MEDIAWATCH: Newsroom’s character assassination of David Seymour is the puritanical left at its ugliest


Seymour fronts up on Snapchats with school kids

Act Party leader and senior minister David Seymour says he stands by his interactions with school-aged young people on social media platform Snapchat, some as young as 14.

There are many, many, many good and decent reasons to detest ACT and David Seymour.

To insinuate as Marc Daalder has here that he is a pervert grooming children is ugly, outrageous and the tribal left at its worst.

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I love Newsroom and I think Daalder is one of the best environmental political journalists we have. Newsroom has become a must read weekly site whose journalism is some of the best in NZ.

But Newsroom and Daalder have really let themselves down with this character assassination of Seymour.

To frame and insinuate that Seymour was grooming kids on snapchat is a smear, it’s not a story.

A bunch of children who initiated contact with David via snapchat who have now had a revisionist view of their own past and are selling that new story by trending it on tictok is pretty much how the Salem Witch Trials started off.

Look, the kids will say their kid things on their social platforms, for Adults to step in and pick that narrative up and try to push it isn’t Journalism, it’s a hit job and Daalder has a long history of doing this with David.

We get it Marc, you hate Seymour, we all do, but attempting to insinuate what you have is disgraceful smear mongering at its worst!

We are all a bigot about something, Daaldar is a bigot when it comes to David.

We don’t need to demonise our enemies any more than they are demonising themselves.

We should collectively hate what ACT are doing but creating false narratives to attack our enemies is beneath the movement.




  1. Good on you Martyn for being fair on this. If we let this cancel culture runaway out of control, it will end up burning all of us regardless of political orientation.

      • “Didn’t the Prophet marry a 12 year-old girl?

        “So what? Child marriage was prevalent thought (Christian) Europe, Africa and Asia at the time.
        I’d be unsurprised if Mary mother of jesus was not aged about 14 years old as well.

      • How do you know Mohammed Khan is a practicing Muslim. It would be like assume someone is a Jew because their last name is Cohen.

    • If you’re aiming for truth and fairness and goodness MK, which I think you are, you will gain more respect if you pass your prejudices through a filter to see if they match up to the t,f,g standard. Then when you find fault we know it is based on fact, just saying.

  2. Act Party leader and senior minister David Seymour says he stands by his interactions with school-aged young people on social media platform Snapchat, some as young as 14.

    Of course he does, that’s his age group bracket.

    • NSC, your hatred of people who politically disagree with you (Seymour) has you willingly believe anything that suggests he is a bad person.

      You don’t need evidence to condemn someone, simply disliking them is enough.

      • Ada seemore doesn’t use evidence he uses anecdotes. I listened to his interview this morning he is looking after landlords, his policies are for less owning more. He claims rents will go down if we look after the landlords who charge higher rent to offset their increased costs, can buy more properties cutting first home owners out, can sell after making money from renters and make a capital gain while paying no taxes on this revenue. They can kick tenants out for no reason if they want to increase their rents. And they get a tax rebate from interest paid on their mortgages. He claims more supply will reduce rents the same was promised in the power industry and it never happened power continues to rise despite more competition. Where seemore policies for first home owners?

      • Oh Ada, your appalling unbalanced and unhinged right wing bias are enough to make me go gay. You’d be a horrible wife. Your hatred of anything from the left makes any of your comments invalid. Please grow the fuck up!

  3. On the one hand he has explicit parental permission when said parents allow their children unmonitored access to snapchat.

    On the other his claim that it’s fine because he responds to anyone is a blatant lie, so now he’s caught in a lie where he chooses to only speak politics with school girls.

    Where Daalder let’s himself down is not digging further and exposing that lie.

    • There’s no rush. Seymour’s good buddy goes on trial in September, and it’s unlikely that his name suppression will be maintained after his conviction.

  4. There are some parties calling for 16 year old to vote so 14 is a good age to start political education. The environmental groups take their message into schools so they also should be exposed to the other side of the argument

  5. There are some parties calling for 16 year old to vote so 14 is a good age to start political education. The environmental groups take their message into schools so they also should be exposed to the other side of the argument

    • FFS Trevor. You mention the environment like it’s something that we can do without. “ The other side of it.” Haven’t we f*cked things up enough for you yet?

    • … 14 is a good age to start political education”.

      Well … in that sense Seymour is engaged with ‘grooming’ young folk. But not that much different to what happens with the YoungNats and Young Labour. Nothing sinister here.

  6. Has anyone actually read the bloody article, and the preamble saying there is no suggestion that any of Seymour’s content was inappropriate? Who is doing the insinuating here?

    • I read the article when it was published.

