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Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.


Announce protest actions, general chit chat or give your opinion on issues we haven’t covered for the day.

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    Is this being practical ? Is this slow-thinking she’ll be right NZ in another fix and avoiding hard thinking about outcomes? If things are bad with Omicron, here, shouldn’t we care about our border cases catching it or spreading it as they flit around the country?

    Or can they be trusted to isolate at their family home? But then will they infect the family who might have kept themselves safe so far? It would be embarrassing and hurtful for them to have to say no to their returning possibly infected person. And they may bring in a new strain just as we are coping with peaking with infectious Omicron. What is practical for our borders? Do we have to continue to repel boarders as we have been, or be very careful – note that the frauds and scams of an increasingly careless and dishonest world are now selling vaxx certificates.

  2. That image of Marx type bearded man in car is perfect to keep in mind when reading newspaper about possible sale of land for carpark to Wilsons based in Singapore. Car parks – we can’t even manage our own under this crazy, rotten economic regime. Exporting our money spent on necessaries to some foreigner. We would be better to pay them protection money, and keep our land and get down to it and manage our own economy and country. It’s only the smart so and sos who have sent their brains for storage on the cloud, who think that we can carry on the wealth accretion as we are. When the end comes we will have to accept crumbs from these invaders that our treasonable politicians have welcomed in because they are such conventional followers and brain-washed zombies who worship money like any ancient bowed down to gold. They should have been Sutch economic followers but we NZs mostly are low thinkers iwith low horizons.

    We need to climb economic mountains for a wide view, and celebrate that as much as the climbing of Aoraki or Everest. (The Tibetan name is Chomolungma, which means “Mother Goddess of the World.”) We of course have little concept of the majesty of nature, and soon will be mining lithium near Everest – if not by Chinese by other ‘civilised’ brutes.

  3. Regarding Govt Covid payments. Applicants are required to show current reduced income compared to that taken from within a 5 week period prior to Feb 15.
    Some people within certain hospitality sectors and educational sectors complained that this period has either an annual off peak period with low trade volumes or holiday period (private education/tuition). The criteria effectively shuts their applications out despite business being well down in late Feb/March this year.
    Govt response is to admit fault and their solution appears to be allow such cases to compare it to same period in the previous year…

    (when the schools were also shut and ski chalets, or whatever, were also empty)

  4. Aw shucks @GW! Now you’re just showing some common sense – which as we know, there is no such thing.

    Btw – are you anywhere near Atawhai? (Just curious)

    It bothers me greatly that the government has resiled from its duties and left so much in the hands of ‘business’ or contracted out to sovereign agencies that don’t answer to the people except in appearance. The role of small business has rocketed since free market imports have cut down on opportunities to branch out into micro business, with its risks and responsibilities,rather than being paid employees.

    Yet instead of these sparks of business creativity being assisted and planned around, narrow-focussed agencies pursuing their own objectives who receive criticism for delays, will roll ahead and kill off businesses by isolating them from customers. How can we in NZ achieve decent living standards with this thoughtless and destructive behaviour

  6. Paige Harris apparently has had a special law passed for her in our Parliament, which is an indication that our laws as presently drawn up do not apply controls to meet modern needs. The businesses that are responsible for them are sloppy and inefficient and poor value for our tax money. (We used to have a small department that attended to this as a government job, but of course we are open now to the thrusts of business.) Recent law creation and omission (such as marijuana and tight euthanasia limits) indicate that we are narrow thinking, and inclined to overly emotional jags, from prompts of religious, woke or business-smooching.

    It is unfortunate that the child has the name of a computer game character which tends to diminish her humanity somewhat,. An unfortunate coincidence?

  7. Take note solemn news hounds and fact checkers and fans of not being fans of toothy grins, smart arses and tousled or fashioned hair styles. Get down in your bunkers and tune in to the good oil, clean and without scum, slough, or being regurgitated from a father or mother bird into your big mouths and tiny brains.

    Which is how we all will be if this goes through and for fact-checking on that, look at the protesters and how they have been got at. Now our continuing story of diminishing quality of government decision and action will continue. It’s a quiet putsch on NZ’s democratic operation and quality of information and thought that guides it. Ukraine is noisy and open, whereas ours is mendacious and quietly white-anting.
    No doubt Broadcasting and Media Minister Kris Faafoi​ will at some stage proudly exclaim what he’s failed to do up until now, which is the exact thinking behind the plan, because if he can’t appeal to the hearts of minds of those New Zealanders who largely pay for state broadcasting, they will feel the proposal is being thrust on them – and then reject it.

    And this is from Janet Wilson who has had long experience in the NZ media. I haven’t read it all yet. I’m trying to avoid terminal depression about NZ and its lost opportunities to raise its productivity levels of simple common sense to a goal of polished informed maturity and objectivity (with some subjectivity judiciously mixed), suitable for forming a new path through today’s miasma of crap and brouhaha. We are getting dangerously close to those hot sticky mud pools that we adequately threaded our way around last century.

  8. Covid progress – or is that the wrong word to use? Notice how it is coming up and along the lines that showed up on models. But if there hadn’t been super spreaders it would have been more manageable. The scientists and government knew that a huge rise would put strain on systems and cause business to falter, but I-don’t-care people who drift through life can’t cope with taking responsibility for themselves,; the wilfully rescuable or infectiousable or contageable!

    Clear to read list of new cases each day as stated, cumulative number on the right.
    14,941 Feb27 Sun  Total NZ active – 67.968
    13,606 Feb26 Sat  Total NZ active cases – 53,119
    12,011 Feb25 Fri
    6137 Feb24 Thur
    3297 Feb23 Wed
    2846 Feb22 Tue 

    • I must have drunk more whisky than I thought. I meant I’m entirely for Ukraine and the Left is ‘orrible as usual in an international crisis.

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