Laila Harre to run against Key in Helensville



Another full house in Rotorua as part of Internet MANAs road trip

Another day, another full house for the Internet MANA road trip. John Armstrong understands the energy now swirling around Internet MANA, and the latest announcements of Georgina Beyer running in Te Tai Tonga and Laila running in Key’s electorate of Helensville is a further reminder that Internet MANA have played a very clever media game to date.

I think the Helensville candidate meeting just became far more interesting.


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    • Harden up mate- when Laila asks JK what a shovel is and how many callouses hes got on his hands from money trading and then asks him to give a reason for shitting all over the working poor in this country the poor bastard will be speechless.

      So that means he’s screwed both ways.


  1. I think you are seriously mistaken. It’s more of a stunt from a fringe 1% party.

    Key will likely wallop Harre with around 75% of the electorate vote.

    • That’s not the point. She’ll tear some strips off him in actual face-to-face meetings, and that may make a dent in party vote numbers. It’s just a shame that so few NZ politicians have the guts to go after him, he gets away with so much bull.

  2. John Armstrong understanding something…..that’s a first! But yes, Laila’s presence might liven things up for those westies in dullsville. Any s…t that Key throws at her won’t stick – she’s too smart for that.

  3. I think Laila could give John Key a few good verbal wallopings. Unlikely that it will be related in the press, however. But good on her, I hope she gets fair coverage.

  4. Does Laila Harré live in Helensville? The voters surely wouldn’t be dumb enough to vote for an electoral candidate who doesn’t even live in the electorate – oh, wait…

  5. I was SO pissed off when electoral boundary changes meant the dissolution of Waitakere and an involuntary shift for us in to Key’s Helensville electorate.

    But now I’m HAPPY! Hahahaha! Bring on the candidate meetings, please !

    Go Laila Harre !

  6. Go for it Laila.

    Although she is unlikely to win the seat, Ms Harre`is a strong debater and I’m sure will give John Key some uncomfortable and tricky moments during the debates. She won’t spare him, I’m sure of that, so let’s hope John boy takes a spare pair (or two) of clean undies with him!

  7. I’m disappointed to see Georgina Beyer has been picked up. I think to anyone who hadn’t followed her career very closely, she would look like a ready-made high profile candidate for IMP. But in fact she has a pretty poor reputation these days in the Wairarapa where she was Carterton’s mayor and then a Labour MP. She comes across as someone who can’t find a job and so stands for public office. She was going to run for Carterton mayor again until it became obvious that she didn’t stand a chance against Ron Mark and then pulled out. She recently reneged publicly on her own original position regarding legalising prostitution. And on a much smaller scale but one that I think said quite a bit, I remember she was going to be in a play and then pulled out at the last minute.

    That said, I think IMP could do well in the Wairarapa if Hone and bus come here. They should set it up on the East Side of Masterton which is where their primary potential voters are and do a tour of the “Cameron Block” in the bus, canvasing house to house. I won’t be voting for IMP but I think it has the potential to get some of these citizens voting when they wouldn’t otherwise. Pass this on to your IMP connections Martyn.

  8. As much as I think Laila will do a good job against John Key in his electorate, I’m sorry she will steal some of the thunder from Penny Bright who was already planning to raise many of the same points regarding the PM’s record and personal history in finance.

  9. John Key won’t even front up at the candidates meeting – he’s all mouth and no trousers. IV knows that as well as we do.

    Remember when he bragged about having a one-on-one TV debate with David Cunliffe not so long ago? Ha ! The next day he just about pissed his pants when asked to back up his bravado bullshit!

    He should do though – it’ll give him a taste of the whooping he’s going to get in the live televised debates 😉

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