      If Seymour’s behaviour was entirely appropriate, why publish it? There was nothing in the way of any actual facts in it, entirely a hit-job based on ‘the vibe’ that some man was using Snap-chat to reply to teenagers ‘some as young as 14’ and that was wrong because the Karens in his world believe ‘men are rapists’ and Marc wants to be their best ally.

      It was an obvious hit-job because Marc couldn’t actually quote anything Seymour had written, nor honestly give the ages of who was complaining.

      • Would any of you right wing commentators want your fourteen year old daughter snap chatting with a 40+ year old politician or any older man . Ask yourself the question here who has all the power who is grooming who. There have been many examples of politicians ending up being accused of inappropriate behaviour. Can anyone please tell me what is appropriate and acceptable about this inappropriate risky behaviour from a politician who even thought he thinks he is is not above the law.

      • You are so messed up Ada, you basically proved one of the points of the article. It looked to me like an article about the potential pitfalls of interaction with less than voting age kids over social media by politicians because we live in an age where that can be weaponised. In other words why risk that interaction if there is not a vote in it. It certainly did not sound like a hit job to me. I think Seymour is a total wanker, but I don’t think he’s a groomer. That article didn’t change my mind.

    • I read it. Twice. And again after you asked has anyone read it. MB is correct. It’s full of innuendo and insinuation, and, let’s not fuck around, it’s designed to paint DS in a sinister light and discredit him. It’s exactly the same journo method you and your mate millsy employ right here on TDB when responding to other participants – you quickly ‘deduct and conclude’ and then insinuate and suggest shit like some are racists, black haters, love to see people strung up on lamp posts, are nazis, hate maoris and whatever else comes to your twisted and disturbed fucking minds. Maybe MB should have written the article about you.

      • Now, now, Jonzie Kraut, Dip Shit(DS) paints himself in a sinister light, lives alone, no girlfriend and reads to children and you don’t have a problem with that?

  7. Seymour comes out on top yet again,an intelligent person of vision the sort of person younger people will look up to.
    The rabid tribalism of the left has past its time.

    • He is creepy imo, Snapchat auto deletes posts so unless someone takes a screenshot there is no record of what transpired.

      • Exactly, hit the nail on the head. The article exposed Seymore engaging in Snapchat with kids, who also found it creepy. It’s enough. MB is incorrect in his analysis here.

  8. Davis Seymour, or Scrotus as he is known in the vapour lands of the pink and yellow jackets, is nothing more than an irritable grain of sand in ones woolen wet togs.

  9. Is it ever a good idea for adults like David Seymour to talk to teens online? No–it is not. Act’s hastily replaced ex pressie has a court case pending which will emerge eventually in public. Act and Atlas are dodgy cultures to say the least.

    Mr Seymour is a creep, and has downgraded nutritious hot meals for vulnerable kids to $3 sandwiches…which illustrates where his values are at.

  10. I don’t think it’s a good look for a guy in his 40’s to be messaging teenage girls who are not his daughters or nieces. Even if the messages were harmless.

    Imagine if some middle aged guy messaged your daughter on Snapchat?

  11. There is now no doubt,not that there ever was,David Seymour is a very clever person.He says what he means.
    The left hate sensible people they prefer muddle,that’s the proof of my assertion.

    • So its Lord Balfour The Bobby Fart now eh you miserable inbred, you don’t matter as much as he never mattered

    • No he’s a f’ing race baiting manipulative wanker. He’s certainly not a groomer of children in any way shape or form but he is still a repugnant individual. Who else would call basic grains “woke” other than a shit stirrer throwing meat to knuckle dragging individuals.

        • Balfour Bob, Yes,every time ypu speaks you make no sense, an ability that alludes the left.
          No evidence and no brains is our Balfour Bob.

      • Fuck give it a rest you moron. Amanda provided the evidence, you talk absolutely crap Balfour Bob.
        Show us where the Greens target young people than any other party, just one piece would be suffice? Or in your small minded brain is it you who target young people?

  12. I’m no lefty but if that little toad ever sent a SnapChat message to my fourteen year old I’d been fuming. I’m leaving it there.

    • ACT talk a big game about reversing Jacinda’s semiauto crackdown, but it seems to be all smoke and no fire so far.

      Seymour concerned about a Gary Plauche type scenario?

    • Balfour Bob, they are targeted by ACT and only someone suffering delusions would think otherwise.

  13. Well, I just read through this and the bitter vindictive descent into personal insults that followed. Half of you are a disgrace for (a) allowing yourself to be baited, and (b) responding with race-to-the-bottom insults. You know who you are, and this isn’t pretty. Any outsider from overseas looking at this would question, with a certain degree of exactitude, whether NZ males do indeed have IQs that match those of our largest animal group. They’d be forgiven if they concluded from the above, that they are right.
    You’re supposed to be the best of the left, so FFS smarten up your act. These comments are a pig feast of literary degradation, about the intelligence level of 12 year Olds.


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