Occupied Palestine – 01 April 2024


In Occupied Palestine

Zionism in practice

Israel’s Daily Toll on Palestinian Life, Limb, Liberty and Land

08:00, 01 April until 08:00, 02 April 2024

[Source of statistics: Palestinian Monitoring Group]

Gaza Strip

Air strikes: Heavy aerial bombardment on buildings, homes and many facilities.

Attacks: All over Gaza, there are air strikes, heavy gunfire, tank and artillery shelling, as well as missiles fired from Israeli forces and military occupation, especially in Khan Yunis. The Israeli Navycontinues to fire missiles, targeting facilities and buildings along the shoreline of the whole of Gaza.

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Victims: 71 people killed in Gaza brings the total number of deaths since 7 October to at least 32,916. With another 102 wounded, that figure has risen to 75,494. Fully accurate statistics are not available, due to insecurity menacing hospitals in the Gaza Strip.

OCHA Flash Update #149 not yet available

Statement by the Humanitarian Co-ordinator

for the Occupied Palestinian TerritoryMr. Jamie McGoldrick

Jerusalem, 2 April 2024 | 12:00

I am extremely saddened and appalled by the Israeli army’s multiple airstrikes last night that killed seven World Central Kitchen personnel in Deir al-Balah, Gaza. My condolences go out to the families, friends and colleagues of the World Central Kitchen personnel who were killed.

This is not an isolated incident. As of 20 March, at least 196 humanitarians had been killed in the Occupied Palestinian Territory since October 2023. This is nearly three times the death toll recorded in any single conflict in a year.

Since October 2023, the oPt has become one of the world’s most dangerous and difficult places to work. There is no safe place left in Gaza. All parties to the conflict, including the Government of Israel, must respect international humanitarian law, which prohibits the targeting of humanitarian personnel. The role of aid workers is to alleviate the suffering of people in crisis. Their safety, along with that of the civilians they serve, must be guaranteed.

This attack comes at a time of severe hardship and suffering in Gaza. World Central Kitchen provides desperately needed food assistance in Gaza where recent analysis has shown a risk of famine is imminent for the 2.2 million people of Gaza. The organization estimates it has provided more than 35 million hot meals since October 2023 and established more than sixty community kitchens.

For further information, please contact:

Suhad Sakalla, sakalla@un.org Tel: +972 54 3443 202; +970595614661

Ilona Gaudin, gaudin2@un.org Tel: +972 54 3311 835

West Bank

[Palestinian Monitoring Group]

Israeli Army attack – 1 child and 1 adult wounded: Jerusalem – 02:45, Israeli Occupation forces, firing live ammunition, stormed the Qalandiya refugee camp, wounding a 15-year-old boy, Muhammad Ismail Yaqoub, as well as one other person: Khaled Muhammad Kanaan.

Israeli Army attack – 1 wounded as well as taken prisoner: Jerusalem – dawn, raiding Israeli forces wounded a resident, Montaser Aqoub, then took him prisoner.

Home invasion in refugee camp – 1 child injured – 12 other people taken prisoner: Jerusalem – 02:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided the Qalandiya refugee camp and invaded a home, injuring one child and taking prisoner 12 people.

Home invasions – 1 taken prisoner: Qalqiliya – 22:5503:25, Israeli forces raided Jayus, Azzun and Kafr Thulth, searching a number of homes and taking prisoner one person.

Home invasion – 1 taken prisoner: Qalqiliya – 22:3503:15, the Israeli Army raided the village of Asalah and searched a number of homes, taking prisoner one person.

Home invasions: Qalqiliya – 03:05, Israeli troops raided Izbit al-Ashqar village and searched three homes.

Home invasion: Nablus – 09:20-13:45, one home was invaded during raids by the Israeli military on Aqraba as well as the village of Osirin.

Home invasion: Salfit – 20:30, Israeli Occupation forces raided the village of Marda and invaded a home.

Home invasion: Bethlehem – 09:00, Israeli soldiers raided the village of Artas and searched a house.

Home invasions – 2 taken prisoner: Hebron – 09:45-18:05, Israeli Occupation forces raided the city and searched three homes, taking prisoner two residents.

Home invasion1 child abducted: Hebron – 21:50, Israeli forces raided Beit Ummar and abducted a 15-year-old boy: Jihad Mahmoud Badr Al-Khalil.

Home invasions: Hebron – 00:15, the Israeli Army raided Idhna and searched three homes.

Home invasion: Hebron – 04:05, Israeli troops raided Dura and invaded a house.

Israeli police and settlers’ mosque violation: Jerusalem – 11:00, Israeli Occupation forces issued an order, banning a resident, Muhammad Abu Al-Homs, from entering Al-Aqsa Mosque for a period of three months.

Israeli Army vandalism: Nablus – 23:45, Israeli forces bulldozed land in Qaryut village.

Israeli Army destruction and economic sabotage: Jericho – 08:20, the Israeli Army demolished six warehouses under construction in al-Auja.

Israeli Army property annexation: Jericho – 23:20, Israeli troops occupied warehouses under construction in the centre of al-Auja, for military purposes.

Israeli Army landgrab for settlement expansion: Bethlehem – the Israeli military issued a land-seizure order on 17 hectares of al-Taamra village land, for the expansion of the Sidi Bar Occupation settlement outpost.

