How the Opposition win Epsom now Key has cemented Goldsmith into place


One fear I had this election would be that National listened to Matthew Hooton and removed Goldsmith from the ballot box to leave the race open enough for David Seymour to ensure an ACT Party victory.

Thankfully National Party hubris has trumped Hooton’s concerns and Goldsmith will stay on the ballot box which opens the opportunity for progressive Epsom voters to candidate vote Goldmsith and kill ACT off once and for all.

Labour Party candidate Michael Wood is easily one of the best new male talents Labour have and Green Party candidate Julie Anne Genter is one of the Green’s best MPs, they run rings around David Seymour who really is as inconsequential a fart of a candidate as he appears in his terrible youtube clip…

…so underwhelming is Seymour that he faces a real uphill battle to gain the kind of name recognition that gave John Banks a 2000 vote majority. With 6000 Labour and Green voters wasting their candidate vote in the last election, a mere 30% of those voters voting tactically would see an end to ACT as a political force.

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If National can gerrymander Epsom, so too can the opposition. For every National voter prepared to follow Key’s advice and vote ACT there are Labour and Green voters more than happy to do the opposite and vote Goldsmith to spite Key.

The problem for Key is that while he is telling National voters in Epsom to vote for David Seymour, Key will personally vote for Paul Goldsmith. The arrogance of Key telling his supporters to do as he says, not as he himself does, won’t help


  1. Voting for Pussy Goldsmith will be a hard rat for those 6000 Labour/Green principled voters to swallow, but would be a finger-giving ACT to the gNats.
    Remembering Banks was responsible for the passage of Sky City’s “casino royale”may aid their digestion.

  2. A list of Banks’ travesties (and the nat support alone) will alleviate the gagging reflex, and help the left vote out Act, in the most unappetising way ever. But Epsom is blue, and the only way it can be contradicted is by using MMP to it’s fullest–by emphasising the value of your LEFT party vote.

  3. It is not a matter of the left holding their nose in Epsom. A vote for goldsmith is in fact a vote for change.

    Epsom could have been the difference last time and could be the only way we get a change of govt.

    A vote for Goldsmith is a vote for change.

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