GUEST POST: Matt Ó Branáin – Are you safe or free if it’s a CRIME to reveal your Government’s crimes?


Matt Ó Branáin is a NZ activist who has lead the protest for Assange


  1. Very true. And in the case of Assange, he’s being prosecuted for revealing the crimes of not even his own country- or those of Britain- but of the second most evil terrorist group the world has ever seen.

  2. This is THE MOST SUBSTANTIAL ENCAPSULATION of this case that needs to be spread widely through our elected representatives and through our media organisations to our journalists
    For a list of actions that New Zealanders can easily perform that will meaningfully contribute to effecting our immediate goal of ending Julian Assange’s psychological torture in 23 hour per day solitary confinement ( 1822 days now ) please head over to New Zealanders For Julian Assange :

  3. This 20 minute video by Matt Ó Branáin from Aotearoa For Assange providing THE MOST SUBSTANTIAL encapsulation of the case of the persecution of Julian who has now been ARBITRARILY DETAINED in solitary confinement ( psychological torture ) in Belmarsh Prison in London for 1,822 days .
    Please share this with as many of our elected representatives, media organizations and journalists as possible.


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