Getting a knighthood for making NZ a military target

I've put you all in terrible terrible danger.

King’s Birthday Honours 2024 head back to business: Peter Beck, Theresa Gattung, Jim Boult, Rod Duke, Rachel Smalley

The annual list of NZ ‘great’s has been released and it’s the usual cavalcade of people who have humbly served venal Capitalism most.

Rachel Smalley got an honour for services to journalism?


Journalism and Rachel Smalley go together like Seven Sharp and cutting edge current affairs, in that it doesn’t

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Isn’t Theresa Gating currently pimping a $6500 a year exclusive dating site that doesn’t actually have any men joining? Seeing as women are ‘decentering men’, a $6500 a year Tinder subscription doesn’t seem to be up with the latest in feminist inter-sectionalism.

But the one that truly takes my breath away is Peter Beck for services to making NZ a military target!

Rocket Lab fires rockets into space for the secretive National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) this is their charming patch…

…nothing erodes faith in the check and balance of extreme power quite like a giant orange space octopus proclaiming that nothing is out of its reach. Unbeknownst to most NZers, Rocket Lab is a Military Industrial Complex franchise, not some plucky Number 8 Wire Dad Shed schlock that Rocket Lab like to project to the sleepy hobbits of Muddle Nu Zilind…

Rocket Lab’s link with the CIA’s venture capital firm was revealed in 2016 by US investigative journalism site The Intercept, but has not been reported by the New Zealand media.

Although it operates independently, In-Q-Tel invests on behalf of the CIA and the broader US intelligence community in companies whose products may have national security applications.

A document obtained by The Intercept shows that Rocket Lab CEO Peter Beck spoke at a summit of In-Q-Tel portfolio companies in February 2016. Other speakers included then-FBI director James Comey. Beck earlier wrote about Rocket Lab for In-Q-Tel’s quarterly publication in 2015.  

In contrast, Lockheed Martin’s investment in Rocket Lab is mentioned routinely in press coverage and was the subject of a jibe by departing Vector chairman Michael Stiassny to the Vector AGM last week.

However, the extent of Rocket Lab’s defence industry work has gone essentially unremarked. Details of this work had been removed from Rocket Lab’s website by the time the regulatory regime enabling the company’s activities in New Zealand came into law last year.

…in 2015, NZ quietly signed up to a 5 Eyes US Space programme that would allow Rocket Labs to launch US Military satellites from their Mahia Peninsula launchpad.

Put aside the zero public debate of whether or not we should get this close to the American Military Industrial Complex in the first place and note that no one ever explained to the NZ public how allowing Rocket Labs to launch US military satellites  immediately upgrades NZ to being a legitimate military target!

Because of this, Chinese Subs and Russian Subs will legitimately sit off the East Coast of NZ targeting the launch site.

THIS is why we needed to buy 4 P-8s! Because America is able to launch military satellites from NZ, which makes us a target and we need to defend that target with sub hunting planes!

New sub-killer planes may never fire in anger but Govt wants the option

Defence Minister Ron Mark has announced the Government will buy four Boeing P-8A Poseidons to replace the defence force’s ageing fleet of P-3K Orions. The purchase has been a longtime coming.

The P-8s, known as submarine killers, mark a new era in defence procurement, with one expert calling this the most significant defence purchase in a generation.

…so under National, we signed up to a military space programme through our 5 Eyes network that has now made us a legitimate military target which we need to buy sub hunting planes and torpedoes for???

When will it be made clear to the rest of the electorate that we have done this and put everyones lives at risk by Rocket Lab making us a legitimate military target?

The funniest thing about this is the Ministerial fig leaf used to hide our militarisation of space…

Additionally, every Rocket Lab payload must now be signed off by the New Zealand Space Agency (housed within) MBIE, plus the Space Minister (currently Stuart Nash), after meeting safety criteria and passing a “national interest” test.

…according to the secret 5 Eyes space deal we signed before Labour won the 2017 election, we can use a ‘national interest’ test to justify any militarisation of space America thinks we need to have.

I don’t think the people of NZ understand that Rocket Labs makes us a legitimate military target for Russia and China and that’s why Beck is getting his honour, for tying NZ to the American Military Industrial Complex.



  1. Martyn – Once again, the real heroes of the Honours’ List are located at the bottom – the lower awards, not the higher honours…

  2. Quite a few of them took my breath away. It made me feel a little pity for the King and His enterage.
    Talk about a stacked deck with a few token deserving specimens thrown in.
    Reinforcing the fact that it’s all becoming a bit of a farce. I know one person that’s thinking of handing his back.

