BREAKING: Police threaten Daily Blog editor with 6months imprisonment & $5000 fine for parodying their Roast Buster Rape inaction


The Daily Blog has had to censor this image due to threats of imprisonment by NZ Police

At 12.57pm today I was contacted by Campbell Moore from NZ Police Public Affairs threatening me with 6months imprisonment and $5000 fine for parodying their Roast Buster Rape inaction.

We have been forced by this threat to censor the parody and believe this is a woeful action by a Police Department under immense pressure to justify their sexist inaction of sex attacks against women that this blog has been highly critical of.

The irony is not lost on me that if I had been bragging about rape, I wouldn’t be arrested, but parodying the inaction of the NZ Police sees me threatened with 6months imprisonment and a fine of $5000.

I find their bullying to be extra disgusting in light of my current complaint against them with IPCA over their bullying and threats that led to the suicide of medicinal cannabis activist, Stephen McIntyre.

I would have thought the NZ Police would be more focused on prosecuting rapists than threatening blog editors with imprisonment for parodying their appalling inaction.

I thought wrong.


    • Ignore them. Put it straight back up. Freedom of Speech is a guaranteed human right under the Bill of Rights Act. Do not be bullied by these thugs who like to threaten people who speak up. If they think their uniform makes them above the law let them realise it doesn’t, by putting your parody straight back up.

      • They’d probably just invoke Judith Collins’ free-speech chilling cyber-bullying law. Can’t be going around hurting the coppers’ fee-fees now.

      • @ Rosie


        Ignore them Bomber. They’re bastards when they want to be. Twenty years ago I had cause to approach the police about a serious case of harassment and intimidation. I expected them to conduct an inquiry. Instead they did nothing. I suspect they ran for cover because there was a “political” aspect to the story. For a long time afterwards it was occasionally followed up with some puerile behaviour (always involving a police patrol car) which I took to be intimidatory.

        The only way to beat them is to play them at their own game. You’ll get plenty of support. Put it back up.


        The new cyber – bully law is another form of this as well .. tis a known fact that a person bellowing about any violent act gets caught …. Now texting wars that most vent by are now jailable or fined huge amounts …. the coffers be re-filled with this move

      • By the way did they tell you what the charge would be, and under what enactment the offence is listed? There are 3 arms of Government in our system, the Executive ( PM and the Ministers of the Crown) , Parliament and Courts. The police are part of the Court’s system, the enforcers. Each of the arms is not supposed to interfere with the other 2, but Parliament is supreme- that is why when the PM as part of the Executive says “we’ll just pass a law” to do what ever he thinks will be convenient for him he cannot do so with out Parliament. In this case the Police cannot arrest you for anything that is not in a Statute – Parliament makes passes Statutes as Acts of Parliament.

  1. Welcome to my life. Apparently its fine to rape and steel money off the poor, but our words get a reaction like this. Who are the police (civil servants) working for. Not the average kiwi taxpayer that’s for sure. If I am in court I need to show remorse, however our supposed good guys that our children are meant to look up to use bully tactics, manipulation, and threats of freedom.

    • Yes and that’s just the stuff we know about. I have experienced treatment from them that was ethically (in a professional sense) wrong. As much as I wanted this cop punished, the thought of complaining to the Independent (are they joking!!) Police Authority was a joke. I mean they just found nothing to answer to in the case of the 17 yr old who they shot 12 or 15 times!! Really!!?? Yes he had a knife but there was more than one of them. Isn’t that what tasers are for? Nevertheless they peppered him with bullets. BUT the IPA let the boys off. If I was his mother that would have broken my heart all over again. They are beginning to look like the bullies they are.

      • Someone like you always needs to take it too far. There’s a large difference between the sillyness of the police taking more action against a blog owner than bragging rapists and police officers shooting someone who is threatening them with a knife. Threatening armed police with a knife is nothing more than asking for death.

  2. Checked this with a lawyer? IANAL, but my interpretation is that being an obvious parody, means that the condition “in a manner likely to lead a person to believe that the activity is endorsed or authorised by the Police or any part of the Police” is not met.

    Also, It says imprisonment *or* a fine, not both.

  3. Er, The officer has made several serious errors in law.

    That section relates to the prevention of impersonation by individuals or companies.


    1). The daily blog is not a person, it’s a organisation. The fine is much larger and prison is not relevant.

