Citizen A: Martyn Bradbury, Efeso Collins & Selwyn Manning On IPCA Report + Caregivers + Ikaroa-Rawhiti


On Citizen A this week Martyn Bradbury, Efeso Collins, and Selwyn Manning discuss the following issues:

Issue 1: Now the IPCA report into Police during the Urewera terrorism case has finally been released – what have we learned?

Issue 2: Will ramming through Parliament law that strips caregivers the right to challenge the Government’ hurt John Key?

Issue 3: How is the Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election shaping up?

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  1. First comment (as I watch and imbibe). Remember the dawn raids?
    Well YES I DO!. And nobody should be under ANY illusion that they’ve not been resurrected in today’s Police/Immigration operational bugger’s muddle. Those raids are alive and well – admittedly, not necessarily conducted at 5AM – sometimes 7PM.
    Anyway Bomber et al, I’ll persevere with the discussion, but PLEASE DON’T TALK ABOUT DAWN RAIDS, or state sanctioned/government sanctioned – indeed MINISTER sanctioned operational matters (for which the Munsta thinks he has an ‘out’ for – on the basis that operational matters are supposedly out of a Munsta’s jurisdiction) .
    Dawn Raids have actually come back into fashion. They may not encompass the demographic currently under discussion, but they are alive and well. It’s what happens when electorate Munsta’s face embarassment under a semi-fascist/neo-fascist/post modern-fascist [call it what you will] ‘government’. (note the ‘ ‘ under EITHER side of the term. government)

  2. Christ! – so much to comment on. But near the finale – as we talk about the Greens contesting Ikaroa: here’s a tip for Russell. Less of the ‘consumer’ talk – and more of ‘citizens’.
    And that goes for the likes of I I I Me Me Me too.
    It’ll be the difference between disaffected Labour voters turning Green, or turning Mana.

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