    • ” Royal honours are bizarre. Helen Clarke was principled enough to ditch the Sir/Dame nonsense. ”

      One of the first think the shyster did was drop the New Zealand honours in favour of the archaic British system we had for decades so him and his gangsters could again become knights and dames of a past colonial era.

      You have never finished your time at the top until you have your knighthood regardless of the corruption you engaged in while in office.

      I for one will never acknowledge Key or English’s title if I am referring to them in a post anywhere.

      Helen Clark had it right with the move to a New Zealand honours system that acknowledged your success as a truly New Zealand honour without the entitlement that the old system was well known to promote.

      That the shyster re instated it as one of his first acts as PM said a lot about the deplorable human being he still is and the people who supported him.

      • And Richie McCaw gracefully declined.Was always disappointed in Michael Cullens acceptance. Who’d want to join the Ron Brierly and James Wallace club?

  3. Getting a knighthood for…sponging off the government.

    Is this an actual, real profitable business? And if so, can I have my investment back please.

  4. Every US Base within range will be destroyed & America’s Navy & Submarine Fleet will be wiped off the face of the Earth if they dared to attack China! And Peter Beck & his CIA Asset Rocket Lab has put a bullseye target on NZ which has zero defence, Rocket lab will be the 2nd Target that the China/Russian Military Alliance will seek & destroy with Hypersonic missiles, if it comes to a War with China, the First target will be the seat of Govt at the Beehive, hopefully all these Politicians & Right wing bastards will be present in the Building when it all goes a Mushroom cloud of Nuclear fire? And Beck’s Technology is crap, slow ass Rockets, yesterdays Tech, today all the leading Hypersonic Rocket Tech is in the hands of Russia & China, the West has nothing to compete or compare! Even the Houthis have better rockets & missile Tech than Rocket Labs overhyped garbage Tech! Pathetic!

    • A thought Antiforce+ – Commenters are interested in what you write but say yours are too big to take in – what about getting your main points over as numbered statements. Then at the end go into fuller explanation and give links etc.

      So much easier that would be for readers and your points would be clear because you would have had to distill them from the welter of facts, opinions, and various details that are in your mind, all driven by your concern that we should be thinking about this thing deeply.

      So make it easier for us all and get it clear in your head for yourself. Things can change, and if they do, you could amend and say like – ‘further to No.1 on -date- it seems that the figure for ballistics has gone up’ etc.

    • The scenario you’re describing is quite extreme and reflects a significant amount of tension and fear. While geopolitical conflicts and military advancements are serious topics, it’s essential to approach these discussions with a balanced perspective. Here are a few points to consider:

      1. **Diplomacy and Deterrence**: Major global powers, including the US, China, and Russia, have significant incentives to avoid direct military conflict due to the catastrophic consequences of nuclear war. Diplomacy and deterrence play crucial roles in maintaining global stability.

      2. **Technological Advancements**: While Russia and China have made advancements in hypersonic technology, it’s not accurate to dismiss Western technological capabilities outright. The US and its allies continue to invest heavily in defense and aerospace technology, including hypersonic systems.

      3. **Rocket Lab and New Zealand**: Rocket Lab is a private aerospace company that has contributed to the global space industry. Targeting civilian infrastructure like Rocket Lab, especially in a country with a historically neutral stance like New Zealand, would escalate tensions unnecessarily and contradict international laws of war.

      4. **Rhetoric and Reality**: Hyperbolic statements about total destruction and targeting civilians or political buildings can escalate fear and tension. Constructive dialogue, informed by facts and a nuanced understanding of international relations, is crucial.

      5. **Human Impact**: War, especially involving nuclear weapons, has devastating effects on all humanity. Advocating for peaceful resolution and cooperation is essential for global security.

      It’s important to stay informed through credible sources and engage in discussions that promote understanding and constructive solutions to international issues.

      • Absolute nonsense. The US is trying to start a race war against Chinese people and their people’s government. The enemy base that was established on the Mahia penninsula- against the wishes of the people of Mahia- will be a legitimate military target if the Chinese respond militarily to the American attacks, as they have every right to do so. I hope they don’t hit it with an ICBM, but they would be entirely justified to do so until we chuck the filthy yanks out.

        • Oh, of course, because nothing says “justifiable response” like launching an ICBM at a private space company’s launch site on the Mahia Peninsula. I’m sure the local residents, who clearly had no say in any of this, would be thrilled to see their home turned into ground zero for geopolitical posturing. And let’s not forget how effectively a race war would help any nation’s international standing—clearly, a winning strategy. It’s always heartwarming to see such measured and rational thinking in the face of complex global issues.

