Dear NZ Police – I won’t back down


Dear NZ Police

Thank you for contacting me yesterday and threatening me with 6months imprisonment for a parody I posted on The Daily Blog regarding your jaw dropping inaction over the Roast Buster rape club.

You claimed the parody breached the law by referencing the NZ Police. We removed it yesterday to seek legal advice overnight, it’s interesting in your response to APNZ who contacted you yesterday that you said…

A police spokeswoman said they asked had asked for the image be taken down because it was “extremely insensitive to victims of sexual violence and offensive to police officers who work tirelessly to help them”.

“The police recruitment story behind the image features a dedicated police officer who rescued a young woman from an ex-partner who sent hundreds of abusive text messages to the woman over a matter of days.

“Police therefore asked that the image be taken down.’

…because you didn’t mention any of that in your email to me, in your email to me you said…

“use of the term Police or New Zealand Police in operating name”

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…was the reason you asked for it to be removed. I feel that you are spinning here now the media have picked up on the story.

My job isn’t to care if your feelings are hurt, my job is to provide a public interest critique of the role you play in society. I took down the image, went public with your threats and considered TDBs legal position overnight.

I’ve considered my position and after removing the elements you were attempting to charge me under, I am reposting the parody here…

COPs want to arrest me for parodying your pathetic response, try it on.

Will you also be arresting the NZ Herald for their similar parody this morning?


This terrible case is not about me, and it’s not about this blog, it is about the young women who have been abused and Police inaction. I have always urged women to go to the Police with their rape statements, as you are supposed to be the agency that provides the proper response, I fear those words have been a wasted effort on my behalf as your Department seems mired in a sexist culture.

If you think the public are going to be sympathetic towards a prosecution against me while you sit on your hands with rape braggers, I think you have another thing coming.

Stop threatening blog editors with imprisonment and start pursuing rapists.


Martyn Bradbury


    • Well said Martyn – I’m confident that the public shares yours and my perspective – The place response to the 13 year old girl’s report two years ago was egregious.


      Dr Tony Minervino, DC

    • Dear NZ Police, its also posted on my blog here…

      and thanks to me, its also all over FaceBook, its gone viral, EVERYONE is sharing it along with your threats… and its also on other blogs now as well… and shortly, I’ll even post it on your own facebook page just to rub it in.

      FURTHER….. “conspiracy to commit rape” is a criminal offence, that should allow you to seize their computers to see what they have been saying to each other in private about the rapes, and people like that take photos of the girls they raped, THERE is your evidence, BUT NO… you only pick on people like me and Kim Dotcom, you freaking hypocrites, and more, you never looked into it because one of the boys is the son of a Police Officer, right?

      You guys always cover your own backsides, why was Hutton never charged with planting evidence? You are all a disgrace to the people of New Zealand… you had gang “patches” banned but then started recruiting people with the slogan “Earn your patch”… yeah right, join the BIGGEST criminal gang in NZ… the NZ POLICE!

      Nuff said. you should all be shamed. You are unworthy of your “patches”.

  1. Its funny how this story is criticising NZ police, while you have their genuine recruitment ad on the same page.

      • Selwyn – I will trust the police will pull their ads from this website, same as some companies have done on Radio Live, aye?

        Yes, it is bizarre, this is what we get now, where “private” moneys and not so private moneys determine who can run a blog, radio station, TV and whatever.

        I am scared, well not really, as I know what goes on, but the wider public should be damned scared about the media control we have, that is by “advertisers”!

  2. Good stuff Martyn, don’t back down mate. I too find it astonishing that it took them a mere 6 hours to threaten you with fines and imprisonment, yet for two years they let one of the worst possible crimes continue unhindered.

    Good work NZ Police “Safer communities together” indeed, saving us all from… bloggers.

  3. Keep on parodying them. I really hope Tui does an ad on this as well their response was totally shameful, obviously the fact one of those boys had a police officer dad and one had a celebrity dad meant A LOT since they did NOTHING and let a 13 year old girl know they did not care she was raped.

  4. Also the fact that they are talking about consent at all when it involves 13 year old children and drugs and alchohol is totally ridiculous. The police do deserve to at least be heavily mocked for this disgrace.

  5. +over 9000. Nice work again Bomber.