    2). The section does not relate to a comical parody as no attempt is being made to present a official link between the two organisations. Can’t say with certainty as haven’t seen it, but I’m guessing it was poorly done, ergo, no confusion.

    3). you can simply get around their issue by providing clear notice that you are no way affiliated with their organisation, and are merely mocking them because they deserve it.

    • oh, you missed this…

      The Streisand effect
      Go look it up.

      Dear police: This image is posted for the purposes of political criticism and satire. If you don’t like it, tough – we have freedom of speech in this country, and you’ll need a better law than the one you threatened Bomber with to get me to take it down.

  4. Put it back up and simply put a disclaimer down the bottom stating ‘this is a satirical spoof, not endorse in any way by the NZ Police’, going by that law that they’ve quoted you, you will be fine. They wouldn’t have a leg to stand on. PS. I’m not a lawyer, but simply being rational based on the wording of that legislation

  5. Looking at the act, it sounds like it’s fine to use the term pigs, as that’s not pretending to be official. So next time…………

  6. Email me if you want a brief legal opinion prepared free of charge. I’d even consider a letter to the Police stressing that such bullying is deplorable. Freedom of expression is an important tool in holding the state to task, when it fails to meet societies expectations. They don’t get to silence people just because it’s embarrassing….

  7. This sounds a bit ridiculous. What was the charge? I don’t understand why you believe the cops can determine what the penalty would be when you haven’t been charged with a crime. Why didn’t you just ignore the cops?

  8. This is really scary – I am moving back from Campbell Newman’s police-state Queensland to the new police state of New Zealand?(maybe not so new?)

    • And I am planning to move back from Europe with my family in tow… Ive teenage sons and daughters .. Im concerned about NZ being the top of this list –>
      The police have got to step up to the plate, stop fannying about and take ‘honest’ unabated control of the rape situation in NZ. As for the young men who think they can get away with this (well known actors sons or not) there needs to be a grass roots re-educating of values headed by the govt… Its seriously disgusting that NZ head that list on the link I posted

  9. Wow!
    These mongrels (the 5.0 , the boys in blue ,the army of the rich-the enemy of the poor) need to be held to task in a very big and profound way.
    I have had my fair share of run in’s with them in my life. Both good and bad.
    But this is rediculous!
    How dare they silence us! in a free and democratic (sic) nation!
    oh wait? They can now eh? Cheers national.
    Never mind the bollocks! Poster the town with this image! lets show them how media of the people ,by the people works!
    Solidarity! Viva the 4th estate!

  10. with the involvement of a son of a policeman it is no wonder that this has been kept quiet ,just like daddy when he grows up . Little point putting this with the IPCA even though its the system with their record of supporting the police .Pack rape is a NZ police habit by the looks .

  11. could you please send the offending video to my email and i will share it all over the internet nothing the can do to stop it once its been shared around on facebook

  12. I saw the parody earlier and thought it was appropriate, reflecting the “rape is OK” culture our law enforcement institution is conveying at present!

    The police are feeling the heat now, due to their own negligence in not doing their job in respect of lack of positive action on under age rape victims’ complaints. So what better target to go for than an intelligent, alternative blog site’s editor, who dares to report the situation, interpreting it as it seems. It’s called vindictiveness!

    Hang in there Martyn, you are doing a great job, against the biased right wing mainstream media outlets, working on behalf of the power and policy brokers of the establishment!

    Be interesting to know who brought police attention to this issue in TDB, in the first place!

  13. I can’t see how they’d get a conviction on that. I can see how they’d try. It’s obviously much, much more important than acting on the repeated rape of little kids. In their sick minds, anyway.

    PS Despite your outrageous slanders against baby boomers, if ngati poaka do charge you on this matter, I will contribute to a legal defence.

  14. It’s obvious this whole thing in West Auckland has touched a raw nerve
    with the police from Minister down to the plodder on the beat. However, censoring a parody about? And the threats if it’s not withdrawn? Now I won’t be able to judge it for myself as a free citizen. This act does not make a botch up any better and in fact calls for some censure by the top brass.

  15. Not having seen the image you put up, and not being any legal expert, it is hard to judge, but to the lay person the officer who threatened you with such over the top draconian charges, looks to have over reached himself. Maybe you could lay a complaint with the IPCA.

  16. For parodying them at this time?! Wow! you touched a nerve!! Did you take notes of the exact wording? Is this worthy of an IPCA complaint? (seriously!)

