Bahahahaha – massive water rates rise because rednecks convinced you da Maaaaaaoris was stealing da 3 waters


Oh Fuck I love it!


Watercare flags 25.8 per cent rise in bills for Aucklanders as Mayor Wayne Brown and Minister Simeon Brown try to soften the blow

Watercare is telling Aucklanders it may need to increase bills by up to 25.8 per centfrom July as senior politicians work on solutions to soften the blow.

A 25.8 per cent rise would take the water bill for an average household from $1340 to $1688. This is on top of a possible rate rise of 7.5 per cent by the council in July, taking the average household rates bill from $3560 to $3827.

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The gloomy prospect of increasing water bills for residents during the cost of living crisis and recession is mentioned in Watercare’s “Tapped In” autumn newsletter.

“The amount you pay for water and wastewater services is scheduled to change on July 1. We may need to increase prices by up to 25.8 per cent to run our business while sticking to Auckland Council’s borrowing limit,” the newsletter reads.

It’s the last four words – “Auckland Council’s borrowing limit” – that are behind a big price hike.

This is because of the uncertainty created by the new Government ditching Labour’s Three Waters reforms and replacing them with National’s Local Water Done Well plan.

Bahahahaha – massive water rates rise because rednecks convinced you da Maaaaaaoris was stealing da 3 waters.







Where’s all your screams about co-governance and Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaori get too much race baiting rhetoric now you muppets?

Labour’s 3 Waters was an attempt to insulate users from the massive jump in prices while settling the ownership issues with Māori.

Because voters were easily manipulated by astroturf actors convincing them that ‘da Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaori is stealing da water’ level baseline racism, 3 Waters was scrapped and the massive prices jumps have occurred!

Our water system is under immense stress from mass immigration policies that no one wants to pay the infrastructure upgrades for and mass dairy intensification no one wants to stop!

But remind me how it’s all about the Māori’s getting too much!

There are two wars going on right now over water, and because this country is dumb as fuck thanks to a steady diet of intellectual mediocrity via Seven Sharp and The Project, you have no idea what they are.

The first war over Water is being conducted as a culture war. “Da Bloody Maaaaaaaris is stealing da water”! is the battle cry of these slack jowled redneck crackers. They never acknowledge that it was John Key selling 49% of the Hydro Assets that triggered Māori going to the Waitangi Tribunal and the Waitangi Tribunal agreed with Māori that they do have an interest in water and that it was the State’s responsibility to negotiate that interest with Māori. 3 Waters is the culmination of that interpretation of the Tribunals legal ruling, trying to concoct a Qanon conspiracy that the Māori elite are taking over is as stupid as it is stupid.

The culture war is where Groundswell and the new Stop Co-Governance racist redneck crackers are crucial, they are the foot soldiers who ring Talkback, write letters and refer to Cindy a lot on Social Media.

The second war over water is the economic political one. This is where the actual battle over water access, pricing and regulation is being fought. This is where Federated Farmers and Fonteera are fighting.

The dark money to fund the first fight is coming from wealthy cliques and individuals within the Agribusiness elites because they know if they win the culture war on this, they can continue polluting and making money.

There is no Māori conspiracy, just corporate interests manipulating your petty bigotry.

You don’t realise this because the mainstream media are dying keeping you dumb, and thanks to that brain meat mediocrity, the culture war grifters keep winning.

You are so easy to manipulate Nu Zilind, just tell a white bloke that a Māori bloke is getting something they aren’t and they will allow any interest to fuck them over!

Your rates will explode because the new water entities created by National aren’t Government nt backed so all the cost will be borne by you!

Feeling thirsty yet New Zealand?

You dumb rednecks.



