I’ve seen better attended chem-trail protests than this ‘Down with Len Brown’ march


The far left nuts and right wing moral crusaders boring everyone to death by demanding Len leaves office…


…I’ve seen better attended chem-trail conventions than this ‘Stand down Len Brown’ protest.

When the weird from both sides of the political spectrum come together, I’m waiting for cross-over conspiracies to start coming to light. An exclusive perhaps from Penny Bright and grumpy landowner right wing astro-turf group ‘Affordable Auckland’ breathlessly exclaiming that Len is really a shape shifting reptilian alien who is secretly privatising all the water for vaccinations purposely created to spread autism.

Yawn. How about we get back to trying to get Wellington to pay for Auckland’s desperately needed infrastructure upgrade?

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  1. Did they find any “witches” amongst the bystanders, and burn them on the stake?

    But apart from that bit of satire, we know now, that the most popular and regular “protests” take place in the shops and shopping malls all over New Zealand, where people “vote” with their feet, and take a firm stand on spending money on necessities and other less important, but “fashionable” consumer goods.

    I hear there are many such “protests” happening right now. Nothing much else gets people out to “protest” these days, it seems, apart from some politically very dedicated persons.

    This “protest” in Queen Street was not one I considered worth participating in.

  2. A classic sad lunatic fringe, lucky if there were a 100, where were all the BBQ whingers I have heard recently–“that Lens gotta go”, couldn’t even turn up to their own march.

    Similar to Colin Craig’s kid beaters rally, still just a few hundred sickos attended after CC had dropped several hundred thou on the event.

  3. We, the rest of NZ, are somewhat fatigued by Auckland’s inter-generational inability to organise itself – urban sprawl, chronic dithering about trains and roading, and forever trying to achieve something it can claim is ‘cultural’ on its waterfront so it can aspire to be an ‘international city’. Oh. And sporting venues that the rest of us are highly unlikely to ever visit for anything.

    What’s ‘good for Auckland’ usually means ‘go without’ for the rest. It’s notorious for poor financial management, long-delayed capital works (power outages, anyone?) and a grim procession of those who act as if the tax payers everywhere are a boundless source of largesse for them to squander on vanity projects that seldom turn out well.

    How about a few cake stalls and sensitive sausage sizzles to fund your ‘aspirations’?

    (My birthplace? Blush. Cringe. Auckland.)

  4. These marches are a waste of time, and almost never well attended. I remember going to the tennis once and seeing Minto and a handful of ‘rent a mob’ wannabes protesting because a young Israeli was taking part. It’s pathetic.

    That said, Len Brown is a lame duck, and should resign and go before the people. He’s about as popular as a fart in a lift at the moment, and he knows it, so he won’t be going back to the people anytime soon.

  5. And yet the Herald reported that “hundreds” were in attendance.

    Perhaps their counting skills are as poor as their general literacy. Or perhaps they were unable to differentiate between protesters, and people waiting for a bus at Britomart. Pathetic.

    • There were a few pickets and protests against the ruthless, draconian benefit reforms over the last few years, and some had slightly larger numbers attend, but the NZ Herald and television hardly ever mentioned any of that.

      But when there is a protest against Len Brown, against a “legal high shop”, a brothel a few hundred metres from a school, or perhaps about “berms” not being mowed, you can be sure that the NZ Herald and possibly both main TV channels will report on it.

      They even “boost” the numbers and focus cameras on the few participants, to make it look like “hundreds” attended, while at best there may have been a maximum of a hundred.

      It is just more of the same “blinkered journalism”, or BIASED crap we get dished up.

      Welcome to John Key’s “brighter future” type media!

  6. Emails have just been released by Cameron Brewer (yes Brewer) showing that Brown lied about his security detail at the opening of the Panmure Train station.

    • Gosh, IV. Imagine if politicians who lied were forced to resign.

      That would mean Key would’ve had the shortest Parliamentary career in human history.

      But I deflect from this witch-hunt. Oops, I mean, *concerned citizens showing their highly principled stand on family issues*…

      Carry on, Citizen.

  7. I’d also like to know who was there from the far left. Holding to an illusion that socialism will come into being if we just insist capitalists obey their own laws is hardly a left wing idea. Capitalism will not be sued out of existence in its own courts. Nor will it be talked out of existence on free to air television.

  8. I would be considered far left and I certainly wasnt at this neo conservative ,reptillian hunting,chem trail dodging , NWO lambasting , reformist -petition holding, corruption hunting, penny bright following , pointless boring paranoid march.

    Infact my son and I walked passed it as they were gathered at Aotea and heckled them.
    Good times!

  9. It was a very white march, reminded me of the manufactured protests that won Bush the election in Florida in 2000

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