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Sensitivity and consensus; theory and practiceGareth on Hot Topic  confirms that “there really is a consensus in climate science: 97% of the peer-reviewed literature over the last 20 years supports the fact that humans are responsible for the warming“.

Who knows? We might even convince Deniers that life evolved on Earth; continents really are drifting; and the planet is not the centre of the Universe, riding atop one humungous turtle…

On Public Address, Russell Brown blogs about Duncan Garner’s Modelling Behaviour when Garner attempted to coerce Grant Hall, a legal high supplier and spokesman for the industry group, to try his own stuff on air. Russell has his own views on the ethics of trying to coerce someone to imbibe when they don’t want to.

Open Parachute helps us to Singing about the periodic table

Imperator Fish’s Scott Yorke sez Thank you for your support. It’s in response to an extraordinary naive – nay, stupid –   op-ed piece in the NZ Herald yesterday.  As far as this writer can determine, every response to the op-ed  (by a Mr Lim), has been derisory.

Unsurprisingly, no one seems to want to live in a Police state?

Also on  Imperator Fish Nation: For the love of God, Bill must go – a collection of op-ed pieces a-la

On Frogblog,  Eugenie Sage writes about  Water and Biodiversity and the threat to our own environment. It’s amazing that with all our  environmental problems that we still have the cheek to call ourselves “clean and green”. But with critical problems such as heavily polluted rivers and  the longfin eel facing extinction, we are a nation of hypocrites.

Phillip on Whoar kinda lives up to his blog’s name with this interesting little number,  “..Masturbation Is at the Root of the Culture Wars..” Phillip is commrenting on an op-ed by Hugo Schwyzer writing for  The Atlantic.

Talking about wanking…

A couple of days ago, Lauda Finem blogged about Freddy Fabulous and Pilgrim Planet Lodge: Sodom and Gomorrah  in a little “Christian”-based motel in Whangarei which bars gays, lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transgendered people from sleeping together in the same room,  at their establishment because – and I quote – they don’t like sodomy. After all, as we know, heterosexuals never do sodomy. Penis + Vagina = end of story.

Excuse me while I have a nice, cold, Tui…

Bryce Edwards on Liberation suggests that Official reports open up NZ to ‘banana republic’ allegations, referring to the recent IPCA report on the 2007 Urewera Raids. Also of note is Matthew Hooton’s take on the IPCA and GCSB Inspector General reports.

Morgan Godfery on Maui Street has much to say on the IPCA Report and suggests that with  Rights come with remedies: on the Urewera raids. Morgan writes,

“In the Urewera raids the Police illegally stopped, searched and detained drivers and their vehicles. Personal information was requested and collected. School buses were stopped and, according to Tuhoe, searched with children on board. The Police illegally detained women and children in their homes – in some cases for hours. The Ruatoki Valley was left humiliated, wounded and intimidated. “

Read his entire post to understand why the raid on the Rautoki is exacerbated by the area’s history. Tragic stuff. History repeats because we don’t pay enough notice…

The Jackal points out that, once again, National is Undermining the future by allowing coal mining on the Denniston Plateau by ignoring those 40-50,000 New Zealanders who marched up Queen Street some years ago to oppose mining on DoC land. In terms of arrogance and contributing to increased carbon in the atmosphere, National excels.




No Right Turn reports that Nick Smith has “leased” the Denniston Plateau for the equivalent of thirty pieces of silver, thereby Selling out the conservation estate. Idiot Savant points out – as others have done – that Smith signed the deal with Bathurst the day before a new law would come into effect, demanding greater consultation with the public.

We are  Still losing the war on P, Idiot Savant writes, and wonders if there is a better way to deal with this problem?

Where the bloody hell are we? Well, not at the Open Government Partnership, that’s for damned sure.  As Savant writes,

“There are risks that New Zealand’s absence from OGP may become increasingly glaring as membership expands, especially given our existing reputation for transparency and openness.

I think we’re well past that point. We’re being left behind by the Australians on this. Given their record on government secrecy, we should be seriously embarrassed.”

Also read Savant on  Fallow on privatisation – a seriously insightful analysis.

And check out the nasty little controversy brewing about mining on the Denniston Plateau, Tim Watkin on the Pundit  writes about More bad process – is this the new National normal?  Tim’s piece carries on nicely  from  Andrew Geddis’s blogpost,   I think National just broke our constitution.

Tim makes several observations about National’s recent behaviour – and none are terribly flattering. He writes,

The government’s legislative agenda has been appallingly flippant in the past week or so and I’m delighted Pundit bloggers have taken such a stand. Many of us have been concerned about this government’s approach to process this year. I blogged in February, March and April about the Prime Minister’s focus on outcomes over process and I’ve long opined that the everyman casualness that he built his political career on will one day be his undoing.

That’s not what we’re seeing this week; it will take some poor process in a realm that directly effects middle New Zealand to really wound him. But this week’s urgencies and unwillingness to listen to the people is part of a damaging narrative. New Zealanders don’t like being taken for granted.”

Key’s teflon coating wore off a couple of years ago – I pinpoint the moment at a certain cafe in Epson, over a cuppa tea and subsequent police raids – but now we’re seeing the entire National government drowning in it’s own stinking conceit.

On The CivilianUK to launch anti-terror ‘stop it, we don’t like it’ campaign. Too soon?

And onto The Standard

  •   reports that there is High interest in Ikaroa-Rawhiti by-election…
  • They’re Lining up for charter schools  sez
  • ynical – especially his disengenuous statement, “This area is not National Park, nor Conservation Park nor does it have any particular reserve status. It is general stewardship land, which is the lowest legal status of protection of land managed by the Department of Conservation”. Unbelievable bullshit. And to think I felt a tinge of empathy for this self-serving, mendacious little prick when he resigned over the Bronwyn Pullar/ACC Affair?? Fuck him and the goat he rode in on.
  • Along with Andrew Geddis’ piece on National breaking the constitution, check out  The rule of law by 

Since the Budget, the political temperature in this country has risen by a Climate Changing one degree. Not much you might think – but 1 degree is enough to melt the polar ice-caps and Greenland ice-shelf.

It will also be enough to melt National and see a change of government.





Blogpost of the Day

The Civilian reports that  Government will  introduce charter hospitals,

“The hospitals, which would be owned, operated or sponsored by private enterprises, would dissociate themselves from the current public health system and not be required to follow the regulations that most health institutes are beholden to.

Charter hospitals would not have to produce evidence to support the treatments they provide, would not have to hire qualified doctors, surgeons or nurses, and would be largely immune from public inquiries such as official information requests.”

Read the whole bit. It’s funny as!

It takes a mocking satirist to demonstrate the absurdity of Charter Schools…


Thought for the Day

When the rich rob the poor...