John Key’s poker face is no where as good as Lady Gagas’



Judging by how screwed NZ just got from this new Sky City deal, John Key’s poker face is no where as good as Lady Gagas’.

Notice that whenever Key cuts a deal, it’s always in favor of the corporation – not the people?

The new deal Key has cut for Sky City gives them a 35 year ability to sue any Government who threaten their profits! While we expect the House to always win, we don’t expect the House to win continuously for 35 years while we pay their promotion budget!

The absurdity of allowing Sky City to hold a gun to the head of any other Government for 35 years goes beyond politics. It’s a deal so outrageous it embitters even hard core National Party voters.

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What really churns the stomach is that this is all a deal for a stinking filthy casino. Of all the least deserving organizations in NZ for any charity, Sky City would have to be near the top.

To cut such a one sided deal for such an eye sore of a convention centre built upon the addiction of gamblers is a low point in politics that everyone who voted for National should regret.


  1. I would like to say I’m surprised, I really would.
    But 30 years of neo-liberal (arch-reactionary) economic reform has left nothing left to bargain with except the hard won liberty of the New Zealand people.
    Those who already have total economic power are now acting to smash what little resistance to their social-political power that remains.
    Even if they had to sacrifice profits to attain such spoils they would gladly pay, but National is determined that Sky City will have its cake an eat it too.
    This deal almost makes Sky City a Fiefdom, at the heart of our largest city, What democracy can tolerate such an obscenity?

    • Do you REALLY think you live in a democracy? NZ is a covert fascist police state…. and is on track for overt fascism.

      Arbitrary arrest, indefinite detention without charge, control of the populace by control of food and water…… all coming to a city like yours far sooner than most people imagine possible unless the populace wakes up. And they’re dead asleep.

    • Extreme Megolamania, by the front bench. And the fire sale of everything that’s not tied down, therefore turning NZ into a Greece. and that’s being stripped of everything of value.

  2. I am extremely disappointed that such a deal has been cut with the casino, in a country where child abuse and neglect are major concerns with many social agencies, why has this been allowed to go ahead, all I feel I can do is shake my head in disgust and shame that a convention centre is more important than the well being of children at risk.

    • A good father’s right arm is too busy beating the children to play the pokies. They don’t need a position.

  3. Sky City will ship its profits off-shore while we pick up the tab for dealing with the problem gamblers.

  4. “Notice that whenever Key cuts a deal, it’s always in favor of the corporation – not the people?”

    Funnily enough, I have noticed that. It’s the great enigma that is John Key – why would he be more interested in helping them than New Zealand. He’s a very odd man

  5. John Key is a gambler that was his former role gambling with other peoples money and clipping the ticket, oh and how many side bets?

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