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  1. I want to laugh Martyn but I can’t because it’s the Renters & Owner Occupiers who pay & will pay for these Water rate increases by 25% This Disastrous 3 Headed Hydra Govt has cost ordinary poor & proletariat NZers thousands of dollars of extra costs during a cost of living crisis, just to fund a parasitic Neo feudal Landlord class? No one imagined how catastrophic this useless as tits on a bull, bald headed fuckwit Luxon & his lousy Natzi Govt would turn out to be after only 100 days but they have turned out to be the WORSE GOVT IN NZ HISTORY! Now Truancy Officer Luxon is going after the Disabled, the Poor & Renters & Kids parents with fines for children wagging school? So Pathetic & we still have another 3 yrs of these Fuckwits running NZ into the ground, NZ is fucked, just raise the White flag & lets join Russia & China & enter BRICs because Western Neoliberal Capitalism championed by these Right wing Morons in Western Nations like NZ, every one are in Recession, is in its death throes & one sure sign of this is their rush to take everyone to War, nothing gets Hyperinflation under control more than diverting people’s attention & demonising someone like Putin to drum up support for a World War which gives them the excuse to cancel their massive unpayable debt & also to cull the amount if people living via mass depopulation brought about by a World War? It’s coming Martyn, then we won’t have to worry about Water rate rises anymore because we won’t be around to pay the bill, sorry, I’ve recently watched Oppenheimer & all the signs are there because when all else fails, they take us to War?

    • Remember though Antforce62, the governments new Landlord policies will have downward pressures on rents so tenants won’t get those rates costs passed onto them….(eye roll)

      • And 3Waters would have made any difference…. other than to cause even higher costs that would have been passed down to renters and taxpayers.

        Using WaterCare as a case study demonstrates how stupid the 3Waters argument is. WaterCare is 3Waters without attaching labour ideology!!

        • Jkt you simply don’t know that as you can’t see into the future .
          What we know right here and now is this is a basket case under this governments policy. End of story!

          • But you can see the future?!

            3Waters was partly justified on the back of the successes of Watercare and rightly so.

            Had you paid any attention you would have known this government’s “3Waters” reform, is based on 3Waters minus the ideological nonsense, minus the very heavy weight management structures and abandoning the arbitrary boundaries of the entities set by the previous government and then allowing local authorities to determine the boundaries of the water authorities based on geography and community needs.

  2. I think they actually mean ‘ Nationals Local Water using a bucket and a well, plan’.

    The plan is ‘not Simeon’s problem’. Oh but despite wanking on about democracy they will tell councils how to spend rate payer money if they don’t like the councils forecast.

    • National cannot come up with an original idea even if they tried.
      Their plan is 3Waters without labour ideology.

  3. Rubbish
    You were going to pay a separate water bill to the authority rather than council
    The cost would have been very similar
    This way we keep control

    • Agree Anne .The labour plan was a backdoor method of giving water control to Maori whomwould then support Labour in other plans for state control . At some stage they got cold feet and left Mahuta out to dry and she lost her seat. Maori should have a seat at the table but they need to be voted in not forced in

      • Well that’s one conspiracy theory Trevor, got any more?
        What we do know is what is taking place, massive water rate hikes under this Government, here, now!

        • National cannot come up with new ideas. They are just implementing 3Waters minus the Labour Party ideology.

      • What utter bollocks Trevor. What was “back door” about it? There is also nothing back door about the likes of Hoggard either. He wants to be able to pollute with impunity and that includes water catchments. The more fragmentation the better. That tosser needs to relieve himself on one of those electric fences he’s probably so fond of.

        • If you didn’t realise it was “back door” Wheel then your naivety exceeds your stupidity.If you believe it comes free because it’s called 3 Waters then you believe in fairytales.

          • There was nothing back door about it. People got upset about giving Maori a say in water management full stop. It wasn’t hidden from anyone. Were the National and Act previous co governance initiatives back door? Was signing up to the UN Indigenous Rights Treaty by Key part of a back door move?

            You of all people should refrain from labelling anyone naive or stupid Bob. Unless it’s in the context of kinship of course.

