MEDIAWATCH: Nicola Willis comes across like a ghoul on Q+A trainwreck interview



I’ve always argued that Jack Tame is one of the best TV Political Interviewers in the game, despite his terrible Israeli Ambassador Interview which was pretty shocking, DESPITE that, he is still excellent and his interview with Nicola Willis post her first budget is a stark reminder of just how good he can be.

He eviscerated Nicola Willis whose ghoulish  performance on Q+A has to be seen to be believed.

The first mainstream bite of the budget claimed this was ‘vanilla’ and ‘moderate’, when the truth is the total opposite, it’s an incredibly radical right wing budget dressed up as moderate!

9000 families are worse off and only 3000 families will get the full $250 tax cut that National repeatedly promised over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over over and over and over and over and over again during the election!

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You’ve been scammed NZ!

Her certainty that simply because it’s a ‘philosophical’ belief  of hers that people shouldn’t get more money on welfare justifies pushing 13000 kids into poverty is so freaky, you can’t un-see it!

Once you’ve seen the weird glow that came into her eyes as she effectively argued that hunger was a perfectly legitimate punishment, you can’t look at her the same.

It was ike Gollum looking at his precious.

The idea of punishing the poor via hunger was so morally certain in her view that banging the table and proclaiming it was her philosophical belief that poor people should get less to inspire them to the greatness of the ubermensch was all a bit much before brekky.

You could hear NZers mouth opened staring in disquiet at her fervour punishment fantasies.

The disgusting truth that they gave to the rich landlords but couldn’t provide the money for cancer patient medicine DESPITE PROMISING IT is so fucking ugly!

That’s a value statement if you ever needed one, National stand with Landlords and Cancer!

The outrageous truth is that she has borrowed more than Labour did!

You right wingers screamed and screamed and screamed at Labour for borrowing and here is National borrowing MORE!

When Labour borrowed, they did it to save us from Covid, when National borrow, it’s for fucking tax cuts!


Comrades, you have had your post Covid bitterness manipulated by these right wing pricks who are passing legislation for them and their rich donor mates.

Come on.

The truth is this budget is a nightmare.

$3billion cut from the climate change budgets!

Cancer Patients thrown to the vagaries of budget calculators despite promising to hear their pain and save their lives!

13000 kids pushed into poverty!

No new funding for Māori, with $300million less!

Less state houses built

Less money for everything when population growth is taken into account.

NZ has made a terrible, terrible mistake by electing this hard right, racist, climate denying, beneficiary bashing Government.

It’s perfectly ok to regret your 2023 vote Comrades, it’s what you do now after you’ve seen how they duped us that matters.

How it started vs how it’s going



    • @ NMG. Absolutely correct.
      Nicola Willis’ job is to launder farmer earned exports money by sequestering it then when the heat’s off, re-lending it back into the communities it was stloen from in the first place. By having that exports earned money meander about through crooked corporations and the deviant IRD then into gubbimint coffers to be lent and re lent it all comes out pearly, especially once it finally goes through the intestines of the retail banking scum who once their mates in the real E-snake industry wash it all via lending it that money is merely grains of wheat to be thrown down to the chickens wanting urban housing.
      Surly though you all have figured that out? You can’t honestly tell me that you do truly believe that some of the most hideous, odious, nasty, ugly plasti-Mc Mansion’s which sell for more than $1.2 mil. are actually worth that? Our economy is a crime scene and Willis is nothing more than a mafia accountant.
      If you’re the kind of people who like to sound out the truth by reason of examples then try this one.
      U$A centric but same-same
      The Men Who Stole The World. And got away with it.

    • Yes …pure greed…

      When she ran the line during the election campaign that she wanted to help ‘ the squeezed middle,’ so that they could go out to the movies and treat themselves to ‘Ben & Jerry’s icecream, rather than having
      to stay home and watch netflix, you just knew she was completely out of her mind.

      Add to that, the fact that her economic ineptness was on full display during the pre-election Queenstown Debate, when Grant Robertson and James Shaw rang rings around her, highlighting the complex understandings that they had on the subject, and she didn’t.

      It was a night and day, chalk and cheese, comparison.

