I had no idea listening to Anika Moa could make me a lesbian



Church uncomfortable with Moa’s ‘lifestyle’

Singer Anika Moa has had to switch venues for her Wairarapa concert because an evangelical church objected to her sexuality.

She was due to perform at Masterton’s Lighthouse Church on March 23, but promoter Mark Rogers said it became clear after the booking was made that some members of the church were not comfortable with hosting her.

Moa came out as a lesbian in 2007 and has been in a civil union with Australian burlesque dancer Azaria Universe since 2010.

Mr Rogers said the church was suffering from “sapphic paranoia” and was “unhappy” with what it called Moa’s “lifestyle”.

I had no idea listening to Anika Moa could make me a lesbian, what a bonus! I am now buying all her CDs!

Anika is a cultural treasure and one really has to wonder the sort of God one would have to worship who would find Anika’s passionate songs of love and joy and life anything to be unhappy about.

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Ironically those most pushing her away are probably the ones who most need to hear her music.

I’m pretty certain that Jesus would have Anika Moa on his i-pod.


  1. I live in the Wairarapa and work in Masterton and would say as a whole it is a pretty gay friendly region, including Masterton.

    As anywhere, you get a minority with a religious issue with gays, and out-of-control psycho young males who like to yell abuse out of cars at anyone who even remotely look like they are “gay” (the same sort that killed the journalist in Wellington). But unfortunately, you find these everywhere in New Zealand.

  2. Clearly a publicity stunt for the Lighthouse church. What young person wouldn’t want to join and tithe for the privilege of having their sexual choices and that of other humans judged, not by God but by a group of strangers?

    No, this little media release is bound to bring shitloads of money far more than Moa could have.

    The church will continue to ensure it’s members avoid satantic attack via airwaves by getting members to wear ridiculously large ear muffs at all times.

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