Time to show your opposition to the TPPA – nationwide protest March 29th


We keep hearing about the TPPA and John Key’s myopic focus to sign it even though his so called benefits don’t add up and it in fact only empowers American Corporates, well it’s time to stand and show your opposition.

A new nationwide day of protest is being planned March 29th – be there


This is our economic sovereignty Key is trying to sign away here, so let me try and break this down in a way to make it more applicable to National Party voters. You know how much you want to have a bloody beer with Key over a BBQ in your backyard? Yeah, well, under the TPPA you will be forced to use American sausages and their weird cheese in a can drinking Budweiser on your imported US BBQ using US propane while Taylor Swift is played in the background.

Don’t let NZ become America’s South Pacific Caddy, we are better than that.


  1. Even tattooed tory love boys and their cardigan wearing parents and grans surely must have something NOT to like in that list. Kiwis are notorious pill gobblers let alone the heart rending cancer stories. Hands off Pharmac USA!

    Don’t vote John Phillip ShonKey if you want Uncle Sam out of your medicine cupboard. An independent foreign policy means generic drugs are available as well as branded cutting edge ones.

    Do you think a farmer from Pigs Knuckle Arkansas gives shit number one about us here? Better to look for genuine fair and free trade. TPPA No Way! And it would be ‘nice to have’ a sqiuzz at the text of this secret document prior to assuming the position for the yanks.

  2. Ill be there for sure. We must get the word out there to the public. So many people have no idea what the TPPA is.

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