Appearing on Native Affairs 8.30pm tonight



I will be on the best current affairs show in NZ, Native Affairs tonight at 8.30pm on Maori Television alongside Marama Davidson and Claudette Hauiti debating the appointment of Dame Susan Devoy as the Race Relations Commissioner.


  1. So Collins was looking for some sporting legend to front the position, but Michael Jones backed out?

    Tamihere’s argument was superficial and weak, and he wants back in politics? His argument boiled down to “It’s a done deal. Give her a chance, and I’ll revise my opinion if she doesn’t measure up.”

    It’s costing the taxpayers a load of money to give her a trial.

  2. “Tamihere’s argument was superficial and weak…”

    I couldn’t even understand where he was coming from, Karol. Some of his comments seemed quasi-troll-like; provocative but not much real content.

    • It seemed to involve a bit of attention-getting by Tamihere, Frank. Touting for business? He said something about looking to be hired as a consultant because he’s in need of money.

      • You might be right, Karol. For the life of me, I couldn’t ‘get’ where he was coming from. Strange. He’s so much better on “Think Tank”.

        On the other hand, Marama Davidson was a joy to behold. Soft-spoken but with an underlying steely purpose. And dedicated to the hilt. Damn, I thought to myself, she’s good.

        Funny how that segment was only about ten (?) minutes long.

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