Shane Jones fiddles oil and gas ban as Planet burns


Government officially scrapping New Zealand’s oil and gas exploration ban

The Government is pushing ahead to reverse Aotearoa’s oil and gas exploration ban, calling the previous Government’s policy a “publicity stunt”. 

While Shane Jones obscenely acquiesces to his Mining donor masters, here is what is happening with global warming…


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…the total disconnect between the reality of global warming vs this climate denying Government.

The lie that we are importing coal because uf the Greens is a fucking lie espoused by fucking liars…

Is NZ bringing in ‘Indonesian coal every month to keep the lights on’?

Burning less coal to make electricity helped New Zealand achieve its biggest official annual drop in planet-heating gases since records started in 1990.

The same week those figures came out, Resources Minister Shane Jones told Morning Report New Zealand should develop more of its own coal, rather than importing “dirty” coal from Indonesia.

Jones earlier told Parliament that opposition MPs turned a blind eye while New Zealand imported Indonesian coal “every month, to keep the lights on.”

While it’s true Genesis Energy – owner of the country’s only coal-fired station – burns coal to run its Huntly generators, it last year reported that its last shipment of coal had arrived in July 2022.

At that point, it had no plans to import more. It also has a local supply, near Huntly.

Although it’s a stretch to say Genesis imports coal monthly, the company recently warned its gas supply was falling faster than expected, which could mean more coal use.

…look you stupid sleepy hobbits, of course we need more mining if want 100% sustainable energy, but that requires copper mines and metal mining, not fucking coal and oil exploration!

The fact that a corrupt old vulture like Shane Fucking Jones is going to force its to pay compensation to the oil companies off we ban them again is fucking outrageous and everyone whop voted NZ First should be deeply ashamed of themselves!


Just so we are 100% clear.

You are going to give someone as venal, selfish and corruption adjacent as Shane Jones the powers of Muldoon on Meth to desecrate the environment for rare earth minerals that are many times more toxic than lead for a mere 2% return???

Just so we understand, this appalling human being with the crony capitalism interests of the donors ahead of New Zealand – THIS is your standard on the Political Right is it?

This is your reward for political apathy and a self denial of ‘it can’t get any worse’.

Well guess what, it can!

If the political right honestly allow this walking Pork Barrel gain the powers he wants, you don’t get to lecture the Left on corruption ever again!

Shane Jones is poisoning the earth, trashing due process and only looking after the interests of his donor mates for a fucking 2% pittance!

Are those on the Right so lobotomised in their misogynistic hatred towards Jacinda that you will allow Shane Jones?

Are you really that self-mutilating?

Are we honestly saying Shane Jones, Simeon Brown and Chris Bishop are the brains trust of New Zealand?


Shane, Simeon and Chris?

THEY are the brains trust?

TDB warned you that this new hard right racist climate denying beneficiary bashing Government were going to bend over backwards for their donor class and were focused on vast environmental damage for the Trans National Mining Industry.

Lo and fucking behold we have this egregious fast track power process where 3 of the most stupid Politicians we have, Simeon Brown, Chris Bishop and Dr Pork, Shane Jones will have the power to over ride the experts and over ride any environmental concerns whatsoever to fast track their mates projects…

Quarry connected to $55,000 donation to NZ First and Shane Jones, approached over fast-track

One of the firms approached about the Government’s new Fast-Track consenting billhas a part-owner and director whose other company has donated $55,000 to the NZ First Party and MP Shane Jones.

AJR Finance donated $50,000 to NZ First and $5000 to Shane Jones at the last election. AJR Finance’s sole director is Andrew Ritchie, who owns the company along with Mark and Elizabeth Markovina.

Ritchie is a director of Kings Quarry and, along with the Markovinas, owns 50 per cent of the company. The other 50 per cent is owned by Alexander and Stan Semenoff. Stan Semenoff donated to Jones’ campaign in 2008 and is a distant relative of Jones.