      • Fuck up Trevor. You are a gronk. Maori wasn’t back dooring they was acting as a signatory. If anything Maori was backdooring below market rate loans fuck head.

      • Gee Trevor why do you continue to make shit up many on thiis site have presented evidence supporting their arguments but you and bob the knob first and Anne spew nosense with no evidence but hearsay exactly what your government is doing. Maori have water rights we aren’t the ones selling our water and we aren’t the ones using all the water. Farmers use most of our water and they also pollute it. If we did a water audit who would come out on top, not us, not the average household who are gonna pay due to you dummies voting for those incompetent clowns fucking our country up.

    • Anne – Correct…also Watercare high salaries, and large amount of staff are causing most of the water rate hike

      • Nathan and Anne

        The Labour Government should have brought water under central Government control. Thereby, reducing the duplication and cost.

        • The Chairman – Agreed…But, the 3 Waters model was toxic…I still remember the lame website, and the dopey Media Statements from the prior Government regarding it

        • Based on what we know about the 3Waters infrastructure that had already been established, there is no way a centralised model was going to be less expensive.

          • I should have been more clear.

            Centralised under one Government water entity and not the many as proposed under the 3 Waters/Affordable Water model.

            Additionally, the new regulatory framework around water standards needs to be reviewed. Furthermore, so does the timing. Considering the cost of living, recession and high interests rates.

          • I should have been more clear.

            Centralised under one Government water entity and not the many as proposed under the 3 Waters/Affordable Water model.

            Additionally, the new regulatory framework around water standards needs to be reviewed. Furthermore, so does the timing. Considering the cost of living, recession and high interest rates.

      • Ahh yes, the delusional right wing nuts typically delusional hysterical obsession with wages and salaries. Please feel free to break down the cost of staff payment to operational budgets as they stand at the moment, and please provide a pie chart showing how you would budget operational costs. You fucking plank.

        • Ah right. Much like you next to an image of the object that struck Joyce in the face. Of course you are not artificial but there’s a strong resemblance.

          I am not sure how Anne makes such a claim.

          • If you struggle to follow Anne’s comment you are what you call others so often, Wheel.

            WTF did you think the money would come from? A Grant or a loan from Maori? Thin air?

      • Very similar means not much difference Wheel….did you believe the water rates under 3 waters would be free, pay peanuts, a small token amount when there would be thousands of staff to pay in the ministry?
        There you have been educated Wheel…no need to thank me, it’s a free service I will provide happily to all confused lefties.

        • Wheel you should thank Im tighty righty, straight out his Qanon handbook for intellectually disabled righties.

        • No there’s a slight delta between 20 plus percent (this time around) and free. Of course being a Willis fan numbers don’t mean much to you. I am not a leftie I am just not stupid. Individuals like you who treat being “right”like a religion. It doesn’t matter that you have no solution it only matters that it’s your team driving the bus off the cliff.

          Do a definition of identical next. I am guessing it would involve you and Bob the first.

    • 3 Waters was a way for councils to break there own lending rules. Councils aren’t allowed to borrow from the government because government lending rates are to low for your smooth ass forehead.

      • And that is why National borrowed from the 3Waters idea.

        Now the councils will be hamstrung by the lack of ability to leverage off utility assets to build extravagant public toilets and funding other vanity projects.

    • Right on Anne.
      If you are connected to the pipe, water or sewer, you were always going to pay!
      Regardless who controlled, the Maoris, the Council, some quasi corporate like water care or some other entity.
      There is no free ride here, we had that as councils spent on vanity projects instead of the pipes. Now the reality of that failure to maintain the pipes is upon us!

      • Again who said anything about “free” or a free ride?

        May be misguided people that vote for a party that says we won’t tax you more but then promptly put up fees and and other costs to ensure you end up with less money anyway think it’s a choice of free or not.

        • Strangely Labour never mentioned the cost of their massive new 3 water bureaucracy or the specter of iwi charging royalties which the legislature allowed for.