    Let’s see a takedown notice issued to the NZH. After all, it’s One Law For All, right?

  6. All of this bullshit about the cops doing nothing is really interesting. Here’s what one of the victims said (paraphrasing): The police were very helpful. It was reported to the police several weeks after it happened so there was no physical evidence and there were no witnesses. But the police still wanted to prosecute even though it would end up being her word against the offender. It was the girl’s family and counselor who decided not to go through with the prosecution because they didn’t want to make her re-live the ordeal knowing that the defence lawyers would almost certainly win. So all this stuff about the police doing nothing is complete and utter bullshit. It was actually the opposite of what critics are claiming and the police were struggling to get victim statements and evidence.

    Beside this, I find it kind of offensive that Martyn is riding on the bandwagon of this bullshit and trying to make himself appear as some kind of victim of authority, diverting attention from the truth to try and gain recognition as some sort of voice of the people. We wouldn’t want the facts to get in the way of that though, would we.

    • DAVIDK can you then answer some questions as you seam to know so much about the case (more than me). 1. why did the police lie to their superiors about there being no complaints. 2. when they realized that one of the offenders fathers was one of their own (which seamed to have happened early) on why didn’t they ask for a independent person to take over the investigation. 3. why did the victims family that your talking about think it would just be her word against theirs when there were other complaints. 4. why did a male officer interview a 13yr girl and not a female officer as I am lead to believe the norm. 5. did the family you are talking about get their views on what would happen in court from the police. 6. It appears that all complaints were made at the same police station, is this correct and if so is it the same station that the father of one of the offenders works at. 7. why did the police need more evidence in this case when we are seeing others going to jail for commenting the same horrible crimes on children and these offenders weren’t even bragging about it on the internet. 8. why did they do nothing for two years to shut down their sites that were naming the girls (I’m not buying the story that they were waiting for proof and to identify victims as they already had 4 complaints – and not noise complaints as they have been treated but rape complaints) 9. how many rapes happened by these guys from the time when the police first found out.
      These are questions that should be answered, we need to know that when someone in this country is raped that it is taken seriously and when it is young children that all steps possible are taken to stop and punish the offenders.

      • Robyn,
        Those are good questions that need answers. I just want to add one to the list.
        If the boys were taking photos of the attacks and/or filming them, then couldn’t a search warrant have been carried out on their phones and laptops? And why wasn’t one carried out? Then the cops might of gotten the evidence they seem to desperately (not really) want.

    • DAVIDK – this may have some weight, usually, but one of the accused is the SON of a COP!? How bizarre, how bizarre, how bizarre, that nothing really happened, while under-aged sex is illegal???!!!

    • What a familiar ruse attack the messenger when confronted by an unpalatable truth. The police failed to take action to protect vulnerable people in our community. My own unsavoury dealings with the Hamilton Police two years ago amount in one sense to a pre-emptive action to ensure our young are protected. No crime was committed by me but action was taken to ensure nothing untoward had occurred and yet here we have clear aberrant behaviour occurring and the police sit on their hands. The differences appear to be an easy target vs a vested interest in not doing anything!
      Explain as an apologist for the police why these malignant youth were able to carry on for another two years posting this aberrant behaviour via the social media. My own experience of the Hamilton Police two years ago was this. I was taking photographs at a radio station music concert in amongst every other concert goer doing the same. I was taken aside by the police and my camera searched for inappropriate images. None were found, the fact that I work for an outdoor educator working with youth every week with its background check process, have 3 adults daughters, drove 3 hours because I love music did not even illicit an apology for the zealous behaviour which I found profoundly embarrassing. I believe my real crime was that I was a mid aged male amongst a majority youthful music crowd. I absolutely believe I was targetted based on the profile that mid-aged males out in public are perverts when not accompanied by a responsible female. Which of course is the flip side over reaction to the probably overly hyped aberrant human behaviour which serves to tar all men. I laid a compliant with the bullshit IPCA. My point is this, on one hand we have diligent and in my opinion overzealous police action to protect our young vs this appalling lack of action in a demonstratively harm doing scenario. Again was it more that I was an easy target and these protected pieces of human failings do what they like till the stench get too much?

  7. Jonny – I agree that we can’t comment on the experience of ALL of the girls. However, there are some factors that make me doubt that ANY of the girls would have enjoyed the whole situation (i.e the actual sex as well as whatever came afterwards, such as shaming, bragging etc).

