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Today’s Daily Blog Watch Round-Up of matters that have attracted the attention, assessments, and articulations of this country’s leading bloggers…

NZ Left Blogosphere

In  Lapdogs and Cronyism, blogger Local Bodies has an interesting take on work roles, gender, and sexism, and looks at the appointments of Susan Devoy and Jackie Blue from another perspective. Plus he (?) takes a swipe at rightwing blogger, Ele Ludemann for making silly assumptions.

Check out Bowalley Road’s Chris Trotter, who writes a fascinatingly insightful piece on  China’s relationship with “The Anglo Saxon Fist of Five” (no relation to “Fist of The Dragon”, starring the late Bruce Lee) and suggests that we are a ‘testing ground’ of sorts. See, Testing The Anglo-Saxons.

Chris’s scenario is not as implausible as some might think – in commercial/advertising  circles, this is known as a “focus group”. We just happen to be a verrrrry  big Focus Group.

TDB Recommends

And in  Ideologically Impure, we get to the nub of  John Key’s outlandish claims of WMDs (Weapons of Mass Distraction) and related foreign espionage shenanigans in #WMDWTF. Does anyone really, really, really believe that foreign spies are targetting us for data on how to build an atomic bomb?? In case anyone is indeed gullible enough to  believe this – please get in touch with me. I have shares in the Wellington Harbour Bridge you might be interested in…

Anyhoo. Have at squizz at QoT’s blogpost. It’s simple; to the point; and has more common sense thinking (not the Devoy variety) than John Key will ever have in a lifetime.

Blogpost of the Day

According to Gareth Renowden’s piece Watching the ice melt in The Daily Blog,  it’s conclusive, folks,

  • The Earth is round
  • Plate techtonics is real
  • Climate change is happening before our eyes

Do not tell this to climate change sceptics. Some Climate Change Denying Halfwit  has to be around to buy my beachfront property in a few years time.

Well done, Gareth. A powerfuul piece. Let’s see Lord Monckton make funny faces at that!

MSM Article of the Day

The Award goes to Andrea Vance for calling Key out on his WMD bogeyman; Where’s the evidence for GCSB law changes?

This is the msm (or bits of it) doing the job they’re paid to do; challenging authority by asking the questions the publiuc want answers to. (Even if 99% of the public are in Dozy Dreamland…)

Read the article. It’ll make your day. Money back guarantee. Maybe.

Thought For The Day

Fool me once,

Shame on You.

Fool me twice,

Shame on me.

References: Father Christmas; Tooth Fairy; Easter Bunny; Weapons of Mass Distruction



  1. Re “The truckloads of horse tranquilisers being pumped into our drinking water, and the hypnotically-mind-numbing garbage on TV is enough to sedate the population into a semi-comatose, vegetative state.”

    Here’s Frank Zappa saying the same thing back in about 1973 on the song “The Slime” from “Overnight Sensation”, a great funk jazz rock album

    I am gross and perverted
    Im obsessed n deranged
    I have existed for years
    But very little had changed
    I am the tool of the government
    And industry too
    For I am destined to rule
    And regulate you

    I may be vile and pernicious
    But you can’t look away
    I make you think Im delicious
    With the stuff that I say
    I am the best you can get
    Have you guessed me yet?
    I am the slime oozin out
    From your tv set

    You will obey me while I lead you
    And eat the garbage that I feed you
    Until the day that we don’t need you
    Don’t got for help…no one will heed you
    Your mind is totally controlled
    It has been stuffed into my mold
    And you will do as you are told
    Until the rights to you are sold

    That’s right, folks..
    Don’t touch that dial

    Well, I am the slime from your video
    Oozin along on your livinroom floor

    I am the slime from your video
    Cant stop the slime, people, lookit me go

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