First rule of Roast Buster rape club


Ohhhhh – one was the son of a cop, the other the son of a well known entertainer – now we know why Roastbuster rape club wasn’t closed down.

First rule of Roast Buster rape club – the Police will monitor your rape bragging and get around to doing something, possibly in the future. Maybe.

The stats of 1 in every 10 woman being raped taking the case to the Police and of those only a tiny fraction ending in a conviction are a horrific social wound that never seems to be seriously challenged. When rape culture has led to an inability to tell the difference between lad magazines and statements of actual rapists, these ‘Roast Busters’ are the result.

Such malformed, malicious and misogynistic behavior led to these young men to boast and brag about their rape and their behavior we can be sickened by, but the Police who seem utterly unable to lift a finger against the son of one of their own demands some serious questions.

We know from the sado-masochistic ritualistic pack rapes from within the Police culture that the NZ Police have a terrible history of this sort of misogyny and one can’t help but wonder if this case was left alone because it was filed under ‘boys will be boys’. When Dame Margaret Bazely investigated the sado-masochistic ritualistic pack rape culture within the NZ Police she found many internal changes difficult to address without externally forcing those culture changes upon the cops.

Sanctimonious prick of the year award had to go last year to Police Cheerleader Greg O’Connor who described the October 2012 update report into the Police culture of sexism as ‘ritual humiliation’ of the NZ Police force.

When Greg claimed being held accountable for Police rape culture was ‘ritualistic humiliation’ for the Police, I blogged…

Is sexism so accepted that the Police spokesperson can seriously use that language in light of the case that brought about the report?

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No Greg, I don’t think the report into the sado-maschistic pack rape culture of the NZ Police is a ‘ritual humiliation’, I think that’s called being held to account you crypto-fascist.

I think what happened to Louise Nicholas was ritual humiliation.

I think what happened to the woman raped by Brad Shipton, Bob Schollum and three other men at Mt Maunganui in 1989 was ritual humiliation.

I think Louise Nicholas taking her case to court three times only to be denied justice when Shipton and Schollum were already in prison for the same type of ritual humiliation pack sex attack was a ritual humiliation.

I think the Rotorua woman who claimed she was kidnapped and raped by the three of them in 1984 knows about ritual humiliation.

I think Detective John Dewar committed a ritual humiliation by covering up for his Police mates

And to top it off Greg, I think the 10 women who testified at a secret forum against the Police culture of sexual misconduct who had the hearings recommendations for compensation turned down by John Key and his Cabinet, know more about ritual humiliation than you can conceive…

Police sex witnesses denied compensation
The Government has rejected a secret forum’s recommendation that 10 women who alleged sexual misconduct by police officers get reparation. A letter obtained by The Dominion Post reveals the forum chairwoman, Wellington lawyer Rachael Brown, recommended that the Government pay “financial redress” for alleged misconduct by police officers. But the Cabinet has ignored the recommendation – angering women who spoke at the forum, including Donna Johnson, of Tauranga. Ms Johnson – who alleged convicted rapist and former Bay of Plenty detective Brad Shipton stalked her and forced her to perform oral sex – questioned why the Government bothered with the forum if its key recommendation was going to be ignored.

(Don’t you love Finlayson’s comment – “I know this decision will be disappointing. I hope that the opportunity to tell your story and be referred to additional services has been helpful,” – yeah Chris, I’m sure they loved having to recount their sexual abuse at the hands of Police only to get no acknowledgement and completely ignored).

…I’m pretty sure the 300 women Dame Margaret Bazley identified as suffering from Police sexual misconduct who weren’t able to take part in the secret forum feel they have suffered a ritual humiliation.

Not according to the Police Association dictionary.

According to Greg O’Connor, being held to account for those 300 women who were identified in Bazley’s report is a ritual humiliation.

…the Police don’t seem to have the capacity to look at rape claims as serious events because so many of their own members seem to share the exact same misogynistic tendencies.

I am suspicious that new cyber laws being promoted by the Government are all of a sudden the cure all that will allow the Police to act, if Police attitudes are part of the problem, how on earth will new powers change that?

Men need to start talking to their boys about the way they view and respect the sisters, when we live in a country that is only thinking about 50-50 gender recognition after 120 years of universal suffrage, we can all feel uneasy about how sexism is mutating to this kind of Roast Buster behavior.