    Or is your excuse that you just couldn’t stop yourself when you saw what they were wearing?!

  17. Is this actually true? How can the reading public be sure that “Campbell Moore from NZ Police Public Affairs” actually threatened this? At the moment we have your word that it happened and no word from Campbell Moore either way. I’m unwilling to commit on this amount of information on validity. Is there a way to increase evidence/validity checking?
    Is it possible for someone or a corporation to be prosecuted and, if found guilty, subject to these penalties? What law would apply?

    • I was contacted via email – I have the email, it is Campbell Moore from NZ Police Public Affairs. I have his email, he pointed out that I was in breach of the law in regards to the parody – he linked to the parody and then he linked to the penalties I faced – either 6months in prison or a $5000 fine.

      • If Public Affairs think they can wrongly attack influential bloggers they are not very good at their jobs. They don’t seem to have moaned about Russell Brown yet. Is he next? His blog has 472 mostly stroppy comments about the police. I think sackings of senior police are in order in the next few days, at least for not keeping their bosses informed.

        “The General Manager of [NZ Police] Public Affairs is Karen Jones. Before joining Police in February 2013, Karen was Head of Communications and Government Relations for NZ Lotteries, a senior executive-level position she held since 2007.”

        Lotteries! What a joke. That is completely useless experience.

    • Yeah it’s a conspiracy.
      As for your ‘commitment’, please tell us – what were you planning to do, when you find out that they’re not being dishonest for you for nefarious ad unpatriotic reasons? What’s your ‘commitment’?

  18. I have no faith in the police as it is, but saying you cld go to jail and not this swine is just fucked up! Common NZ police get it the fuck together!!!!

  19. If there was a way to share with you the risks, dude, I too would suggest defying the police on this. It might be an idea to get a legal opinion first though!

    Although in my view the poster is legitimate ‘free speech’, it might be a bit of a stretch to call it parody. It is satire. Satire has a long history and legitimacy in taking to task excesses of power; and the Police have no business threatening authors of satire, not even when they are the topic of it.

    That the Police are becoming regarded as ‘just another gang’ ought to be of serious concern to that organisation.

    Speaking of which, a few years ago, our front gate was a crime scene. Arriving home late one Saturday night, my wife found a woman’s handbag and contents strewn around footpath. Clearly something had happened – this was private property (ours) and well off the street. We called the bogies: not interested. The best they could suggest was that we (I am not making this up) collect the stuff and bring it in. We took some photos as well.

    Next morning (Sunday) we took the stuff in, answered a few questions, but what really got the bogies interested was the young lady herself turning up with a complaint, and recognising the stuff we had brought in. Once they were interested, the Police were fine – they eventually got a confession and a conviction from the dude responsible.

    When my daughter some months later had her car smeared by a careless person in an urban tank going through a STOP sign without STOPping, the Police got to the heart of the matter and handled the thing with decision and dispatch – most impressive.

    From what I have seen, the Police Force are like the little girl: when she is good, she is very, very good; but when she is bad, she is horrible.

  20. UNBELIEVABLE! So let me get this straight: the police seem to have difficulty with reading, understanding & following Section 134 (Sexual conduct with young person under 16) of the Crimes Act – which states specifically that you are liable for imprisonment if you even attempt to have sex with a child under the age of 16, yet have no problems reading, understanding & applying law that apparently prevents anyone parodying their BS recruitment ads?
    Good to know their priorities are sorted.

  21. I wonder if we’ll hear from Sensible Sentencing et al regarding the Roast Busters. Perhaps they aren’t too bothered about rape.

  22. They know they’d never get a hearing much less a conviction based on that parody – it’s clear to anyone intelligence exceeding that of an amoeba it’s not “in a manner likely to lead a person to believe that the activity is endorsed or authorised by the Police or any part of the Police”. Who do they think they’re kidding. Grow a pair and put it back up.

  23. In my personal experience verbal attacks on Facebook that included inciting others to rape me (with chainsaws) to run my children and grandchildren down in the street, to burn my house down and for me to commit suicide were ignored by the NZ Police.
    My home address and that of family members was published. The police ‘investigated’ for more than a year and decided no crime was committed. The page remains on Facebook.
    The police office who investigated, Matthew Welch, Detective G563, Adult Sexual Assault Team found no wrongdoing and no action to be taken, not even the removal of the facebook page. Det. Welch has remained steadfastly indifferent to pleas for help and support. How is his attitude and his finding possible, except in a culture of institutional indifference and victim shame and blame?

