This Kings Birthday, Government is so racist it is pushing our Māori brothers and sisters towards their own Parliament!


Just consider where NZ is on King’s Birthday 2024.

This new Government is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo racist that our Māori brothers and sisters want their own Parliament!

This is the price of this Government’s deplorable anti-Māori agenda!

  • This Government has attacked use of Māori by State Departments.
  • This Government has removed Section 7AA from Oranga Tamariki to green light a new generation of uplifted Māori kids.
  • This Government killed off the Māori Health Authority.
  • This Government are attempting to introduce a destructive Treaty Principles Referendum.
  • This Government are revoking local Māori representation.
  • This Government are looking to remove all Treaty references from NZ Law.
  • This Government killed off 3 Waters and ended Māori water interests.

So beyond just using Māori as a political punching bag during the election, they have followed it up with culture war revenge fantasies that are cross burning and banjo twanging in their racism to appease their redneck cracker boomer settler clique and the response has been immediate Māori protest and now talk of a Māori Parliament.

Thank you National, thank you ACT, thank you NZF and thank you redneck cracker boomer settler clique for turning Māori against the project of New Zealand.

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Personally I have zero problem with Māori establishing their own Parliament. Right now Māori have their own King and it doesn’t impact my life in anyway. If Māori want their own Parliament, they have every right to call for one. It won’t have any actual powers but it can be a string representative platform.

I’ve always argued for an Upper House about our Chamber that should be 50/50 and discuss Treaty related legislation, but I’m a politics geek.

A Māori Parliament would be symbolic and a valid means of gathering and focusing Māori aspiration.

The drive to have a Māori Parliament should be seen against the backdrop of racism this new Government have manufactured.




  1. Maori have given too much faith and exercised patience in order to become one with the pakeha and other non-Maori but then come election time Maori are used as a political punching bag so right-wing parties can get elected into power than wheld it like a weapon at the whole NZ population. This govt has cancelled hard fought Maori initiative to appease european exceptionalism & multinational corporation so its no surprise that Maori collectively have adopted a more radical stance wanting to create a Maori Parliament that represent Maori interest.

    “Self determination” is not only spelled out in article 2 of the correct version of the T.O.W but is also legally promulgated under international law. The T.O.W is an international document sign between 2 sovereign nation New Zealand & Great Britain. The ‘New Zealanders’ sign the ‘1835 Declaration of Independence’ with the British monarchy not the british individuals. The same can be construed about the T.O.W. Maori are sick of being treated like an abused housewife and only needed when a powhiri or haka for the ABs or visiting dignitaries. This BS needs to stop!!

    • Technically it could happen based on an agreement with iwi who wished to be part of it, funds could be levied from iwi, and limited powers exercised over participating iwi. However it would largely be a lobby group (and a reasonably strong one at that) pushing Māori interests. Potentially it could pass laws over iwi if they agreed, but it would be unlikely that these could be applied to individuals and they almost certainly wouldn’t be able to contradict existing New Zealand laws. How much power was wielded over participating groups & who wielded the power would be up to iwi to decide. Would certainly be an interesting step.

    • Nathan your historically illiterate lets walk down memory lane for an instant.

      Pakeha Settlers increasingly demanded the right to govern themselves. A new parliament was set up in 1854, but maori were not represented in it prior to 1868, and few were eligible to even participate in elections. The new all-Pakeha Assembly represented only settlers interest, awesome democracy don’t yah think?

      That was felt keenly by many rangatira (Chiefs), who rightfully feared that they were being subjected to the laws of the settlers whose interests were opposed to their own. That was what they hadn’t signed up to in the Treaty.

      Successive New Zealand Govts seemed more intent on imposing British laws on maori then recognising their rights under Article two of the Treaty to administer their own affairs. This situation intensified after the emergence of the Kingitanga (Maori King movement) in 1858, which came about in response to Maori concerns about the loss of both land and sovereignty. It has been suggested that government determination to assert its sovereignty – to turn its back on Te Tiriti and instead uphold a narrow version of the Treaty – was the overarching causes of war.

