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    • We’re cossetted here OwT. The world decided we were so good and could be better and came here to be our life coaches; now we have 5 million or so of them, one for each of us. Watch us shine. Dave Frishberg in USA of curse (sic) already knew about it. Blossom Dearie welcomed his wise and witty words.
      ….I am blessed
      With my attorney Bernie
      I’m impressed
      With the way he runs the store…
      Bernie tells me what to do
      Bernie lays it on the line
      Bernie says, we sue, we sue
      Bernie says, we sign, we sign…

      I’m in touch
      With my attorney Bernie
      In a clutch
      He can speed right to the scene
      And if I’m locked up in the jail
      With just one phone call for my bail
      He said to call his club collect
      Or deal directly with his answering machine…
      Dave Frishberg

      Blossom Dearie

  1. Seymour’s election proposal was to allow the Ministry of Education to introduce its own fines system. Applied to the parents of kids that are truant

    Will we soon see this being extended to the parents of kids who misbehave?

    • What about the children! I mean politicians and falso admins managers professional cons with false documentation. Fine them, fine them, and then have their heads?

  2. I was just looking at Swanndri facts – made since early 1900s by NZ tailor now manufactured (to good standards) in China. We actually could do it here couln’t we? So now I am looking at Wools of NZ which doesn’t mean that it’s not being run by a Chinese company featuring itself as NZ/AO.

    Perhaps various ones of us could become unofficial ambassadors for NZ manufacturing. Here is the story about Wools of NZ. It looks good with pic of young family looking over a wire gate. Can we enable them or is it too late?

  3. Mackenzie Basin – sheep country. Remember James and Friday!
    And his dog Friday
    In 1855, Scottish shepherd James Mackenzie came across this incredible district while trying to hide flocks of sheep that he had rustled with the help of his loyal dog Friday. He was eventually captured,

    The Mackenzie | The History › the-history

    Extracts from
    …Mackenzie was droving sheep round about Mataura for some time when the wanderlust entered him once again. He had done a little roaming about Otago, and now decided to go further afield. So with only his dog and a pack-bullock as companions, he set off. Where he was going he didn’t know, nor did he know where he intended finishing. His wanderings, of which there appears to be no record, must have taken him over an enormous area; in time they led him to a pass in the hills that overlooked the mighty Mackenzie Country. This pass was known to, and had been traversed by, Maori tribes in South Canterbury, and was known to them as Manahune. None of the white settlers in the Levels district had gone beyond the hills rising at the back of Fairlie, so when Mackenzie stood looking down on the stretches of tussocky and shingly country, he was the first white man to do so. Mackenzie, the shepherd, realised that here was ideal sheep country, and determined to make use of it. He visited the Commissioner of Lands at Oamaru and obtained a Government license to occupy this new territory. But Mackenzie wasn’t a rich man and couldn’t afford to buy his sheep, so he adopted methods not entirely legal.

    The Rhodes Brothers were the biggest runholders in the Levels County at this time, and their sheep were scattered over extensive areas. Early in March, 1855, it was discovered that a mob of 1,000 sheep had mysteriously disappeared from the “Levels Run.” John Sidebottom, manager for the Rhodes, immediately gathered one or two Maori hands and set off on the trail of the missing sheep. The trail was easily followed, for there had been rain, and 1,000 sheep cannot be moved without signs. Sidebottom was surprised when he discovered where the trail was leading him, for he was entirely ignorant that a route through the hills had been discovered. It was not long before he was looking down page 37 on the plains of the Mackenzie: looking down, too, on Mackenzie himself and the mob of sheep tended by one collie…

    …Mackenzie headed north after his escape from Sidebottom, finally reaching Lyttelton. He made an astonishingly quick trip, so quick that when he was captured in the Canterbury port the Rhodes would not believe it was the same man, declaring he could never have covered the ground in the time. Mackenzie’s intentions were to flee the country, leaving for Australia by the little steamer “Zingari.” The vessel was not due to leave for a day or two, so Mackenzie went into hiding…
    His identity now proved beyond doubt, Mackenzie was sentenced to five years’ penal servitude. Sentence announced, Mackenzie broke into impassioned speech, demanding—in English, not Gaelic—if he were to go to gaol, that the dog be allowed to go with him; but this was not permitted.
    …The frequent escapes and the expenses incurred in recaptures (on one occasion a reward of $10 was offered for his capture, claimed by Rapaki Maoris), decided the authorities that something must be done. In January, 1856, the Governor (Colonel Gore-Browne) granted Mackenzie a pardon provided he left the country. He was warned he would serve his sentence if ever he returned. Some years later he did set foot on New Zealand shores again, but a polite hint from the authorities sent him hurrying back to Australia where at last he appears to have settled down…


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