      Willis is inept and naive…a very very very bad combination…and it’s clear that neither Luxon or Seymore, or Peters, are ‘good with numbers’, as they have all claimed to be!

      The warning signs were there for all to see. The thickos CHOSE to ignore them!!

      But hey…that’s how the thickos roll.

  1. Interview@ 32.00 NW says getting the books back into balance!!! How can borrowing with compound interest on top and not taking revenue by giving Landlords interest deductibility be getting the books into balance!? What Alice in wonderland does she revel in?

    • They would have to have a social conscience for me to ever vote for them and I’ve never ever voted for a corrupt government such as this National one.

  2. She was actually salivating drooling at the mouth when announcing only 3000 will get the $200 odd a fortnight she a monster not even disguising her ugliness.

  3. Personally I’m surprised to get any tax correction, usually these are hollow pre-election promises that are almost never delivered. I certainly won’t be donating my extra $20/week to the Labour party, you can if you think it will help.

  4. Give it another year till the effects of this budget really bite home, and for the full effects of the shrinking of our public services to fully impact, and for Winston to near the end of his tenure, then we’ll see a sudden collapse of this coalition. Followed by a snap election. As the year progresses and throughout next year, the polling will really hit them on the goolies, then the panic will set in. They’ll try for a “nice” budget next year, but they’ll be so deeply unpopular, the writing will be on the wall. Labour and the left should start making plans NOW.

  5. The budget is balanced and more importantly responsible.
    To expect anyone on the left to admit to that is impossible such is their bias and fiscal ignorance.

    • You can’t balance a budget by increasing debit in the real world without expecting consequences, something will happen, probably our dollar will reduce in value so imported inflation will increase and you don’t need much imagination to see what problems interest rates and mortgage defaults could do to the property market.

    • Come on bob that statement from you is delusional at best, or completely economically illiterate at worst. Get out of ya bubble mate.

      • Yes, the facts are the facts. Willis borrowed 12 billion to pay for the 10 billion tax cuts. Stupidity reigns supreme with Willis and her government.

  6. The cancer drug funding, pre-election promise; post-election budget not delivered. Even Steven Joyce calls it an ‘inexplicable’ omission.
    Current cancer-sufferers will, very sadly, die before they get any drugs that this Coalition will deem to make available to them.
    Put alongside their rescinding of the smoke-free legislation that Labour put in place, this Coalition of Killers will have the blood of the deaths of thousands of NZ citizens on their hands.
    What a terrible legacy they have so far engineered – and they have only been in office 6 months!
    What disastrous, deathly policies will they foist on the innocent citizens of Aotearoa/New Zealand in the 30 months or so they’ve got left? Be very afraid, A/NZers!

  7. Well we’ll what a cold hearted bitch tricola is. She actually believes her own bullshit she’s borrowed billions to save face as she would have to quit. Many NZers are going to died prematurely with health systems becoming a bigger basket case under her watch. Bullshit bishop promised us river link in the hutt valley another fucken liar who can look you in the eye and lie through his teeth. We are fucked under this shit arse government. Prisons will be full of our people, courts worse than they are now and Tricola will get rid of more state jobs. So what are we paying our taxes for. And if we have a disaster or epidemic we will be up a creek without a paddle. Fucken dummies who fell for all these dicks lies and they have only just started. Lux-on is out of his league.

  8. The dominatrix Willis probably gets off on It’s way home singing Jesus I was Evil.
    It’s one VERY ugly specimen.
    Oh how I wish I’d kept some Uber driver’s in-cabin conversations. It could probably be resurrected somewhere except I wouldn’t piss on It if It was on fire

  9. Jack Tame drops the ball again.

    When Nicola Willis pointed out that National believes getting people into work is the answer to poverty (similar to Labour) Jack failed to point out around 50% of children currently in poverty come from working families.

  10. When Nicola Willis pointed out that she didn’t want people staying on benefits for years, Jack failed to point out that many with illnesses do. Further, nor did he ask her what was she going to do for them?

    • Stupid woman didn’t understand that jobs need to exist for people to work in them, skills need to exist and that requires training. These stupid fools seem to think people will pay for training when they have no certainty of getting a job. Idiots.

      • Yes, Nick. There first needs to be a significant number of available jobs.

