More NZers trust Kim Dotcom than John Key


When asked by TVNZ who they believed – Kim Dotcom or John Key, an overwhelming number of people backed Kim over John…



Taking into account the bias of land lines opinion polls, that’s an extraordinary result and it’s a result that is keeping up National Party strategists late into the night as they try and work out what bomb Kim will drop on September 15th.

Sadly for the National Party there are multiple bombs and they are all incredibly damaging.


  1. The most surprising result from this poll is that 33% of those polled still believe anything the PM says. The man can spin faster than a whirling dervish.

  2. Yeah National Party fanatics should heed that old saying ” There are none so blind as those that refuse to see”

  3. Possibly the results were even worse for National than shown, but TV NZ bosses doctored the results to make them look less woeful for their Tory masters (” perhaps we had better change that last one to a don’t know”). Ouch! that must have hurt!

  4. This survey was done in either Porirua or Sth Auckland. What a load of left-wing crapm and coming from TVNZ it would have been chroegraphed by either Little or his PSA leeches.

  5. Considering this poll was conducted by TVNZ, the result is indeed interesting. Demonstrates that hopefully Kiwis are waking up from their Key dream reverie, opening their eyes now, finally seeing how he is failing and betraying NZ.

    I’d believe Kim Dotcom any day over John Key, because so far with his previous trial, along with that of John Banks, KDc has been proven to be telling the truth. Not a word has changed since day one. The same can’t be said of the PM though!

  6. You’re dreaming, Martyn. Just wait until you see the full list of Mr Dotcom’s assets. That will be the time bomb.

    • Kimdotcom’s ASSETS will be the time bomb? What are you on? This has nothing to do with his assets, trying to change the subject? This is all about JK finally getting his just desserts and being shown up publicly for the scheming, weasel that he is. Don’t try and muddy the waters, it only works in your own mind, the rest of us aren’t fooled.

    • I would find a full disclosure of Key’s assets to be a lot more interesting. Hardly surprising many aren’t enamoured by the Key cult.

    • I thought Tories all worshiped the money god. I can’t quite figure out how you are so down on someone who is a self made and clever man when that is the model you aspire to.

      Or has it more to do with entitlement and the fact he isn’t your beloved lying PM.

    • Not that Kim invented anything, nor has he set up a successful business or anything. No INTRINSICVALUE, he not a successful self made man, or nothing.

      I’m loving the irony of the right wing version the so called, politics of envy. It’s to cute, I just want to hug these loony ideologies.

    • Kim Dotcom has said the assets he has now are new money he has made from his new business’s, not old ones that wern’t siezed. His legal team are looking to appeal it.

    • A time bomb has been ticking in NZ since Nov 8th 2008. Hopefully voters cut the blue wire this time, and defuse the bloody thing once and for all.

  7. I notice there was no “neither” option. Just a “don’t know”.

    I know for sure. I don’t trust either of them!

  8. I see the right wing trolls are out in full force here!

    John Key confidante` and new bestie, Mr WhaleOil must have sent them across!

  9. Sure, people don’t believe John Key, but the more important question is: do they care?

    We progressives tend to assume that people want their politicians to be scrupulously honest, but I’m beginning to get the impression that plenty of people are fully aware that Key is lying about Dotcom (because how could they not be?), and they approve, or are at least willing to accept that the lying is justified.

    I really hope I’m wrong about that.

  10. I would believe Kim Dot Com ahead of John Key too.

    Kim can hack away and find out all truth. Yet to be revealed.
    Key doesn’t actually care, because he knows he has a new job waiting for him with Obama, and the new private world bank they set up.


  11. Goooooo Big Kim and Happy Laila !! Hello life in politics ,- goodbye plastic mealy mouth fork tongued stiffs..their such a bore anyways…

    OF COURSE Kim is more popular !!!….We all knew that!!

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