows back in their faces. For the record, when I wrote to Foodstuffs urging them to pull the ads from the Whaleoil blog, I did not threaten any retaliation or boycott if they didn’t. I simply pointed out that it might not be in their interests to be associated with a hate merchant who tells lies and publicly ridicules disadvantaged people. I admit I didn’t actually expect them to do that, but I was sure delighted! Stick that one up your nostrils, Slater!

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