    You see, I believe that really, really good sex can only happen when a guy actually likes girls. These boys don’t like girls… sure, they might be sexually attracted to them, but they don’t like them. They don’t respect them, they don’t see them as real people with thoughts, feelings, lives. These guys are in it for themselves, not for the girls. And I just don’t believe that anyone who feels like that is going to care about how much a girl is enjoying herself during sex.

    Also, I feel that there’s been a bit of confusion over the use of the word “rape”. What it comes down to is that, if these boys were 16 or over and they had sex with a girl under 16, then they committed statutory rape, regardless of whether the girl enjoyed it, wanted it, or doesn’t consider herself a victim. If the reports so far are true, then they also had sex with girls who were too drunk to give consent, which is also rape. We like to think that rape is an awful attack that happens in bushes and dark alleys (and, yes, it can be that) but, in most cases it is something “grey” and complicated – thus, girls don’t always know that they are a victim – they might feel bad about it, they might feel used, they might feel confused, but because the rape wasn’t particularly violent or brutal, they’re unsure of whether to report it or not.

    I agree that NZ is pretty conservative when it comes to sex and I do think that this is a problem. I think that if we weren’t so obsessed with wrapping girls up in cotton wool then we could teach them more about sex and encourage them to have fantastic sex at every opportunity (it upsets me when I read stats about some woman who have never had an orgasm during sex… that’s just sad) then boys would be forced to sort their shit out, stop being misognistic and learn to treat women better (and, yes, I’m aware that I’m stereotyping here… I’m simply trying to condense this as much as possible!). If we had more open, honest conversations with both boys and girls about sex and respect then I think that, for some, sex would become less messy, confusing and complicated.

  8. Dont back down. They have known for 2 years and have done nothing about it. In the process, MORE girls have been victims of these bloody low-lifes.Now that it has been made public they are trying to defend themselves. How dare they defend themselves. As far as I’m concerned, the police are just as bad as the roastbusters for leaving it for two years and more girls to be raped.

  9. Excellent response Martyn. Behind you all the way. If they come for you, then they are going to have to come for TDB supporters as well.

    Go TDB. Long may it continue to expose events as they are, including the scurrilous cover ups. A media outlet as it should be, a proxy for the people.

  10. The police don’t get to put anyone in prison or fine them for anything other than speeding and minor offenses, this is just bully another part of our police culture. They would have to arrest you and take you before a Judge. Then they would have to justify the expense of this to the tax payers, on top of that I doubt a Judge would imprison or fine you. I think you would have a stronger case of blackmail or threatening behavior against the police. They seam to be lashing out at anyone like a little kid now they’ve been caught out lying about no complaints being made.

  11. I have provided a public link to your blog on my own blog and facebook page with an invitation to Campbell Moore to contact me if he has a problem understanding that this is black humour conveying the serious message to the police hierarchy that they and their public affairs division have lost their minds if they think threatening you is going to get them anywhere. How dare Campbell Moore threaten any of us who he is supposedly sworn to protect for parodying the Police’s increasing failures to do so. How dare they.

  12. Good on you Bomber for not backing down. It’s fair to say that we have had our moments but I like all your other readers would support you if the police actually tried anything. I think their threats are empty, you would have the support of all fair minded citizens.

    In solidarity, Jack.

  13. Hey Martyn.

    My own view no doubt coincides with your Counsel’s view:

    The law reads:

    Use of term Police or New Zealand Police in operating name

    (1) A person commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse, carries on an activity under an operating name that includes the word ““Police”” or the words ““New Zealand Police””, in a manner likely to lead a person to believe that the activity is endorsed or authorised by the Police or any part of the Police.

    Okay then:

    1. Without reasonable excuse. Your ‘excuse’ is reasonable. The Police have committed a prima facie breach of their duty to investigate a serious criminal offence, and then lied about it. As such, the parody was very clearly to highlight this breach as it is clearly and firmly in the public interest to do so. As such, there is reasonable excuse.