    • maybe nows a good time to email campbell live with your story, & cc to jacinda ardern. more of these stories need to come to light.

  24. I am SHOCKED! Actually stunned! I feel I shouldnt be…. Once I needed the police and they JUST WEREN’T FUCKING THERE, at age 10….I discovered I could NOT trust the men in blue… But somewhere in my heart…I guess i STILL THOUGHT MAAAAAAAAYBE they would be there to protect me if i needed it… I guess I understood better when I was 10.

    • ditto, raped 2x, would never bother going to police, because Im not a confirmed virgin daughter of a police commissioner.

  25. Chief Wiggum: Alright smart guy, where’s the fire?
    Homer Simpson: Over there.
    [Homer points to a fire at the police station]
    Chief Wiggum: Okay, you just bought yourself a 317, pointing out police stupidity… Or is that a 314? Nah nah, 314 is a dog uh, in, no or is that a 315?… You’re in trouble pal.

  26. I think the “parody” would be found offensive and upsetting by most serving female police officers. Looking at it from the point of view of a decent cop, it is disgusting.

    • @ JEREMY:
      You find it disgusting, therefore you’re OK with police threats to arrest the guy for impersonating police?
      Are you serious? Do you really think that is how a civilized society ought to work? ‘You hurt my feelings – six months prison for you!’…
      I wish I could say that attitudes like yours are unbelievable – sadly, they’re rather common, in a world where authoritarian fetishism is now a legitimate passion of people in right wing politics.
      Guess what, Jeremy: good police will understand the frustration of the public. ESPECIALLY women police. I’d imagine they’d find the boys-will-be-boys culture of police management rather more disgusting than a parody poster. And good police would likely also find this kind of threat extremely offensive.
      Though I’m sure you and your psychic skills know better.

      • Cinesimon: yes, I am serious. I found the poster offensive and in poor taste. This is not attitude, it is opinion. I have no comment on anything else you wrote.

        • So in other words, you think the poster is more of a serious issue than the issue itself.
          Jeremy, you are a very unwell person.

          • > So in other words, you think the poster is more of a serious issue than the issue itself.

            I didn’t say anything about relative importance. You are just inventing things you think I might have said or implied.

            I am a very unwell person?! Good grief mate, good grief!

            • Jeremy – part of its point is to make whom it is aimed at to feel offended and angry. Its intent is to sting: and sting it clearly has. It is an expression of its author’s dismay and increasing distrust in Police as a crime prevention service and preserver of law and order.

              That the public at large is becoming increasingly disillusioned with its Police Force has to be of serious concern to the Force. I guess it is too much to suppose police officers will be some of ‘Us’, but they are rapidly being seen as representing ‘Them’.

              • Yes, I think that’s a fair summation. My first impression of the concept and especially the graphic artwork was good. Then I realised that anybody who has been touched by rape is going to be a bit nauseated and possibly angered. The high level of emotionality displayed by some in this discussion shows that feelings run high when the reality of rape is bandied about with so much vigor.
                A few Kiwi education professionals, military professionals, sports professionals have raped/or sexually abused recently, as we all know. But they are not easy meat (unable to defend themselves. Only high-wanking spokespeople are allowed to defend the 15,000 kiwis (minus bad apples) in blue uniforms, or those retired having been maimed…

      • > Are you serious? Do you really think that is how a civilized society ought to work? ‘You hurt my feelings – six months prison for you!

        Um, isn’t that what started this? You hurt my feelings? Roast Busters? There has only been ONE complaint, from ONE verified underage girl – so far anyway. The rest of them that we know about were willing and knew what was happening. So they said anyway. And the 13 year old was scared and was nearly raped, but didn’t actually get ‘raped’ was my understanding. Was I wrong about that? The Herald said “It was Joseph, she says, who eventually stopped it. “He said, ‘Beraiah get off her or you’ll be done for rape.'”

        So yes, if you hurt my feelings, 6 months is as good a place as any to start. If its good for the goose…

    • Interesting speculation, Jeremy. If the female police officers are feeling upset or disgusted I would speculate a lot of it has to do with the lack of appropriate action on the part of their male colleagues.

        • So your logic goes like this “job and uniform greater than raising awareness of poor police work regarding the rape of underage girls”….wow you really need to reflect on what you’re trying to say.