It’s time that men manned up and called each other on this shit, because that’s the only way this is going to change.

Passing questionable cyber laws in wake of public disgust at ‘roast busters’ isn’t the solution – it’s Police misogyny that needs changing.


  1. I always thought the that the Police could prosecute an offender themselves if they thought it was in best public interest, even if the charges were dropped by the victim? I guess I am wrong on that one.

      • iam wondering… if police suspected these individuals of ‘underage sex’ and were ‘monitoring their facebook pages’ for .. ohh idk about 2years

        yet still jave no evidence.. seems ironic to say the least.

        here’s what should have been done.

        after receiving initial information of these alegations . A sting opperation should have been executed via a judge giving police a warrant to monitor and if needed to enter the property where the said incidents were ‘apparently occuring’ .

        police should have then setup a monitor to watch these individuals and any minors (females) entering the property would give police by clause in warrant to breach the property and essentially catch the BBQers in the act with these girls.

        theres all the evidence you need one would think. monitoring of social media should not have been the extent in which the investigation shoukd have been which is apparent
        that this is all that has really been done about this whole facade.

        honestly probably would have had these guys and this case wrapped up in the first 30days of reports of the first incident had there been some basic surveilance of the core individuals in the beginning.

        also.. has anyone in the legal sector investigated these claims of chloroform ?.. surely that is something which is easily tracked back to some place as i dont believe that.. that is a substance easily accessable to the public.. or is it?

        anyway.. think about these basic principals whoch can be found on any tv set and CSI.


    • hmm , so here we are.. Unable to Discipline our Children in fear of having our other kid’s taken away by CYPF’S..

      Forced to live in some kind of PC (Politically Correct) society which in fact is anything but really!.. I mean hey , kids are allowed to play morally WRONG games like ‘Grand Theft Auto’ which encourages Rape, Carjackings , Violence and all kinds of socially unacceptable behaviorism & that’s just one game.

      for those that are swayed by Darwinism ponder this;

      “Monkey See! , Monkey Do!”

      for those that are more spiritual ponder the words in the Bible ;

      Isaiah 3:12

      in short .. Take away our Rights to Discipline our children , make it easy for them to access ‘Stupid Games’ , get them associating with other socially inept misfits / Gang’s and see where they go..

      obviously not to Jail.. due to being too young.. so smack their bottoms lightly (tell them off) .. and allow them to ‘Do it again!’ and again.. until they get good at what they do. And pave a path for a good stint in Jail when they are of age..

      here’s some advice for the ‘Powers to Be’ .. get em the first time.. send there ass’es to some form of army-type (training facility) which teaches them how to act appropriately in public and respect their fellow man.. as well as morals in which their parents failed to pass-onto-them for 1 reason or another.

      and only let them out after they have proven themselves worthy to return to society .. (none of this 1 week P.D or 1 month corrective training) ~ which BTW only provides them with more experience in their given fields ie; Burglary , Car Theft and the likes..

      But Rather.. a Facility which ‘breaks them down’ – out of their proud states.. and teaches some basic principals in how they should live.. That is what they need.


      • maybe hold the parents accountable for the actions of their children.

        as for evidence… start with mobile phones / tablets & computers.

        Bound to find a wealth of evidence right there.

  2. If I was the labour party i might feel that taking a stand against sexism, like having a quota for women candidates, is vindicated, when you consider the rampant racism that leads to the cops doing nothing about these young guys – who admit to their crimes in video form!

    • “when you consider the rampant racism that leads to the cops doing nothing about these young guys”

      What the hell are you talking about? What has police racism got to do with this?

      As much as you might want make this a race issue and blame Pakeha and colonisation – stop and think about this a bit more before pulling out the race card again. The two members of this group of shit heads that we have seen so far aren’t Pakeha and the only two people in the media I have seen condone this disgusting behaviour are Willie Jackson and John Tamihere, if you really want to drag race into this…..

  3. I come across this all the time in family violence. A woman calls the Police because she’s being assaulted. The Police arrest the offender. Often both parties are impaired by alcohol. In the morning the Police attempt to get a statement from the woman so that they can press charges in Court with sound evidence, or at the very least a credible witness. The woman refuses to make a statement, refutes her statement, or refuses to appear in Court. The Police drop the case because they don’t believe it will stand the test of evidence in Court.

