The Working Group with Simon Wilson, Michael Wood and Damien Grant


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As the rest of the media industry die – The Working Group, New Zealand’s greatest weekly political podcast THAT IS NOT FUNDED BY NZ ON AIR, returns 7.30pm live tonight for our 2024 Season!

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Our first episode last week beat Tova and made us the number 1 weekly political podcast (that is not funded by NZ on Air!)

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Streaming live from the palatial new podcast studios at Mediaworks, we are live on YouTube, Facebook, The Daily Blog and ROVA .

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

Panelists tonight: Stuff Columnist and Libertarian Cheerleader Damien Grant, E Tu Union Boss Michael Wood and NZ Herald columnist Simon Wilson

Topic 1 – Is the NZ mainstream media industry broken and what does that mean for Fourth Estate Journalism and Democracy? 

Topic 2 – Brooke Van Velden’s Q+A interview and the problem of ACTs social policy vandalism

Topic 3 – Are attempts to rule methane out a new quack science for the Political Right to ignore climate change?

Honestly, it’s politics done in a way you can’t see anywhere else.

TEXT: Working to 3598 for all updates

The podcast broadcasts live 7.30pm Tuesdays from the new podcast studios at  Mediaworks on Facebook, YouTube , The Daily BlogApple Podcasts, Spotify & Rova 


  1. Go you, you awesome bastard! BTW. You look good in Black. The noble colour of a true Revolutionary.

  2. Can you ask the panel, who will hold the government to account now they have dismantled the state owned news channel?
    That’s what dictatorship governments do.

    • Bob, dictatorships are only evidenced when right wing governments are in power in NZ.

  3. the kiwirail decision is a travesty. more neoliberal free marketeers in Parliament, manipulating to undermine and sell-out what we all collectively own, because they can’t compete with it. They want us under a corporate hegemony, like gangsters. Standing over us and telling us, it is we, through our own fault, who are the problem. Time to seriously limit parliament and it’s goons, let the people decide. Regularly. More debate, more activism.

  4. Yes, doctor doom and the worst gangster are the ones you can’t see they don’t wear a patch.

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