New Zealand Uyghur Community Seek Answers From Chinese Premier Li Qiang – Uyghur Solidarity Aotearoa New Zealand


Members of the New Zealand Uyghur community have requested that the Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs seek answers for them from the Chinese Premier Li Qiang.

Uyghur Solidarity Aotearoa has provided the letter sent to the Prime Minister and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. The letter lists five issues the community wish to be raised with the Premier.

“Most members of the Uyghur community in Aotearoa are naturalised New Zealand citizens,” said Sam Vincent, spokesperson for Uyghur Solidarity Aotearoa. “They are victims of China’s ongoing genocide on their people.”


  1. Oh dear, these CIA people are advocating for more actions like those they carried out in Kunming in 2014 again.

  2. This ‘ongoing genocide’ is unusual and indeed laughable in that there is no body count – indeed not even claims in this regard by these CIA stooges.
    The PRC has been in existence 75 years, and yet the Uyghur population has increased tremendously during this time. If the PRC (according to many in the West) was the most horrible regime in history, worse than Hitler apparently, a billion Han Chinese would surely have been able to rid themselves of all minorities within a very short space of time. Instead, minorities have by and large thrived under PRC rule, and they were exempt from the one-child policy.

    Of course if ‘genocide’ means modernization and dragging backward peoples out of the feudal ages, then I suppose the PRC is guilty, equally guilty relating to all ethnic groups including the Han group.


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