  4. You hit the nail on the head Martyn, it is rotten to the core. It is so disturbing that a bunch of grown men in positions of trust as the police, navy, army and politics end up turning into misogynistic fuck heads. Now these little fuck heads thinking they are cool playing, ‘drug a young chick pack rape then put it on the Internet’ game. Really I have seen it all now. If the stupid cops and his son watched this go on since 2011 did they get off on seeing these girls get what they think they deserved or something, (a bit of shame and humiliation for getting drugged, raped then top it off with sticking it on line?) Even though they had been targeted by this sick groups plans, this isn’t a one night stand this is premeditated deliberate set up of young girls. What’s next – gang rape of a student on a bus like the attack in India). And parents worried about young Internet bullies this is a whole new level. While I am at it, yes we need woman in parliament it is totally ridiculous that it isn’t fifty fifty as the more men you get the more misogyny and woman are not going to get in with men running the show no matter what credentials she has if she is the wrong sex (unless she is there for sex) as too many men means a gang up against woman. Unbelievable!

    • Completely agree Kate – more women in everything would mean less misogyny for sure. Most men are good men but most men are still morally neutral. They don’t possess that internal voice that dictates altruism…their ego & desire to pursue things that benefit them is often more dominant.

      Women setting the standard, laying down the expectations of what is acceptable behaviour is what will stop this – mothers parent your sons better & wives, accept nothing less than being treated with absolute respect & dignity.

      If women refuse to be treated badly then such men can’t hurt them – problem is too many women are so weak. They are afraid to be alone, to stick up for themselves in case they are left with 3 kids & a mortgage. What they don’t realise is by accepting the unacceptable they will end up in a far worse place.

  5. I couldn’t agree more: men do indeed need to start talking with their sons about respect for their – and other people’s – sisters. And men surely need to start calling each other out on misogynistic behaviour toward women.

    These young guys are acting like complete arses: where the hell are their fathers? And where is the leadership in the school it appears they all go to – or have gone to? I must say that when I first heard about this, I wondered if this was another choice production, brought to us courtesy of one of Auckland’s “elite” boys’ schools. But maybe not….

    In this household, we think that the police handling of this case – if correctly reported – is seriously creepy.

  6. I could release a video that said I killed the Kahui twins, Michael Jackson, and JFK. It doesn’t mean I did it – I’ll get investigated I’m sure but without anything else to back it up, it means nothing.

    • Be quiet Mike. Everyone knows that you don’t need any actual evidence in cases like this. A sense of moral outrage provides all the evidence any rational person needs…

  7. DO you think they got the idea from their fathers? Alcohol with a bit of a drug thrown in? Makes the victim less likely to respond to whatever is happening to them. Heard this is quite common in some circles. The victim feels ashamed but actually they were more than helped on their way by the extra ‘additives’ introduced into their drinks. An undercover cop ploy I’ve heard on the vine.

  8. I agree with all of the comments about how brutal the things done to these young women are. I don’t agree though with the character assassination of ‘police’ as a group.

    Sure some of them are mongrels….as with all sections of society….but it is unreasonable to tar them all with the same brush.

    As for the dads of the young girls who’re now talking up blaming others and vigilantism….where were YOU when your little girls needed to learn about choosing which types of boys/men to hang out with.

    • Fair crack of the whip, that’s victim blaming and it’s a huge part of rape culture. The onus needs to be on men not to rape, not on women to recognize and avoid rapists. Look at the picture at the top of this article.

      • Surely this is NOT an ideal world, so while we all pine for the landscape where a woman can jog through a park at midnight alone, in THIS world, right here…its simply poor judgement. However with that said, there is NO reason why any person ought to be harmed by any other person, regardless of gender. New Zealand has its share of violence to account for, men against men every week, men against women, women against themselves. Its endemic yet we wonder why our suicide rates are so high. Something is rotten in the two islands for sure. I just happen to think there are issues of self responsibility and accurate reporting, trust and community all to be dealt with before we see an end to this sort of attitude, the crimes this attitude perpetuates and the vigilante mentality of the suddenly shocked.

    • Nice! You sound like a nasty little misogynist yourself. That is exactly the islamic approach to rape. Men are just poor weak victims and women are wanton sluts who ask for it. NOT.!! Its been well known for years about the sick culture in the Police Force against women, even in subtle ways. I have personal experience of this. You can teach a girl everything but if someone puts something in their drink all bets are off. Shame on you!!