          • This is quite ridiculous! I posted an opinion on the poster. In return, I am informed about my attitude, logic and psychic ability. This is most ridiculous!

            • Jeremy, you did not merely post an opinion about the poster. Either you’re dishonest, or mentally impaired. Maybe you ought to try reading what you wrote.
              You approvingly speculated that police prioritize pride in uniform and job before the job itself, and you also chose to represent the views of women police officers – approvingly suggesting that they would find the poster offensive and disgusting, and implying rather overtly that the issue itself – child rape and the police’ extremely offensive unwillingness in trying to stop it. Therefore, threats against public commentary regarding bad policing? Quite OK. Because police’ hurt feelings are far more important than freedom of speech. Let alone child rape.

        • You have no idea what the actual job entails, do you kiddo?
          You know we’re talking about actual police officers, don’t you? You know their job is not symbolic, as you bizarrely seem to think it is?

          • > You have no idea what the actual job entails, do you kiddo?

            Jeez mate! It is my respect for one particularr female senior sergeant that motivated me to write this – somebody I have admired since school.

            • Cinesimon: YoU wrote this:

              > You approvingly speculated that police prioritize pride in uniform and job before the job itself

              How on earth do you figure that?! I don’t like having to give it to you straight Cinesimon, but it appears to me that you’re an idiot. You called me “kiddo” and said you’d be surprised if I knew anything about Police work. I would be surprised if you were older than I, or hae been arrested and convicted more timese.

  27. It’s a common pattern. When you have corruption in governments, you eventually end up with corruption in the police. Like strawberries and cream

  28. I saw you post it this morning and now its been copied a zillion times and is all over my newsfeed. Just because you can’t post it doesn’t mean hundreds of other people haven’t. Silly pigs. When something has gone to the internet it can never be taken back LOL!

  29. Typical, they threaten you because it’s easy – winning a case chasing rapists is put in the “too hard” basket. Its the same when they get powers to deal with gangs etc and they use those powers to bully small time people. If they don’t want to be ridiculed, they should work hard at their image. Don’t get me wrong, there are some damn fine individual police officers out there and they do a great job. There seems a real culture of arrogance in the force however. That was highlighted at the funeral for Bruce Hutton earlier this year. This was the guy that was by a Royal Commission to have planted evidence to frame Arthur Alan Thomas. The police turned out for their own and praised him when he probably should have been prosecuted and sacked from the force. If any police officer or judge tried that shit with my family, I’d consider having them publicly flogged. They can feel free to threaten ME if they like but at the end of the day I’m only interested in the law when justice is achieved. The law and justice are two very different things these days it seems.

    • The police turned out for their own and praised him when he probably should have been prosecuted and sacked from the force. –

      It’s much worse, Hutton got a medal pinned to his proud chest specifically for his hard work on the Crewe case.

      And it’s still shiny in police eyes.

  30. Oooh . Push meets shove .
    Well done you Martyn for pushing the boundaries . It’s irrelevant about what you’re pushing . It’s now about censorship . The police once explained to me that they were charged with defending the status quo no matter the status quo .

    If the government was a neo nazi , baby eating , storm trooping , murderous gang of political mass murderers , the police would enforce their laws .

    If by contrast the government was a close knit group of sock darners and kitten washers with hug fetishes , the same would apply .

    If this is how the police intend to police , then this is what the government is .

    Think of the cops as automatons . Unthinking , unstoppable and without conscience or remorse . You might argue , the police are the product of our carelessness .

    Worried yet ?

  31. That law is excluding the police from any wrong doing even ‘if’ by their inaction and Laissez-faire attitude they have facilitated in the rise of rape and the acceptance of the roast buster gang… If this is the case, and its proved that the police have knowingly turned a blind eye, they too are complicit and any law that stands surely wont protect them from being labelled ‘accomplice’ or ‘accessory’ to the said crime..

  32. […] Gareth Hughes via Simon Buckingham The Police should google the Streisand effect and focus on doing their job protecting the people of NZ. The real threat facing us is the Roast Busters not Martyn Bradbury If anybody in this country is reducing public confidence in the Police, it is the Police. via Facebook… […]

  33. When committing a crime, Ignorance of the law is no excuse. We have a Prime Minister who commits a crime, pleads ignorance, is not charged. he then changes the law to make his felonies legal.Never mind the Police we have corruption at the highest levels.

