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  1. If we can do more of this we might be able to survive hard times in Kiwiland. Good practical relatively ideas.
    “We had to find a way of generating better income than we would by producing whole milk powder with the major dairy companies,” he said.

    The third-generation farmer wanted his small dairy farm, which is surrounded by horticulture and lifestyle blocks, to remain economically viable, so he co-founded Appleby Farms with his neighbour, Julian Raine.

  2. Feb.27/24
    Guess what.
    …Te Whatu Ora has confirmed one case and identified a second probable case, both involving young children.
    The children had spent time in Auckland, Waikato and Tauranga visiting family members between 23 and 26 March.

    There’s no link to travel abroad and it is believed the children, who are related, caught the highly contagious disease locally, National Public Health Service clinical director Dr William Rainger said.,,

    Symptoms of measles can start about a week to 18 days after a person has been exposed to the virus, Te Whatu Ora advised on its website.

    A fever, cough, runny nose, and sore red eyes are among the most common symptoms.
    It can be followed by a red or dark pink rash on the face or behind the ears about three days after the first symptoms. White spots can also appear in the mouth.
    The spots, while not itchy, can be blotchy and close to one another. This can last for more than a week.
    It can leave children in bed for about five days but still unable to attend school for a couple of weeks…

    Now will people influential with others who are doubtful act to support and enable vaccination!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    …Health authorities and experts have been warning for months of the risks the country faces with falling immunisation rates and more people arriving from overseas.
    Epidemiologist Michael Baker told Morning Report the measles vaccine was very effective but because the disease was so infectious population coverage levels of 95 percent were needed.
    Vaccination rates had been falling since 2017 and the decline had ramped up during the Covid pandemic.
    Current coverage was 83 percent overall, and just 69 percent for Māori, Baker said.

    Jan.26 /24
    …NZ ….a significant measles outbreak this year, public health experts say.
    And there are fears very young children will die.

    Measles cases are growing globally, with a 45-fold increase in Europe in the past year and hundreds of cases in Britain since October….

    Māori Health Authority/Te Aka Whai Ora clinical director Rawiri McKree Jansen said many people were travelling between New Zealand and countries with active cases…

    Baker said it was important New Zealand did all it could to prevent the disease spreading to the wider region, with an outbreak in Samoa that killed 83 people in 2019, which likely spread from New Zealand.

      Further reading about measles tests:
      …However, the health agency confirmed today that further testing had shown both cases in Waikato were negative.
      National Public Health Service regional clinical director Dr William Rainger said, although rare, false-positive tests could happen.
      “The first test came through positive. What we always do is follow up with a confirmatory test and in this case it’s come back negative.
      “That does happen sometimes, but it’s not common at all.”

      The initial symptoms of measles could be similar to Covid-19 or a common cold, beginning with fever, cough, runny nose and sore, red eyes.
      Between two and four days later, a rash appears, usually beginning on the face and spreading down the body to the arms and legs, lasting for up to one week…

      The updated test results meant there were no known cases of measles in the community, which was “fantastic news”, he said.
      However, health professionals were still concerned about low vaccination rates against the highly infectious disease.
      “We are still concerned that the vaccination rates in the community are not high enough to prevent an outbreak, so we are continuing to be very, very vigilant and we ask people in the community to do the same,” Rainger said

      So please get the measles vaccination except perhaps if having a cold or some small medical problem. When that is over, then get the vaccination. I personally, no medical training, think that would be wise if there are doubts. But get it done as this shows how anxious public health people are to ensure that these nasty bugs and conditions don’t get a hold on us, and this can be prevented, stopped in their tracks.

    It should be remembered that ordinary household bleach loses strength over time ending up virtually salt water.

    After a shelf life of six months, bleach starts to degrade. Concentrated bleach loses its effectiveness as a disinfectant after 1 year. Please instruct staff to write the “received by” date on the bottle and use this date to determine expiration.
    Bleach Fact Sheet › sites › default › files › Bleach Fac…

    Recommendations for Cleaning and Sanitising in Early …
    Hawke’s Bay Health › Education-Resources › 83… PDF
    In order to work properly, a bleach solution needs enough time to kill (at least 10 minutes), sufficient strength or concentration, and a surface free of …

    Do bleach solutions become less effective with time?
    Make a new diluted bleach solution daily. Bleach solutions will not be as effective after being mixed with water for over 24 hours.
    Cleaning and Disinfecting With Bleach | CDC › hygiene › disinfecting-bleach

    How long is bleach active?
    After a shelf life of six months, bleach starts to degrade. Even in its original bottle, bleach becomes 20 percent less effective as each year goes by. Bleach mixed with water at a 1:9 ratio (i.e. 10 percent bleach) is potent for about a day (it’s more unstable in its diluted form).13 Pēp 2006
    Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Bleach But …
    Scripps Research › newsandviews › bleach

    Household bleach is a mixture of compounds formulated with two principal active ingredients, sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) and sodium hydroxide (NaOH) with the balance being made up predominantly of water. Household bleach is, in general, a solution containing 3–10% (30–100 mL/L) NaOCl and 0.01–0.05% (0.1–0.5 mL/L) NaOH.
    Health Risk Assessment of Household Bleach May 2015 – ESR
    ESR NZ › media › pymhism1 › esr… PDF

    Disinfecting water storage tanks
    Community and Public Health – Te Mana Ora › wp-content › uploads PDF
    15 Oke 2012 — The recommended disinfectant is plain (not scented), liquid (not gel) bleach which should have 5% Sodium Hypochlorite written on the …

    Preventing gastro illness and disease in early education …
    Auckland Regional Public Health Service › Uploads › Resources PDF
    Household bleaches are sold in different strengths, usually 2 – 5% hypochlorite. The strength is normally written on the label. Bleach is then mixed with water …

    Preventing gastro illness and disease in early education …
    Auckland Regional Public Health Service › Uploads › Resources PDF
    Household bleaches are sold in different strengths, usually 2 – 5% hypochlorite. The strength is normally written on the label. Bleach is then mixed with water …

    Stuff listing is blank as expected.

    Storing Drinking Water for Emergencies
    Community and Public Health – Te Mana Ora › wp-content › uploads PDF
    10 Oke 2012 — Consumers are being warned not to use household bleach containing fragrances or surfactants/detergents to treat drinking water.


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