In the 2pm Daily Blog Bulletin…


In the 2pm Daily Blog Bulletin…

Coley Tangerina argues why NZ is no country for women.

Anthony Robins at The Standard asks how bad things have to get with climate change before we do anything about it.

Martyn Bradbury questions John Key’s vast promises of wealth and rainbows.

Giovanni Tiso at Bat, Bean, Beam channels my favorite movie Network by asking if the internet has side stepped the mainstream media in influencing politics.

Chris Trotter asks what the opportunity cost of David Shearer’s leadership is.

Gordon Campbell highlights the insidious neoliberal orthodoxy of the NZ Herald in their description of Key’s visit to South America and asks why we won’t be adopting their lead in resisting the Washington Consensus.

Steve Gray asks if our Journalists are being honest with their bias and influences.

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