Hone Harawira calls it like it is…


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Hone Harawira calls it like it is…


  1. This is very unimpressive…this is the only online information there is on Hone’s reaction to the whole issue. Not very good for a party leader who is the MP for west auckland.

    • i disagree, i think its straight up – it might not have the polish that other politicians have but it has the honesty which many politicians don’t speak

    • What else did you expect him to say? He has hit the nail on the head. If you are expecting Hone to beat around the bush you’re on the wrong planet. Good for you Hone – you have my vote.

    • …..do your homework, people. What a load of bollocks. Yawn. God forbid you have to call the Police in the near future if your family and/or friends lives are dependent on their help. Bet you wont be slagging them off then huh. Sheesh.

      • God forbid that the public expects the police to do their job, under threat, that they further won’t do their job if they’re criticised for their incompetence, sexism and an arrogant attitude that says; we’re above the law and public censure.

      • I’ve called the cops 3 times for 3 seperate occasions where people got hurt and no one showed up all 3 times, so, should i call them or not?

      • Ingrid, the issue here is not putting the Police down, it is castigating them for not doing their job thoroughly. Rape is a serious crime, but rape of a child is totally abhorrent, and for measures not to have been taken to get all the facts when the first complaint was made leaves the NZ public aghast.
        After all these clowns were not only bragging about their conquests but they were posting details on public media.
        Where the police do a good job, they deserve commendation, but if they get it wrong they must accept criticism – it is all about balance.
        NZ public need to know that rape crimes will always be treated seriously.

  2. Good on him for telling it straight, who else do some of you expect to tell it straight? Paula Bennett? pfft .. if some of you want to start slagging off MPs then start with the ones who really deserve it, Good on you Hone, MANA REP

  3. Yep that comment of Hones is great, its a pity he hasn’t hauled up his bros Willie &; JT about their sexism and misogyny the same manner

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