  34. There is no state revenue in busting a rape gang, no statute laws to levy fines against – It will actually ‘cost’ the state in court and jail time… police are not policemen anymore they are police officers (revenue collectors)

  35. So: the police can’t prosecute a group of gang rapists, and won’t prosecute GCSB officers over the Kim Dotcom affair – even though they broke the law – yet they threaten to prosecute a blogger over a parody.

    Good grief! Is it possible for the police to look any sillier than they already do? Put the damn thing back up, Martyn.

    Dear police: you’re in a hole, do please stop digging.

  36. Keep up your good work Martyn. Our daughter was victim of gang rape when she was 14, by the St John ambulance gang whose modus operandi was exactly the same as the Roast Buster gang. Authorities gagged us and then tried to imprison us for talking about it. There are powerful forces in NZ who want to suppress all information about under age sex crimes, and threaten those who speak with imprisonment. I believe the day will come when there will be a proper Royal Commission of Enquiry into these matters, and we will have a venue for justice to expose those who support and cover up for paedophiles.

  37. You failed to mention that you used the likeness of an actual police officer, a female officer at that, and then branded her as a supporter of rape and an actual rapist.

    I found this out as I posted it to my page and got some responses from people who know that particular officer from the community, all with good things to say about her. After this I removed it I see no need to defame the character of a hard working police officer to target the ones who are not.

    Now if you made a generic face for the image it would be a different story (C’mon that’s 101 stuff.)

  38. Change the ferns into lilacs on the logo by deleting the blue spaces between the leaves of the fern – it is no longer the Police logo. The police wouldn’t use lilacs, surely. Change the checks on shoulders and hat to a white band, and delete the “I” between the “L” and the “C”. It is no longer a police uniform as it no longer contains their name and no longer contains their logo or badge. As the image no longer contains their logo or uniform, it is no longer in breach of the said section, but is a recognised form of satire and political parody, protected as free speech under BORA.

    If you are 17 and have sex with a 13 year old, it is classed as rape. If you stupefy any person (regardless of age) and have sex with them, it is classed as rape.

    One of the guys in the Roast busters is the son of a senior patched member of the police. The police are on record as saying this has had no effect on them not investigating earlier. I’m wondering is a bottle of Tui goes with that claim.

  39. Police misconduct. Get a lawyer, file a lawsuit. If you file a lawsuit, a newspaper will run a story on it, and that will get the attention of the World.

  40. While I find it impossible to believe that in a country like New Zealand, you could actually face such sanctions, I don’t blame you a bit for taking it down. Put it back up and you’ll get pulled over tomorrow and be more surprised than the cops when they find drugs in your car.

  41. The light needs to be shone on the bad …… and the good.

    And the bad need to be cut out like rot.

    But they wont do it themselves as their continual re-election of ex- undercover Greg o’connor as the head of their association shows.

  42. I take it from all the comments about Police not prosecuting already and that they basically condone and ignore rape, that you people have seen the evidence and can clearly see it would get a conviction and is so airtight that a defence lawyer wouldn’t be able to get it thrown out?

    • I think the issue is that police could have stopped this 2 years ago, even without a conviction. They could have tracked perpetrators, warned girls (bet they warned their own daughters), scared boys straight. If they can harass drug users and political activists, why don’t they harass rapists?

  43. There is a sick culture within the nz police.

    And it always gets worse under national as they lead by example in breaking rules and their contempt for ordinary citizens rights. Ex-tax lawyer crusher collins was a borderline corrupt police minister and between her and Tolly the dogs they let of the leash are shitting all over the place.

    Police rape culture and sexual abuse was publicly exposed by the deeds of Clint Rikards and his charming gang raping fellow police officers.

    We only got to see the tip of the iceberg of how bad things were in the following Commission of Inquiry into police conduct. The police association and their president fought the Inquiry and it was all about damage control for them. Rapist pick their victims and with police targeting people like criminals and street kids only a small tiny fraction of those abused by police ever came forward.

    The disturbing thing about Rikards is that he was recruited into the police after being expelled from school for a serious assault on his teacher. He was a criminal thug.

    And then while abuseing woman with his police buddies he was FAST TRACKED up through the police ranks

    Another senior cop, the Hamilton area commander of a few years ago who was found not guilty of raping a fellow police woman when they were young cops . I bet she still thinks it was rape though.