          None with a half a brain cell thought 3 waters wasn’t going to be hugely expensive.

    • No, the cost would have been lower because councils pay greater interest for taking on debt than a dental government water authority would. The water authority would also have lower costs due to economies of scale.

    • No, the cost would have been lower because councils pay greater interest for taking on debt than a dental government water authority would. The water authority would also have lower costs due to economies of scale.

      • Really. Its not economy scale, your talking about the centralization decentralization ‘process’ merry go round. Politicians, bureaucrats and consultants make work for themselves by centralising decentralising recentralising etc every generation or so. The central government could guarantee, local government debentures to ensure the interest paid is minimised.

    • Two questions. Who the hell is “we”? And how do “we” have any damn control over water and water prices?

      • Guerilla you are on to it.
        WE have no control. If you are connected to the pipe you will pay what ever the outfit in charge decides to charge you.
        If not paid by “those connected” then by who?

  4. I don’t understand…
    Water is water correct? So if there’s less of it then why does water cost more to supply when the problem is that there’s simply less of it, not because it costs more to get. Ask any cloud, they’ll tell you. It’s not like the wholesaler, in this case clouds, are charging more to rain. So why does water cost more when there’s simply less of it, not, because clouds have increased the wholesale price of rain.
    I think it’s simply an excuse for Auckland’s council management to rort Aucklanders because Auckland’s a dead town walking and they can see a time in the near future when Auckland will be a ghetto while the rest of us will be engaged in agrarian micro-industries selling food to the 90% of the planet who will soon be starving to death. The good news will be that war, starvation, rogue AI, disease and sterility will see the global population drop from 8 billion to less than a billion within a life time.
    To all you old buggers? Go to Portugal and buy crates of E and chow down then shoot up good Smack. Might as well go out in a daze of Glory.
    By the way… Them rednecks you hate on because they’re lumbering about under the weight of an ignorance manufactured by their abusers to control and manipulate them to side-step their common-sense minds so they may be more easily encouraged to avoid and evade the broader nuances of life and living put that turd up your arse from the cheap food you ate that you’ll soon use water to flush. Tell me? Is that irony?

    • Demand and Supply.

      I think that you are correct. If you dig deep enough you will find they use incomes derived from utilities to prop up other projects. Like part funding the costs arising from the flooding.

  5. NActFirsts plans (and paybacks) is always about privatisation and profits to their donors ,,,,water is no exception and they see it as a commodity to make profits from.

    Privitisation has been a disaster in AoNz with a history of high price increases (electricity), Govt bail-outs, (air nz, nz rail etc), price gouging, poor managementb and reduced services.

    The present failing state of water infrastructure has been the result of short term right wing local govt promising low rates ( much like tax cuts) and now the bill is due for this failure to maintain and invest in essential council services ….

    Typically under National we will end up paying more while receiving less ,,,, Profit is a cost as the Usa’s health system clearly shows …. “Despite having the most expensive health care system, the United States ranks last overall compared with six other industrialized countries—Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom—on measures of quality, efficiency, access to care, equity, and the ability to lead long, healthy, and productive lives, according to a new Commonwealth Fund report. While there is room for improvement in every country, the U.S. stands out for not getting good value for its health care dollars: it spent $7,290 per capita on health care in 2007 but ranks last among seven countries. The Netherlands, which spent $3,837 per capita on health care that year, ranks first.”

    Act and National would have us believe that the ‘for profit/less government way is better …. the greedy idiots.

  6. RNZ
    This, is precisely what the problem with AO/NZ agriculture is. An arrogant moron who only believes in his own ignorance.
    Farmers. Seriously? You’re going to fawn over this fucking idiot? He, or rather his ilk, are what got you guys in the shit to begin with.
    What’s worse, if it could be, is he’s a disciple of greed born of roger douglas’s ACT party and his minion david seymour.
    If you believe in, or are otherwise enamoured by the short pink cowsploiting strainer post then you have more to worry about than all the things that currently worry you.
    Solution. Go and seek Chloe Swarbrick out and take an open mind with you. Chloe Swarbrick is boldly sailing into a new world. Andrew Hoggard is an arrogant fool who sincerely believes in his own ignorance and that by doing the same things over and over we can then expect different results. ” The definition of madness is to do the same things while expecting different results.” Albert Einstein.
    P.S. hoggarts ‘foundations’ metaphor is meaningless. It’s gas passed by a desperate minion.