…the Auditor-General is scathing of the damage this will cause…

Auditor-General concerned about fast-track bill’s lack of transparency, protections for conflicts of interest

The Auditor-General John Ryan is concerned the Government’s fast-track consenting bill, which will give three ministers broad powers to consent certain developments, lacks transparency and effective ways of dealing with real or perceived conflicts of interest.

The bill allows three ministers to consent a range of nationally significant projects, with an expert panel having the ability to impose certain conditions on those consents.

Ryan wrote that the bill needed a stronger mechanism than just the Cabinet Manual for dealing with real or perceived conflicts of interest, given the extent of the power the legislation would grant to ministers.

…Do you honestly trust these fucking Muppets over the advice of actual engineers and people who have to build the infrastructure?

If Labour had pulled a stunt like this, you’d all be screaming about abuse of power, but Shane Jones, Chris Bisho[ and Simeon Brown are doing it, it’s suddenly ok?

The Right are hypocrites!

When the Left borrowed it was to save us from Covid, when the right borrow more it’s for tax cuts to their rich donor mates!

Allowing 3 of the worst Ministers to have the power of God over our economy is a terrible idea that will produce a harvest of self interest.

National Party environmental policy


  1. The waikato coal mines supplying the waikato power stations and dairy factories were shut down over 20 years ago. Since that time the coal has been shipped from Newcastle and Indo leaving a higher carbon foot print from the shipping to Tauranga and the railway incline up to central Waikato. Can’t remember if it was neo-lib labour or national that closed the waikato mine but it resulted in lost jobs and higher emmissions.

    • Joseph, you are talking shite. Fonterra owns it’s own mine and has recently received consent to continue to use the coal. They are also converting to gas.
      Shane Jones has proven to be a liar. His assertion that coal was being imported from Indonesia was factually refuted by Genesis when they said they had not imported any since 2022 and were busily stockpiling Huntley coal in case they need to use it if gas is not available.
      Please, if you are going to post, do your research first and use the truth.

      • Solid Energy was shut down and their coal production was replaced by imported coal. There were job losses. There was increased emmissions from shipping and railing. I haven’t done the research to know if all that coal production was replaced again locally but I suspect not.

        Any common-sensibly, semi-planned or government guided economy would have replaced that lost part of the economy with solar panel, Li battery and windmill production.

  2. shane jones, luxon, seymour and peters are embarrassing us. They, by their actions, are humiliating us and demeaning us. Is the global rise of the Far Right as a result of AI interventions in democratic politics? Serious question. The reason I ask is because I just don’t know. Beyond the reach of we mere normals is an MSM that we know to be morally corrupt but how far does that corruption go and what who does that moral corruption most benefit? Not people with kids and all living in their cars, that’s certain.
    I’ve voted in every election since I could, but now, I ask myself, who do I vote for? The enemy, or that other enemy?
    Where’s Chipkins? How did a bald moron become prime minister? david seymour is a fucking loser and yet his profile is unknowable. Where’s dodgy-as-fuck winston peters? HOW, is dodgy-as-fuck winston peters? The lumbering, arrogant, arsehole-pucker aka shane jones is a waddling buffoon. He reminds me of a lazy pig with a truffle stuck up each nostril and yet there he is. How? And then there’s the resident Mouse-Weasel skittering about. simeon brown or is that Seaman Stains know’s people are living in cars and yet that freak without a show can be heard pitter-pattering up and down OUR parliamentary halls on a massive salary. How? Does he know greater rats who know greater rats still?
    All the zoological cross-party political anomalies can achieve is to get even tougher on the already powerless and impoverished while the hyper rich get ever more money and even shinier Bentleys thanks to tax breaks the likes of the impoverished can only dream about getting when they pay GST on their $7.00 dollar loafs of shit bread.
    I wonder if there’s a connection there that no one’s yet rioting about?

  3. Reading between the lines he is expecting us to pay these parasites to come here fuck up the environment and pay again to clean up the mess left behind which is what happened with the recently closed Tamarind wells

  4. if we were going to go with ‘the norwegian model’ but we all know the current cabal will flog it off to their paymasters for buttons…kiwis lose


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