Waiting for Gower’s Twittering of indignation…






Key has made his call; deals with ACT and Peter Dunne are in – a deal with the CCCP (Colin Craig’s Conservative Party), is out;


Deals show contempt, says Labour


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Now we can look forward to TV3’s political commentator, Patrick Gower, posting tweets of outrage at Key’s machinations – just as he did two months ago. On 29  May, Gower was scathing at the alliance between Mana and the Internet Party;


Patrick gower - twitter - laila harre - mana internet party alliance


Patrick gower - twitter - laila harre - mana internet party alliance (2)


Will Gower make the same expressions of outrage at National?

What are the odds?




Radio NZ:  Deals show contempt, says Labour

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  1. Paddy is the worst reporter out there he seems to have no idea that a reporters job is to report .I doubt very much this little lap dog will bite the hand that feeds him

  2. I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for apologies from any of the MSM so- called journalists – they wouldn’t know where to start.

    They are too busy listening to their masters waiting for the next pull on the puppet strings.

  3. Patrick Gower “I want coat-tailing to go”. Hey Paddy, apparently you haven’t noticed that National supports coat-tailing but Labour wants to abolish it. On second thoughts perhaps it isn’t such a big issue after all, eh Paddy? Paddy? Paddy? oh….he’s gone!

  4. So………are we saying coat tailing is a bad thing, and National, ACT and United Future are equally as corrupt as Labour and Internet Mana..? Or are we saying it’s ok now, and National are not doing anything immoral at all, same as Labour…?

    I wish the Left and Right could PLEASE agree and let the vast majority who couldn’t care less, what to think.

  5. News goblin Gower, –warm fart on cold toast journalism.

    The 2013 MMP review overseen by the Chief Electoral Officer recommended a conservative threshold lowering to 4% from current 5% which National rejected after little or no serious consideration.

    Yet Gower will likely say that National has no choice but to coat tail as others do it too.

  6. It seems obvious that Gower has a personal thing against Mana and Kim Dotcom.

    His most recent utterances on 29 July made that perfectly clear, when he has again stated,

    “And David Cunliffe has repeatedly and pointedly refused to rule out working with Internet-Mana to form a Government.”


    At every opportunity, Gower has repeatedly demanded Cunliffe rule out working with Mana-Internet.


    When a journalist demands that a political party make a definitive policy statement to rule out a potential coalition partner is not reporting the news – it is a naked attempt to influence it.

    It is one thing to ask a party leader who they will/won’t deal with, post-election. That is a perfectly legitimate question to ask.

    But to pressure a party leader to rule out a potential coalition partner?

    Gower has stepped beyond the bounds of what is acceptable journalism. It is not his job to dictate to any party leader who they should/shouldn’t coalesce with. His job is simply to report their decisions.

    The rest is up to us, the people to evaluate that information.

    Pull your head in, Paddy.

  7. I don’t follow twits.. so have no idea whether or not Gower has twittered. But obviously not.
    Why are we waiting? It’s been a whole 2 days… I gather that this twit thing is instant opinion stuff.
    Dear me – don’t tell me our media is biased towards Uncle John!

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