NBR vs Duncan Garner


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In an attempt to belittle Duncan Garner for Radio Live’s wrong call on the Maori Water Rights ruling, the NBR decided to announce Duncan Garner’s death behind a pay wall.

Now as someone who was caught out by Radio Live’s breaking news text…


…I love any stick going their way for their miscue, but to announce Garner’s death as a tongue and cheek piece behind a paywall is pretty dirty tactics.

Allowing Garner’s family to think for any period of time that Duncan was dead is just a nasty thing to do. The NBR have taken the link down now as the ramifications of their distastefulness resonate around social media, but they should at the very least publicly apologize for this ugliness.

In wanting to mock Garner for Radio Live’s gaff, the NBR has managed to be grossly insensitive. The National Business Review should perhaps stick to pimping for the 1% rather than satire. They don’t have the EQ for the latter and lack the IQ to challenge the former.


  1. Yeah I’m pretty confused by this. Can anyone clarify what actually happened here? The graphic and lack of links isn’t particularly helpful.

    • Garner got caught out by a fast breaking story.

      Twitterists said (wrongly) the SC ruling went one way, Garner’s news room followed them, he followed his news room, the NBR decided to run a story headlined ‘Duncan Garner is Dead’ or something, with the story behind the paywall, because that’s the way they troll. Profiteroles were then thrown all over the shop.

  2. Jock Anderson apologise? Why, next you’ll be telling me he is putting on that ridiculous pseudo-upper class accent of his!

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