Israeli Army populationcontrol: Hebron – 11:45, Israeli soldiers closed the only access to the homes of 25 families living in the Old City.

Occupation settler vandalism: Ramallah – 04:00, stone-throwing Israeli settlers smashed the windows of a house in Sinjil.

Occupation settler arson and racist insults: Nablus – dawn, Israeli Occupation settlers raided the village of Osirin, setting fire to a motor vehicle and spray-painting racist insults in Hebrew.

Occupation settler stoning: Nablus – 15:35, Israelis, from the Psagot Occupation settlement, stoned passing vehicles on the nearby bypass road.

Occupation settler violence pastoral sabotage: Nablus – 16:05, Israeli settlers invaded pastoral land, east of Aqrab, and assaulted shepherds.

Occupation settler vandalism and agricultural sabotage: Nablus – 20:1522:15, Israeli Occupation settlers invaded farmland, south of Qusra, demolishing a building and cutting off the branches from olive trees.

Occupation settler violence and hospitalisation: Nablus – 20:20, Israeli Occupation settlers stoned people’s homes, in the centre of Huwara, as well as beating up and pepper-spraying a man, Najeh Omar Khamous. One other person, Sami Muhammad Jamil Dhamidi, was admitted to hospital, with injuries received during the settler assault.

Occupation settler stoning: Nablus – 21:15, stone-throwing settlers damaged a number of vehicles, near the villages of al-Sawiya and al-Laban al-Sharqiya.

Occupation settler stoning: Nablus – 22:25, Israelis, from the Ali Occupation settlement stoned, and damaged, passing vehicles at the nearby road junction.

Occupation settler arson and agricultural sabotage: Nablus – 01:35, Israeli settlers set fire to a number of olive trees, in the village of Jureish.

Occupation settler agricultural sabotage: Jericho – 13:35, a settler grazed his sheep on farmland near al-Auja, ruining crops of wheat and barley.

Occupation settler terrorism and agricultural sabotage: Bethlehem – 17:50-20:05, Israeli settlers terrorised farmers who were working their land, on the eastern side of Nahalin.

Occupation settler vandalism: Bethlehem – Israeli Occupation settlers invaded the outskirts of the village of Khalayel al-Lawz and attacked a house, destroying doors as well as surveillancecameras.

Occupation settler terrorism: Hebron – 18:00, Israeli settlers terrorised a family in the Shaab al-Butm area, east of Yatta, and demanded that they abandon their home and leave the area.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner – populationcontrol: Ramallah – 02:20, Israeli Occupation forces raided the village of Deir Bazi, taking prisoner two people and ordering one other person to report for interrogation at Israeli Military Intelligence.

Raid: Jenin – 03:55, Israeli forces raided and patrolled Ya’bad.

Raid: Jenin – 05:35, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled Araba.

Raid: Tulkarem – 01:00, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Kafr al-Labad.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner: Tulkarem – 04:10, the Israeli military raided Quffin, taking prisoner two people.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Qalqiliya – 22:35, Israeli soldiers raided Hablat, taking prisoner one person.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner: Qalqiliya – 01:10, Israeli Occupation forces raided Azzun, taking prisoner two people.

Raid: Qalqiliya – 02:1503:15, Israeli forces raided and patrolled the city.

Raid: Nablus – 20:00, the Israeli Army raided and patrolled Jama’in.

Raid: Nablus – 22:3502:35, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Beit Furik.

Raid: Nablus – 01:30, the Israeli military raided and patrolled Beita.

Raid – 2 taken prisoner: Nablus – 01:4503:00, Israeli soldiers raided Qabalan, taking prisoner one person.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Nablus – 02:45, Israeli Occupation forces raided the village of Madama, taking prisoner one person.

Raid: Salfit – 10:10-13:45, Israeli forces raided and patrolled Deir Ballut.

Raid – plunder: Salfit – 10:30-13:45, the Israeli Army raided Qarawat Bani Hassan and seized a bulldozer.

Raid: Salfit – 16:00, Israeli troops raided and patrolled Kifl Haris.

Raid: Salfit – 16:15, the Israeli military raided and patrolled the village of Iskaka.

Raid: Salfit – 16:30, Israeli soldiers raided the village of Haris.

Raid: Salfit – 18:10, Israeli Occupation forces raided and patrolled Bidya.

Raid – destruction – populationcontrol: Jericho – 08:20-10:45, Israeli forces raided al-Auja and demolished four warehouses-under-construction.

Raids – 2 taken prisoner – refugee camp: Jericho – 05:10, the Israeli Army raided the city and the Ein Sultan refugee camp, taking prisoner two people.

Raid – 11 taken prisoner: Bethlehem – 23:5501:00, Israeli troops raided the village of Husan, taking prisoner eleven people.

Raid 3 taken prisoner: Bethlehem – 02:45, the Israeli military raided Bethlehem, taking prisoner three people.

Raid – populationcontrol: Hebron – 00:15, Israeli soldiers raided Bani Naim, and issued an order to demolish a house.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Hebron – 04:20, Israeli Occupation forces raided Sa’ir, taking prisoner one person.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Hebron – 04:30, Israeli forces raided Surif, taking prisoner one person.

Raid – 1 taken prisoner: Hebron – 04:35, the Israeli Army raided the village of Deir Samit, taking prisoner one person.



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