TPPA National Day of Action Protests Saturday March 29th



The New Zealand government is negotiating an international agreement that could have a huge effect on the lives of ordinary kiwis. It’s called the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA), and it involves eleven Asian and Pacific-rim countries, including the United States. If it goes ahead, we risk damage to our innovative economy, our pristine environment, our health, and the ability to shape our own future.

Because the negotiations are being conducted in secret, what we know about the TPPA comes from leaked documents and detective work. We live in a democracy, which means we have the right to know what is done in our name and to have a say.

Come down, voice your concerns and together we can show the government that this is not acceptable.

Events list around the country:



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  1. Hubby and I will be there, as well as bringing along some friends, come rain or shine.

    It’s too important an issue to ignore.

    Come on Kiwis get out there and give the government a strong message the TPPA and all the negative and threatening consequences which go with it, is not wanted in NZ!

    Support NZ, not the USA!

  2. Is there anyone out there in the Tron wants to get a march organised. I would help but not much good at being at the head of it

  3. Ok it’s fine to oppose the TPP for whatever reason you have but at least try be honest when you argue against it. Claiming that the treaty will bind future governments is a flat out lie. No parliament can bind their successors, never ever.

  4. America wont be reducing its tariffs until 2030.
    So Groser is lying it will reap billions in his forecasts.
    The Australian FTA with America is a fizzer.
    You can read a number of leaked reports in a newsletter called,
    Third World Economics.
    Article 9 of the SOE act will need to be repealed.
    SOE’s are a bit of a sticking point.
    Also buying local campaigns will be made illegal.

    There isnt hooks in this deal, its a pure corporate coup.

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