      • Incredible sauce! Warmed up Chile? The iron hand in the velvet glove is a term of understanding our need to watch that we don’t get destructive solutions to our real universe problems.

  5. He looks as if he has been chained to his computer while encouraging propaganda building his self esteem has been broadcast, and has never seen Red Dwarf or read Terry Pratchett’s vast collection of printed magical ideas. And he seems a worthy god for a new cult not well-known, named after Maurice Gee’s The Halfmen of O (see more below, an allegory for our times.)
    The Halfmen Of O: The O Trilogy Volume 1 | MAURICE …
    Mighty Ape › … › Science fiction
    They are summoned to the beautiful land of O in a last-ditch attempt to save the planet from cruel Otis Claw and his followers, the evil Halfmen, who have lost …

  6. Peter is to be admired for his work and the opportunity for his workers to earn good money and grow their knowledge. The dollars he brings in helps pay for our nice to have like teachers and nurses. It would have been a lot easier for him if he had set up shop off shore.
    As 5 eyes partner we are already in the firing line if the shit ever hits the fan.

  7. Something useful that you lefties could do, would be to bring an end to royal honours. The honours replicate English class structure and are inappropriate in a 21st century country. I struggle to comprehend why Ardern swapped comrade for dame.

  8. I wonder if the day will come when [enemies] bomb each other with Ecstasy pills and bottles of spring water?
    ” Take that you bastards! If you think you’re happy and love us now then take this! Serves you right! You’re now happier than ever and you’ll love us even more so that’ll teach ya, now c’mere ya big lugs? ”
    In this day and age, what ever your take on that might be, it seems to me quite bizarre that we’re still viciously slaughtering each other. Doesn’t it all seem so medieval? But worse, so unfashionable. It’d be like flying to Russia or North Korea, The Middle East or China then once off the plane shouting ” Ahoy fuckers! I’m your enemy, so I’m told, so who’s up for some violence and carnage then? ” They’d look at you like you were an idiot then call the police. So how does the general conflict we see, every-fucking-day escalate to such extremes? Txt’s? Emails? The fingers? Nasty pictures in crayon? Baring one’s arsehole? The North Koreans are balooning shit in to their neighbours.
    I know communist Chinese people and they’re lovely. I’ve met Russians, I’ve had booze and coffee with Russian fishermen, I’ve worked with Korean people, I’ve chanced to meet Afghani’s and Iranians and Iraqi’s and they’re sweethearts! So what the fuck’s going on then? Who says we must be enemies? Has anyone thought of asking that? The answer, of course, is no. No one’s thought to ask why we must kill each other putting aside the God bothering bollocks.
    I can tell you why. It’s because there’s money in it. Money. Money, money, money. It empowers the pathetic and it destroys the beautiful.
    Watch this.
    Ironically on Amazon Prime.
    The men who stole the World.
    Wait, wait. I’m not finished.
    That, is why we need mandatory voting. We must be each other’s wing persons. We need, indeed MUST be ever vigilant for each other as we must expect others to be vigilant for us. We need society. We need unity. We need to be ever vigilant. We need social-ism and only when we have reliable, cohesive unity can we have true freedom. I know. Ironic right? But without that, we get what we’ve got, and fucked is what we are.

  9. Didn’t Theresa Gating once say, And i paraphrase here. “I think everyone knows or should know we are ripping them off blind but, what the fuck are they going to do about it? Because, we are the only game in town so fuck them.” Give that women a fucking reward? Really?

  10. As an engineer who has “experience” we are using there technology , we had to ask them if we could start this. Is it good ? No no technology is actually not good for humans, we have micro plastics in our testicles now haha

  11. Beck will probably end up simping for the Nats now. That’s what usually happens when you get a knighthood from them.

  12. The whole knighthood thing is just a bad joke and needs to be ditched. People forego their principles for the stupid title and perceived ‘elevation above the rabble’…like arch anti-royal republican Jacinda
    or arch leftie Cullen. Or that Bovverboy Duckwit Mallard…fuckin hell how can that guy get a gong and accept it with good conscience???? Or Key and English? As if being PM wasn’t enough?
    Next thing they’ll give Rawiri Waititi a gong for services to colonialism…and he’ll accept it.
    Here’s a thought: would a tranny become a Sir or Dame or a Thame or a Thir? They have to sort that!


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