Cost Of Living In Auckland Still Not A Priority – Labour Party


A laundry list of additional costs for Tāmaki Makarau Auckland shows the Minister for the city is not delivering for the people who live there, says Labour Auckland Issues spokesperson Shanan Halbert.

“The State of the City Update released this week shows that after almost six months under a National Government, Tāmaki Makarau Auckland is in the top third of cities with the highest cost of living, and ranked 80th of 100 when it comes to prosperity,” said Shanan Halbert.

“I believe Minister Simeon Brown isn’t focussed on his Auckland portfolio. He hasn’t taken any papers to Cabinet, and Auckland wasn’t a priority during the first 100 days, nor is it on this quarter’s to-do list. At the rate he’s going I wouldn’t be surprised if he drops the portfolio altogether.

“All we have seen from Simeon Brown, who is supposedly charged with meeting Auckland’s needs, is more expensive public transport, a 1.2 billion hole in the city’s infrastructure fund and a potential 25.8 per cent rates rise to cover the costs of water.

“We had a plan that would have saved Auckland rate payers money. Repealing the regional fuel tax while adding other taxes, does not save Aucklanders money. Minister Brown is making a meal of the water reforms, dumping huge costs on the city’s balance sheet.

“There is no plan to solve congestion, or crime, and Aucklanders who struggle daily living in New Zealand’s most expensive city are feeling helpless. Auckland deserves more, and Minister Brown is failing to deliver,” said Shanan Halbert.




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