      Once the Government had achieved dominance, large-scale of land purchases would be much easier to achieve. So to would British law on Maori and their enforced assimilation into settler colonial society.

    • The Oath of Allegiance? Really? After that do they have to kiss the flag? Drink a Steinie? Have a wank over a picture of Richie McCaw? Will anybody who does that be a “true” patriot and lover of Aotearoa?

      • stand_alone_complex: Te Pati Maori could refuse to take the oath, BUT, they, Te Pati Maori, would not get funding, and other support from the Crown…

  2. So, a cabinet whose ministers are 40% Māori are somehow racist and pushing TPM (who attract 3% of the vote on a good day) to demand their own parliament? Yeah right. 17% of Māori didn’t vote for TPM and it’s whinging Marxists.

  3. Appreciated the Hunting & Fishing ads appearing on your site. There’s a big sale on apparently, must be time to stock up. Thanks for the heads up.

  4. Let’s face it, under Keys National this probably would not be a discussion. Whatever Key was as PM, he wasn’t a race baiting arsehole (obviously neither was Finlayson).

  5. Many of the tribes have a problem agreeing with each other let alone all pulling in the same direction . They may be united in their fight against this government but would they continue to be united if they were cast adrift.

    • Of course the white folk are so in agreement each other Trevor! Why do you think we have no infrastructure and a tax system that favours the property barons. Again do you actually think before you post.

    • Maori are united against the govt, but against each other. Being against a white govt gives a great facade of their unity.

      Hence, maori will win more under central govt, then a maori govt and the maori leaders know it, unless you are a maori radical like TPM and living in la la land.

  6. This Government is stopping us from hurtling into a nasty racist ravine.
    There are people on both sides of this argument busting for a fight encouraged by extremists.

    • Bob the first – Correct…some of the Te Pati Maori members want to take the country back from non- Maori, while, some non Maori wish to physical challenge this attempted rebellion…troubling

      • Really Nathan? Again you and Bob are just in denial. Seymour is a race baiting little turd of a man. Luxon not so long ago admitted as much by saying they wouldn’t support anything past first reading. Gutless as that was ( he should just said no) it still spoke volumes that National was not aligned.

    • Correct. This ethnic polarising predates the current government as part of the ‘divide and rule’ agenda of the have’s v the have-nots, and geared to cater for elitists, not the common good.

  7. ” A Māori Parliament would be symbolic and a valid means of gathering and focusing Māori aspiration. ”

    In a alternative reality Bomber.

    Or we split the country into two territories with their own governing majorities for each one while both live harmoniously with each other until there is a disagreement.

    At least these crimes against the Maori people would finally be rectified and never allowed to happen again in the new Aotearoa and its Maori representative parliament.

  8. They claimed to be afraid of a Māori takeover, as if somehow they were going to steal all the water supplies and foreshore and seabed. But the reality is naked ugly racism. Old and new colonists with tiny little racist minds and shrivelled nasty souls don’t want to share the bounty of Aotearoa, instead preferring to keep half of NZ in grinding poverty so that their taxes don’t go to “bludgers”

  9. roblogic you seem to be suggesting a version of Socialism which was abandoned by the countries who originally introduced it?

  10. Why don’t we make the Waitangi Tribunal officially the Maori Parliament instead of its present unofficial role and reduce its powers to advisory to a democratically elected government .
    The idea of John Tamihere using NZ instead of the Waiperera Trust as his own personal piggy bank scares the shit out me

    • Anne “ The idea of John Tamihere “ would scare the shit out of Prince Harry vying to be the world’s biggest whiner instead of counting his blessings as John should too, instead of whine, whine, whine, making his Gaelic ancestors look as hapless as he is. God save the King.

  11. roblogic you seem to be suggesting a version of Socialism which was abandoned by the countries who originally introduced it?


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