    • It is about trust, most people and young woman especially trust people. It is a sad day if woman need to believe every man is to be feared and mistrusted. Some men will lie to woman and the nasty ones are really great manipulators they destroy your life like a hurricane and carry on into someone else’s as if nothing touches them. They use your trust and kindness to get in, but they leave you with all the trauma and bills. If these young guys get away with this how many female lives will be knocked sideways by them in the future? Also what is this saying about normalising this behaviour? Also how many beautiful young woman are being killed by sicko egos in this country. The Roast Busters are a gang with an on line ego.

    • I think the reaction against the police is fair enough: look how far Clint Rickards got to climb the social ladder & look at what is still going on now – too many cops are being investigated for dodgy behaviour & the women are still being harassed if they dare to enter the police bar. It is changing but the problem is that the young cops joining now quite often have the same misogynistic attitude…primarily because so many men are useless fathers….regardless of demographic.

      I do think you make a fair point re the parents of the girls in particular though – they definitely need to take responsibility.

      The reality is if young women learn to discern the assholes from the good guys then we wouldn’t have any where near as much issues as what we do now.

      Few men have a strong moral compass – many claim they do, but you only have to scratch the surface & find they are all BS, so it is up to women to set the standard, to demand they are treated with respect & dignity.

      These boys are learning that women are nothing more than a piece of meat, something to conquer, to acquire. Perhaps the constant sexing up of everything plays a part, but they learn this mostly from how their fathers treat their mothers. If fathers don’t like the fact that their sons are little raping assholes then they need to look at what kind of role model they are.

      As for the girls – again, they look to see how their fathers treat their mothers.

      This & the fact that so many kids are not monitored. With so many parents working full time the kids are often given a free reign – there might be loose boundaries & the kids might appear to be good/doing well, but if you don’t connect, don’t engage properly with your kids & let the internet babysit them then you are setting yourselves & them up for a big fall. Routines, boundaries, connection with the parent is how the kids feel loved. Saying I love you & buying them the latest gadget is not enough. You must invest time. That is the currency children need most.

      And allowing your child to go onto the internet at whim without appropriate parental controls (which should always include knowing the passwords for everything) means you are allowing your child to fall victim to predators like these boys.

      • With regard to who sets the standards, I prefer not to put the onus on women: it seems to me that it’s more victim-blaming, even if not intended to be.

        The issue here is as the photo at the top of this post makes clear: men, don’t rape. Sure you have urges; don’t we all! But please exercise self-control. Many men believe that they are stronger then women in every way, and therefore uniquely qualified to rule the world. Yet the women-must-avoid-rape meme characterises men as weak and helpless prey, in thrall to their Bits and to any passing sheila. Is that really how you want to be seen, guys?

        Where men’s abilities as parents are concerned, I’ve been around a long time. When I was young, people generally stayed married to each other, and fathers were around for the long haul parenting-wise. Despite this, I can confirm that misogyny was as much of an issue then: worse, in fact. That was one of the reasons for the rise of the women’s movement: we realised that we had to take on the job of making life better for ourselves. If we’d waited for the majority of men to come on board, we’d still be waiting, to be honest.

        I do think that in the case under discussion, the proliferation of internet porn will have played a part. Pernicious material of this sort can seriously damage young men’s perceptions of sex, and women’s role in sex.

        • Merrial – in an ideal world I would like men & women to share the responsibility equally, but like you say, misogyny has not decreased so I am not sure what option there is other than really pushing women to step up & demand that men behave like men.

          The misogyny may not be as overt as say what it was 20 years ago or more as quite often the modern family does have the appearance of equality, but it still exists – people like Robin Thicke (of the Blurred Lines notoriety) are more common than not. Men & even women who believe such lyrics are harmless are the majority. There is outraged against such things & it is growing, but it is not the dominant force.

          So this coupled with the modern helicopter/moddle coddle type of parenting is I think exacerbating the kind of behaviour seen in these young rapists.

          The only way this kind of thing will stop is if men stop seeing & treating women as nothing more than a piece of meat, something to use & discard. And the only way it will start to stop is if women teach their girls they are worth more than what these young men have to offer, if they are taught to keep themselves safe, if they are given freedoms within good boundaries so that they can’t be preyed upon like this.

