Dr Pork destroys the Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary for mining interests – this is what we is now, this is who we have become

Dr Pork

And it has begun, exactly like TDB warned you it would!

We told you Trans National Mining Interests are dictating policy now, we told you the fast track powers handed to Shane Jones would be used to allow mining of conservation land and the Seabed…

Government scraps Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary plans, seabed mining now a possibility in ‘pristine ecosystem’

Eight years after its inception, plans for the long-contested Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary are finally dead in the water.

Minister Shane Jones declared it would have created a 620,000 square kilometre “economic no-go zone” and he plans to take advice on whether to open it for seabed mining.

…and look how other mining interests are responding to the new fast tracking powers…

Seabed miner quitting EPA hearing highlights danger of Luxon’s fast-track

Greenpeace says wannabe Taranaki seabed miner Trans-Tasman Resources is likely banking on Christopher Luxon’s fast-track process to side-step proper scrutiny of its Taranaki seabed mining proposal by bailing out of the Environmental Protection Agency hearing process.

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Australian-owned Trans-Tasman Resources (TTR) has pulled out of appearing before the Environmental Protection Authority’s (EPA) hearing into the company’s controversial application to start seabed mining off the coast of Taranaki in the South Taranaki Bight. In a statement to the media, TTR says they will update the community and stakeholders “once the next steps on this nationally significant project are finalised.”

Greenpeace Aotearoa spokesperson Juressa Lee (Te Rarawa, Ngāpuhi, Rarotonga) says: “This may seem like a win, but unfortunately, it’s highly likely that TTR is now banking on the Luxon government’s fast-track approvals process to sidestep proper scrutiny.”

“TTR has faced constant opposition from mana whenua and environment groups and has never been able to show that mining can be done without causing lasting environmental damage in the South Taranaki Bight.”

Earlier this month, TTR faced the first stage of the EPA hearings in Hāwera and was confronted by a strong and vocal show of opposition from iwi, environmental groups and Taranaki locals throughout.

Opposition to seabed mining gathers outside the EPA hearing where Trans Tasman Resources Ltd is once again making a bid for content to start seabed mining in the Taranaki Bight where they propose to suck up 50 million tonnes of sand every year for 30 years, dumping most back in giant sediment plumes after extracting the vanadium.
Opposition to seabed mining gathers outside the EPA hearing where Trans Tasman Resources Ltd is once again making a bid for content to start seabed mining in the Taranaki Bight where they propose to suck up 50 million tonnes of sand every year for 30 years, dumping most back in giant sediment plumes after extracting the vanadium.
© Clae Baxter / Greenpeace

TTR has spent more than 10 years trying to get the go-ahead to mine 50 million tonnes of seabed in a 66 square kilometre area in the South Taranaki Bight every year for 35 years to access five million tonnes of iron ore and dump the rest back into the ocean.

In 2021, the Supreme Court dismissed TTR’s latest appeal to mine and stated that environmental protection is the bottom line.

“By bailing out of the EPA hearings, TTR is continuing to display its arrogant disregard for the justified concerns of mana whenua, the local community, environmental experts and advocates and any care and responsibility for marine life and biodiversity that will be harmed by digging up the seabed,” says Lee.

…Shane is so hopelessly compromised that his fishing interests are clashing with his mining interests.

It’s funny.

Because NZ First were out of politics we don’t know how many side hustle consultancies they had with the very same interests who are now publicly funding them.

It is totally possible Shane and Winston had a private side hustle consultancy with Big Tobacco but we will never know.

One thing is for certain, Dr Pork, Shane Jones and the rest of the NZ First porkers, are all laughing  to the bank.

We are about to see a level of conflicted self interest never witnessed before…

Big donor’s ask: Minister reviews cameras on fishing boats

key details of the recent donations from Craig Boote, who is the chief executive of fishing company Westfleet: “He says he gave $10,000 to Shane Jones, $10,000 to National’s West Coast candidate Maureen Pugh, and as he recalls, $10,000 to the Act Party. The donations were split between two of his companies, Westfleet and Aimex Hydraulics. Westfleet is 50-50 owned by Boote and Sealord – which previously donated to NZ First.”

Shane Jones met this week with Boote and other fishing bosses for a dinner in Nelson, and Milne reports that the donor wants the Minister of Fisheries to get rid of cameras on fishing boats. Boote is reported saying: “I think they’ve gone overboard and invaded workers’ privacy… It’s going to be very, very difficult for us to recruit young men when they’re gonna get perved on 24/7.” In response, Jones is quoted: “I think the cameras were introduced under the last government without a true conception of the costs… I’m going to take options to Cabinet as to what is the future of the camera regime. What’s the value associated with it as a fisheries management issue and who’s going to pay for it?”

….and look at mining…

NZ needs to get back to drilling and mining, minister Jones says

“Jones didn’t exactly say ‘drill baby drill’ (or ‘dig baby dig’), but the message was clear, it was time to get back to business in the petroleum and mining industries.” And in terms of the challenges of climate change, Jones told the energy and mining bosses: “I’m New Zealand’s number one doubting Thomas about the climate religion and the fact that we have obfuscated the genuine costs of adjustment in our New Zealand economy.”

…the focus on deregulation at the same time National are promising to slash MBIE is no coincident! MBIE policies the little regulation we have, buy slashing inspectors the chance of having the weak regulations enforced are miniscule.

National, NZ First and ACT are transforming the State from an infrastructure that tries to build people up to one that punishes those the right wing voter base despise.

Banks, Real Estate Pimps, Industry Deregulation Donors, Trans National Mining interests, Corporate Farmers, Climate Polluters, the Atlas Network and the Landlord Class are the real winners from this Government.

The ease with which post covid Kiwis have allowed the corrupt right wing political class to game rigged capitalism even further in their favour because everyone hated Jacinda for saving us from 20 000 Covid deaths is depressingly NuZilind of us.

This is what we is now, this is who we have become.

Ain’t it funny how the factories doors close?‘Round the time that the school doors close?‘Round the time that the doors of the jail cellsOpen up to greet you like the reaper?

Ashes in the Fall

Rage Against the Machine


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  1. Your description of Shane Jones is right on the button. Unfortunately with MMP you need to hold your nose and do the best u can.I hate the fact we needed to get help from NZs grumpist Maori and NZ s most corrupt politician.
    Re the Kermadec Bob is right in saying the Maori with fishing rights were against the sanctuary but that does not mean mining should happen.

    • You deserve a thumbs up for that comment although I hope that the unreliability of your support parties will make for a short coalition government.

  2. Sorry folks, if you want to stop seabed mining or any other abuses of the natural environment, now that the opportunity for legal remedy have been closed off, your only choice is direct action. The same applies to every other decision of the coalition government. If you want school lunches you will have to provide them, as our community will for our kura. If you want justice for tenants, you will have to organise Tenants Protection Unions. If you want to restrict the sale of nicotine products and other drugs to tamariki and others you will have to take action against those who deal in those products at the wholesale or retail level. To do all this you will have to accept an increase in the level and intensity of social conflict in New Zealand. So be it. Simply complaining won’t cut the mustard.

  3. And what will the Iwi get from this ?Sweet fuck all .pork and the skin head gang leader will allow their off shore mates to come in and rape and pillage everything there for a few lousy dollars which they will then foward to the top 1% who will then cut them loose at the next election

  4. We can’t keep importing dirty coal and minerals needed for EV:s. The natural resources will make the province s rich.


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