    2. ” in a manner likely to lead a person to believe that the activity is endorsed or authorised by the Police or any part of the Police.” Do the Police really think that the readers of The Daily Blog are so stupid as to believe that this came from or was endorsed by the Police? What is more, the fact that you have made it clear that it is a parody, along with the NZ Herald parody shows without any doubt that the Police have not approved of this and are disassociating from it.

    As such, I see no grounds for an investigation, and believe that any subsequent prosecution is most unlikely to succeed.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Yep, if they want to take issue, they now would have to prove Martyn and others are wrong, and to prove they did do all to do their duty, as that is in question.

      So they have to prove guilt by proving they were right, honest and correct. Hey, they must have bloody sleepless nights. If they were so sure, they would not have to try and intimidate Martyn, would they?!

      Last resort and last bastion attempt this is, nothing more, the police leadership is in a shambles and in disarray, and the top guy will resign next week, if he does not get sacked, watch this space!!!

      • The problem is the Police Commissioner thinks he is leading the “Good Guys”. Then to add insult to injury he refers to these bragging rapists as “Young Boys”. Commissioner Marshall these are “Young Men”, your police force needs to deal to them before they rape any other children. You and the incompetent police officers concerned all need to resign now.

  14. PURELY on the strength of his reaction since this hit the news, Police Commissioner Peter Marshall should resign. Or be sacked. IMMEDIATELY.

    This is a bloody disgrace.

  15. You probably don’t want to be labelled a hero mate, but for first calling out this deriliction of duty, and then standing up to the bullying, you’re a hero! You are an example to everyone, especially men, for standing up against rape culture.

  16. The police public relations branch should stop telling lies.

    And their lies keep changing ……….. always a step behind the revealed truth in the matter.

    The cops with their huge resources threatened legal action against the daily blog ……… To protect the official lie of what a great police force we have. They were trying to save face .

    But the police version released to the main stream media is because they wanted to protect the victims.

    The majority of these victims were raped because of police inaction.

    If Peter Marshall and a couple of others are sacked they will just be the sacrificial lambs.

    This rape culture sickness lives and grows where power is abused.

    Abuse of power is something the present government are masters at.

    A few sackings in the police will change nothing ….. we’re living in a sick culture where decency and ordinary citizens, especially the poor are under attack.

    All this gives some context to how the national party always cuts funding to ‘rape crisis’ and other organisations who help victims of sexual abuse.

  17. You are doing nothing but making an already bad situation worse. What gives you the right to make parodies like this when the situation is a serious one and you are making a joke of it. You criticism of the situation is nothing more than one warped person trying to gain attention by saying “look at me, look at me”. These girls suffered, yes the police screwed up, but rather than criticising them, focus on the real problem, a society where we allow this sort of behaviour to happen, a society where parents are not aware of their kids actions until it is to late – why were the roast buster parents not aware of what they were doing and putting a stop to it. We have become a society that relies on government services to much and abolish ourselves of our own responsibility of looking after our children. Think about that for a while and get of your high horse!

  18. I think you have made the correct decision in not backing down to pressure from ngati poaka which has no place in a supposed democracy that claims to live by the rule of law.

  19. The second considered response ( has it stopped spinning yet?) only serves to underscore one thing . . . that this rabid sexist Police culture is badly letting down our finer well motivated Police Officers. What the hell must they be thinking? . . . career change?

  20. Well, it so “transpired” that, by pure “coincidence”, one of the suspected “Roastbuster” members, was the SON OF A POLICE OFFICER. Well, ahem, well, ahem, what would you expect us to think, of all these cop out stories, yes, “cop out” stories, not “cop stories”?

    I feel you guys again show your hypocrisy, and I know so many, so many, who are sharing their stories with me, what happened to them, and which adds to what I once or a few times actually, went through, with NZ Police.

    You guys need to sort your house out, get some real “boss”, that is not the gloss over buddy that covers all failings and mis-behaviour up, we are waiting for you to become “citizens in uniform”!

    Or is that asked for too much? I have respect for some police officers, who have shown to me to be responsible and professional, but sadly, I myself, have had some appalling treatment by police, also in incidents where I just exercised or used my democratic right to protest. It was NOT NICE, being punched up in a cell once, while in cuffs, for some bizarre charge never proved. It was NOT NICE to have someone accuse me for something I never did, and you guys even tried to lie and bend the rules to “convict” me.