          And you are absolutely right about the role of internet porn – it is so easily accessible & anyone who denies the negative impact it is having on our young people has their head in the sand. It is naive & dangerous to ignore what porn does to society. There is no such thing as good porn, just the same as there is no such thing as a good cigarette.

          If given the chance men will take it, use it & abuse it – not all men, but a lot. Or at best they will be morally neutral on such topics so it is up to women to set the standards, to start demanding better for themselves & their children. To start expecting more from the men in their lives. Once men are more emotionally mature than not, once this balance shifts then yes we can put more onus on them.

          Happy healthy well adjusted & emotionally secure girls do not get into porn & they certainly don’t allow themselves to be coerced into getting drunk & having sex.

  9. Roast busters who get beat up by by victims dads & brothers deserve it
    Tauwharau ō tatau temāhine putiputi tipurana

  10. As for the arse-wipe that issued an apology, if he was truly contrite and wished to make amends then he should step up and, give the Police a detailed statement and go evidence against the rest of his fellow rapists.

  11. This issue is vile, disgusting & abhorrent beyond comprehension. The mind boggles that so many young people don’t understand what consensual sex is, that so many young girls are becoming easy prey for these predators (where the hell are their parents) & that the police seem to think it is OK to merely monitor rape for 2 years.

    I’m sorry, since when was a minor legally able to give consent to sex? They don’t need the victims to make a statement in order to press charges, they should be able to press them anyway – surely this is grounds for statutory rape at least? The idea of consensual sex with a minor is an oxymoron.

    I have to say, that out of all the stuff that is being said about this, the worst has got to be Cameron Slater comparing this – rape including that of minors – with the Len Brown scandal, & that his readers have the audacity to claim some moral high ground re online bullying. One of them was even talking about how quickly teenagers get the mob mentality….ironic given they are on a blog infested with parasitic wasps & guttersnipes.

    These boys need to be identified, charged & prosecuted as should the parents of the girls – allowing your child a free reign on the internet without the appropriate boundaries, filtering & parental controls is negligent.

      • I’ve been there, done that & fought off the swarm of parasitic wasps as much as I could, but it’s just too toxic & just so disillusioning – makes me wonder whether most people are just really really dumb. Otherwise how else can one explain such blind following of such nonsense? It’s like they think Slater is some kind of god as there is a lot of hero worship that goes on yet he is an adulterer & he stops at nothing to get ratings – the one that really turned me was when he picked on a 10 year old boy who was too big to play rugby in his own age group. But he’s not alone – The Standard seems to be the same (but obviously at the other end of the political spectrum!) & Kiwiblog seems to be increasingly filled with rabid dogs getting on their high horse too. As is the commentary on the MSM websites. This blog, while still robust, is a nice contrast!

  12. I am distracted from your point by the use of American spelling in your blog. We sadly may have dropped the rule of sensible law in this country but we have not dropped ‘u’ from our words.

  13. These law breaking ratbags have confessed to sexually violating under age girls, boasting about their anti social activities publicly via the internet. One employer has already sacked one of the trash. So why do the police have a problem arresting the low lifes?

    Police inertia in this case is unacceptable.The lack of positive action, is giving the message the issue is of little significance! Get out there, arrest the scum and take them off the streets!

    • Look, when you have the *law society* agreeing that there is insufficient evidence to proceed, it’s generally a better benchmark to go on than the ignorant rantings of a keyboard warrior.

    • Nope, it’s much easier for them to whip up the vigilante mob and bust out the pitchforks, than to actually educate themselves on the matter…

      • This is rather missing the point I fear.
        The police didn’t have to rush over and arrest them, risking a crap case being thrown out of court.
        They could, on the other hand, have put them under surveillance, knowing that potentially very serious crimes were being committed, and been ready to swoop when the next one was imminent… Or give the offenders a bloody good telling off for wasting police time and spreading malicious gossip etc etc if nothing eventuated.
        It’s the “we couldn’t do anything – our hands were tied” approach that pisses everyone off. They managed to stump up 70 grand to blast in guns at the ready for Kim Dotcom didn’t they???
        What price defending our young women?

  14. Bradbury you forgot to add what a raw deal those who have been sexually assaulted get through ACC.

    Can the offenders be ordered to take a psychiatric assessment as they are causing harm to others?