        And going forward, unemployment (for lack of a sufficient growth plan and alternative means to address inflation) is projected to increase.

        Education and training need to better align with the demand side of the labour market. With more responsibility taken to ensure people aren’t left in debt via obtaining skills that don’t align.

    • Which the failure will be repeated due to National holding the same belief.

      For work to be part of the solution, it will require a living wage.

      And for those on long-term due to poor health, benefits need to vastly increase.

      Yet, evidently, National won’t go there.

      Therefore, prepare to see society further unravel. More crime, more incarceration and more poor health.

    • Jesus bob. Are you that one sandfly that find’s its way into the car when you go to the beach. The little fucker will nip and bite until you can get home to the fly spray.
      Here’s the facts, something bob the first knows about far too well but that’s not why Bob The First’s here. Bob’s job is to spread disinformation, never mind the facts and Bob TF. You’re a bit pathetically shit at it btw.
      Here’s alternate facts. Factual facts one might write
      The national party formed in 1936 with the sole purpose of infiltrating exported farmer produce. Then all the Natzo’s had to do was to wedge their flat feet into the income stream coming back into AO/NZ from those export markets. Things went well enough until the natzo’s got greedy as is their ignorant want. They tried chocking off produce to our export markets to force up prices which back fired and led to the formation of the EEC.
      By now, the natzo’s became so reliant on free money and the Auckland ( And now Australian ) lifestyle of coke, hookers and kiddy porn ( ron brierly. Heard of? ) that they must have panicked and went looking for an out.
      Enter roger douglas. The happy pig fondler. By then, Old Labour was steering into turmoil and was soon to be destroyed. The natzo’s were using any and all tricks, tactics and dirty politics to keep the now all bought and paid for MSM from reporting the truth and instead focused on rapes, murders, death and destruction and it was at about that time David Lange came aboard the foundering old Labour ship, with her sails by now in tatters and her flag at half mast. Roger Rat sealed the deal. There’s compelling evidence that he’d been secretly hidden under Old Labours bed in a box by the urban rich as Labour’s traitor two term finance minister so when the time was right he was let out to skitter across the floor to do old Labour in, which he did. Just ask seymour?
      Lange quit in protest then Labour became the shiny new neo-liberal Labour and as a consequence dirty to its rotten core.
      That was now forty years ago and since then nothing’s *changed. Labour is a proxy state of the Natzo’s and the natzo’s and their fawning MMP minions are all the same thing. Greedy and amoral. Once New Sparkling Labour had become ever confident at committing serious treasons and betrayal’s to its loyal constituents Old Labours values and loyalties to its working class people were slowly dissolved into the digestive tracts of what could be confidently described as one of the dirtiest, most corrupt politics in the world.
      Bob the first’s job here is to maintain the myth that there’s a difference between labour and national to make the crime look like political opponents vying for who can do the best for we people but in reality there are only a few old crooks getting sticky and rolling about in your blood sweat and tears, and farmers? It’s you who should be most afraid. The pointless gaggle of Fed Farmer tea sippers and biscuit nibblers are there as window dressing. Federated Farmers is a national party initiative invented to quell farmer dissent, and most importantly to keep farmers noses to the grind stone because Auckland’s urban rich need another billion dollars and another mansion in NYC and then, of course, you have the now foreign owned banks to feed and support never mind they’re the second most profitable banks in the world only to Canada.
      * Unless you think change for the worse is change.
      And did you know? Farmers had a Union back in the day but you can no loner find that particular detail. I have a nice badge with New Zealand Farmers Union on it but when you try to research The Farmers Union all that comes up is the Federated Farmers ad nauseam.

  11. Hardly unexpected or nothing new. National promising a three course dinner, then handing you a wrapper of fish and chips, all the whilw trying to convince you its crayfish and whitebait patties.

    • And then put you into debt with prescription fees, increased rents, student loans, scrapping free transport for children 5 to 12 and half-price discounts for ages 13 to 24 also gone etc etc etc.

      The wealthy and unintelligent right wing supporters won’t care.

  12. The following is a question for the Greens.

    Where is your alternative Budget?

    I’d ask the same of Labour, but they have yet to form any policy.

    So Greens, here is your time to shine and show the nation you have a better plan.


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