Political Caption Competition


All three at the opening of their second chin and jowls for The Crony Capitalism of Gravy Awards held last night


    • The bartender says, “We don’t serve NACTZIs  here.” The  NACTZIs say, “That’s OK…We don’t serve anyone either.”

    • And the bartender turns to them and says, “what, is this some kind of joke? Where’s the prostitute and the lobbyist ?”

      • And Jones says to the bartender “get your top off love and give us a gander”. Brown say’s “but I’m not of age” and Bishop say’s “do you serve the best pies here?”

    • All three turn and point to the working men in the back playing pool and say, “those guys are buying our drinks”.

  1. Now we know what it looks like to the baby when the kindly politician comes round distributing kisses. goodwill and promises. So soon does disillusionment start! Waah!

  2. It’s taken me all weekend to remember where I’ve seen a painting like this.
    Charles the 1st was it? From 3 angles. And what happened to him?

    Good captions everyone.


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