    Do the police know what the mental health act is for?

    Survivors of sexual abuse have to undertake a psychiatric assessment before they can even get an effing cent?

    • I agree with the sentiment but disagree that it should be ACC. Survivors of sexual assault & abuse – and physical assault & abuse should be able to get treatment, but through the health system as the harm was not accidental. But that’s a whole different can of worms.

      I just don’t think ACC is or should be the answer – I am sure there is a better way to give people unconditional support. And in terms of money, any funds they might be entitled to should come in the form of a sickness benefit – still say 80% of their wages if they were working at the time of the assault.

      But you are so right re the red tape they have to go through at the moment. It’s often an obstacle too much as they often have to tell their story several times which can be incredible traumatic. Also, the current system doesn’t give people the right to choose their own therapist as they can only go to ACC approved ones – therapy is very personal & it can take a few goes to find someone you connect with, who you feel you can trust.

      • Please clarify “as the harm was not accidental”

        ACC will only cover a person who has a mental injury. PTSD is not mental illness.

        What next, not covering a head injury?

        • Yes, PTSD is a mental illness; I am a psychiatrist and last time I looked, PTSD is certainly not physical. Any PTSD from trauma should be treated.

          • Rena you have identified yourself as being qualified in regard to PTSD.

            Perhaps I needed to say that the cause of PTSD is due to physical harm. You state ” PTSD is certainly not physical.”

            “PTSD develops after a terrifying ordeal that involved physical harm or the threat of physical harm.”


            Physical harm is not a disease process it is an event.

            ACC covers physical events and they call these injuries. An accident has to involve force. ACC need to wake up to how those who have been sexually assaulted are treated and processed.

      • In the UK they have a Criminal Compensation Board, it pays out millions to crime victims. Be care what you wish for. Our pathetic ACC system is very cheap.

        • I have the view that no crime is accidental. Murder and manslaughter are the worst of crimes, serious physical and sexual assault which causes life long or years of treatment is next.

          The thing which I find the most differcult to deal with regarding ACC, is historical sexual violation and rape. There can be separate incidents to deal with, the child may have been young and have dissociated, they may have disclosed the offending to an adult who dismissed the disclosure and may have been protecting the offender. The offending may have occurred prior to being covered by the 1974 ACC Act.

  15. If you’re wondering where you could channel your justifiable rage and despair after reading about this “Roast Busters” rape club, consider writing to your school/University/MP to ask them to consider implementing the highly successful “Don’t Be That Guy” campaign.

    A series of posters aimed at those responsible for rapes: the men and boys who choose to do so, the campaign was so successful that Vancouver had a 10% drop in sexual assaults after it ran in 2011.

    Getting angry at these idiots is natural. The only way to prevent future idiots from turning into rapists is education.

    So lets educate them.

  16. Pretty sad happenings.
    As for the comments regarding a female quota for mp’s……women have the vote, so my opinion is that women generally don’t like each other, if they did there probably would be a 50/50 male female mp ratio.
    And there should never ever be a mandated amount of male or female mp’s or the next thing we may see is forced abandonment of your children so they can be raised by “proper” members of society and so on and so on

  17. Congratulations Ray White Real Estate, the only body that appears to have made a stand. Yeah that is right a real estate agency. That really says something.

  18. Our 14-year old daughter was victim of an Auckland gang whose modus operandi was the same as the Roast Busters. We filed a complaint with police – it was the worst thing we could ever have done. Our family was gagged to shut us up.

    • Your daughter, you and your wife and your sons have been through a lot.

      My family to was torn apart (in 1959) due to rape. Somehow we all survived, even though it was not easy and many questions remain unanswered. There was a court hearing when I was 10 months old.

      I will email you and your wife at some stage.

  19. I hope the fathers and brothers of the victims deal to these sick little mutts. They should be smashed over big time. If they think pack rape is acceptable and the fact that one of them is the son of a policeman then its time society taught them the difference. For the police to ignore it is fairly standard fare for NZ.

  20. When the police fail, the public will act. The smart thing for the perps would be to leave the country. Or the country will have them.

    • “When the police fail, the public will act.”

      Some years back, I remarked to somebody – apropos some controversy at that time – that the police needed to be careful not to lose the support of the middle classes. Because if they do, they’ve effectively lost the credibility that allows them to do their job. This case might well be the tipping point.

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