    Or the present Hamilton area commander who thought a 12 year old girl was ‘up for it ‘ in the sexual assault against her

    Or the Wellington detective sent over to clear a back log of child abuse cases in the Waiarapa who hid most of the files and claimed the back log was cleared. He’s since been promoted to a senior role in Auckland, perhaps he was handling this present non-investigation of rape ?.

    But the really disturbing thing to me is WHO keeps promoting these creeps ? .

    Why do the bad ones get promoted ?. Why do the police as a whole keep re-electing greg o’connor to represent them?

    Those who abuse power are drawn to positions of power.

    I’ve often thought some-one needs to do a NZ ‘ good cop, bad cop’ face book page or website. Maybe even a daily blog collum or section ?.

    Because there are good cops and they should be acknowledged and hopefully promoted.

    The bad cops of course should be fired, but failing that naming them and their deeds on the web should kill their promotion prospects.

    The culture, rape or otherwise of the NZ police needs to change.

    Encourage the good ………… Expose and condemn the bad

    • Excellent.

      But also, isn’t there also a culture of rape in Rugby, Farming and the Military in NZ. It could be said that New Zealand has a culture of rape.

      • I dunno where you get the idea that there is a culture of rape in the military. I cant speak for rugby or farming, but during my years in the army most of the guys would kick the shit out of a rapest if they met one.

  44. this morning on Radio NZ claims that two of the girls have commented that a policeman’s son is involved . How many notches has he on his belt and do they help him follow daddy into the force ?

  45. Finally the word is out about the police attitude toward rape.

    My ex raped a young woman who subsequently committed suicide leaving a 2yo daughter behind. He admitted to me what he did and police admitted that what I told them concurred with her statement.

    They also know of two other rapes committed by him and other acts of perversion. They have chosen not to take the matter further.

    At the time of the offense, a detective told him that he was “a lucky boy” as she had cried wolf once before and let my ex walk.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought guilt or innocence should be decided in a court of law, not by a jumped-up detective with an attitude problem.

  46. Let us go further, and raise issues also with the IPCA, the Independent Police Conduct Authority, the “poodle” when it comes to “investigations”, as most go straight back to the police! Yes, that is true, it is mostly the police “investigate” their own actions, and that is what NZ is like, it is a bizarre joking stock when compared to many other developed countries!

    The IPCA maybe headed by a judge, but the staff, the usual processes, they have not changed, and under the Act they leave most “investigations” to the police, to “investigate” their own colleagues. Now how bloody “independent” is that?

    So Judith Collins thinks she has done us all a “favour” and her “duty” to hand the matter re non prosecution and issues with the “Roastbuster” scandal to the IPCA. Hey, you gotta be laughing, how dumb the majority of the public are, to believe this will “solve” anything. She knows full well what goes on, and only if there is irrefutable evidence, will the IPCA see a need to take action.

    Even if they see fault with the cops, they will only get a “soft” warning, none else, as that is what usually happens.

    I have dealt with those useless jerks, I dealt with other Commissioners and whatever they call them, and the Health and Disability Commissioner is yet another one, deserving scrutiny, and they are all “rotten”, in some ways “corrupt”, they have been appointed as part of the “old boys network”, to keep the most trouble about things out of the courts, and to save the government money, and to protect the professionals they are actually supposed to keep in check.

    That is the bloody truth about it all, dear NZers, that is how your country is run, and it is time to call it “basta”, and to stop this, and to hold them accountable, same as a government that also is busy keeping the system of manipulation and suppression working.

    Enough is enough, thank you!!!

  47. Please don’t play up the angle of you being a victim of police censorship. It diminishes the focus on victims of rape which is where the real focus should be. Accountability from the cops of their inaction, and of the perpetrators.

  48. Do you actually have evidence that you were threatened by the police?, I would have thought you would have included it in your post if you had!

    Not just links to the Policing Act, and some other guys blog

    • Of course – I have the email they sent me at 12.57pm where they link to the parody, ask for it to be removed and they link through to the Policing Act with its 6months sentence.

      If you are claiming that the Police did not in fact contact me – why did they tell APNZ that they did Adam?

  49. The police do more to belittle themselves in the public eye than your parody will ever do. Time for a total cleanout of police management.

  50. Revenue Collectors,….thats what Nz has rapidly become in this area, even in Parody, they try to make money out of it, forget to put driving glasses on , $$$$ further coats their pockets, speed cameras , everywhere, …what happened to the day when they targeted the real speedsters, now it’s work to a Quota !!!

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