    Those “scars” I experienced as a “whitey” (yes, not a Polynesian or others you like to pick on), they will be remembered forever!

    Shape up, clean up and get honest, dear boys in blue!

    • Watch out Marc, the will come and get ya, I too as a white male have been the victim of the mainly Auckland police bullying charged on trumped up bullshit only for it to all come undone when put before a court and the police prosecuters begging almost that I plead guilty to a lesser charge only for us to happily defend the original charge and show them up for the lying arseholes they can be.
      High time for a truly independent prosecution team so that the police have to put forward actual evidence before people are charged and therefore are not able to criminalize the innocent with impunity.

  21. I am a Police detective not in your country but in NL…I read this story about the police waiting for 2 years before they even start the investigation…I do rape cases when I wait 2 years before starting the investigation…I would have been dismissed say 1 year and 11 months after the first by reading this …
    and I read other things about your Police..I think your Police is a disgrace…

  22. Police.
    Threatening “Blog Editors”..???

    Reality Check-


    Unless you have a personal involvement in this case, Martyn,


    = No. 1 .NZ POLICE are Overreaching their Powers.

    This is clearly a warning sign (Red Alert,),
    .. that in NZ , the role of Police ( =another Bureaucratic Institution) is overdue for revue.


    I think it is time for all NEW ZEALANDERS to review ALL the “Bureaucratic Structures, that presently govern us.
    (Bureaucratic = People behind Desks=.Severely limited)

    All bureaucratic structures become dysfunctional over time.

    (NZ POLICE is such an example.)

    It is imperative, to hold a general Public referendum, as per common expectations of Service.

    For Example, here,
    THE Police are SUPPOSED to Serve the PEOPLE
    .= NOT THREATEN the public!!
    (as what happened to you Martyn. Simply for expressing your opinion.)

    So WHEN Are We ( the Public) going to review/ correct the Rules?

    I feel like screaming: F.F.S !!!

    WE are supposed to be monitoring, our SYSTEM
    We People.
    Citizens of a Nation called NEW ZEALAND. Aren’t we supposed to be in charge? Why feel outrage?

    Quit defaulting!
    Quit just ” commenting”.
    Leaving “others” in charge .
    They may not be up to it. (They might be too much of “one ilk”, one limited mindset, =not good for Balance)

    When too many things happening, eg Mass Surveillance,..+ Police having TOO MUCH POWER…that is CONTRA to what we know/feel is right,
    Quit just Commenting. Quit allowing things to continue.
    Quit just allowing. To be ruled. Not supposed to be that way!

    IT MEANS TIME to REVIEW! Quit feeling outrage , and just CORRECT.

    Conduct a citizens referendum (s) independently from “the Media” which you already know is False/ bought.

    Why??(naive Q) do we let things continue wrong when we know they are wrong??
    Is it because we defer to “higher ups” even when we know they’re off beam?
    _(And -What does this say about People?)

  23. Ive been sharing this on my own and my friends facebook pages! Now I cannot view any of the facebook pages I posted the blog to! And I am in Buenos Aires. Given their stance on your blog and their threats to have you arrested, I find this a very big coincidence. First hand experience of the GCSB bill right here!!

  24. Funny how the NZ police took years to acknowledge the admitted activities of serial rapists until the news exposed it, but they took less than 24 hours to threaten anyone who dare say a negative thing about them. It sure does show where their priorities are. If the NZ police want to be taken seriously, they will pursue justice for the victims of the Rostbusters before ever thinking of threatening a blogger who is just exposing the truth of what everyone else thinks.

  25. NZ Police: concentrate on catching crims and you will avoid the criticism. Prosecuting Heroes and Bloggers and letting crims off further confirms my theory of “Farming Criminals” to grow your industry.

  26. I love you for this – thank you from me and my family who are in disbelief and rage over the pathetic police in New Zealand.

  27. One of the common reactionary responses to reasonable calls for the abolition of the police is “won’t crime get out of control without police to enforce the law?” When the police are regularly before the courts, when coroners’ reports lay condemnation upon not only the failure of police to follow their own procedures, but on the inadequacy of the procedures themselves, hasn’t the evidence been stacking up that the police are in the vanguard of the crime industry? Tools of the State? Yes. Oppressors of the poorest and least able to defend themselves? Yes. Keepers of order? Emphatically not.

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