  7. Isn’t it more to do with the fact that Auckland council is in so much debt already?

    The proposed 5 Waters model was a disaster with a deliberately opaque governance structure.

    Put aside the schadenfreude and look at Auckland Council as a totality – it’s broken, not fit for purpose and drowning in debt.

    Local government has long been a dumping ground for failed politicians and jumped up clipboard wielding busybodies, none of whom seem to have a clue about running a town or city.

    This has led to bad decisions being made year after year and now we’re paying the price – fucking boomers once again taking a shit on the next generations.

    That’s why the pipes are crumbling in the ground and the zoning is spastic. It’s also why the suburbs closest to the CBD are full of large homes set amongst leafy gardens where really there should be medium to high density housing and the outer suburbs should have the big houses. Instead Auckland Council has zoned public transport deserts like Mt Wellington or Ōtāhuhu to have higher density housing with stuff all oversight which has seen rows of slum apartments banged up on the cheap doing absolutely nothing to address the housing crisis.

    But that’s okay as the Boomers don’t ever see it, go near it and best of all they get smugly virtue signal by driving their EV from Remuera to Parnell whilst complaining about their awfully hard commute.

    Auckland should be one of the best cities in the world to live in – yes it’s built in a stupid place but the crushingly terrible lack of foresight and imagination has left it dysfunctional, broke and grim.

    All that said, it could be worse. It could be Wellington…

    • Who says that there was a lack of imagination in Auckland planning. Not at all. But the imagination was applied to their House and Garden thinking of what the planners and PTB wanted along with the Wee Free Men* of ACT dancing to the stars. That’s the sort of imagination that was applied.

      Note Terry Pratchett’s Wee Free Men were out to finally do good. Under the dark skies of Nuziland however, in the southern hemisphere upside down, they have turned negative; all that was light has turned black. We need more frying pans!
      Armed with only a frying pan and her common sense, young witch-to-be Tiffany Aching must defend her home against the monsters of Fairyland. Luckily she has some very unusual help: the local Nac Mac Feegle – aka the Wee Free Men – a clan of fierce, sheep-stealing, sword-wielding, six-inch-high blue men.
      The Wee Free Men – Sir Terry Pratchett › books › the-wee-…

    • dont blame us boomers after all we paid for this shit in the 60 and 70s .you dumb fucks have voted like sheep since you started voting ,voting for the fuckers that said they would not increase rates but would build a massive stadium ,the cost of which would have paid for a shit load of new pipes or repairs to old pipes

  8. I don’t care about the high rates rises in whatever place to fix water problems in that place. That is better the Labour –we’ll ALL pay a medium amount more to cover the useless areas eg Wellington. The whole ‘govt were gonna pay under 3,4,5 Waters’ is BS– govt paying = all taxpayers pay for some councils (the loser ones who spent 1/2 million here and there on crossings).

  9. fucken moaners ,I already pay that much in rates and have done so for 5 years .Next year we are getting meters installed so they can charge us more .Our pipes are nearly fucked and we will need 20 million to replace them and there are only a couple of hundred houses here .Then the council spent 360k of 3 waters money, that the last government gave them,on a car park so tourists did not get their shoes dirty when they went for the $8 coffee and the $10 pie at the cafe.The same day they applied water restrictions because they dont have enough storage and a lot of water never gets to the resevior.We could have installed an extra storage tank with that money

  10. fucken moaners ,I already pay that much in rates and have done so for 5 years .Next year we are getting meters installed so they can charge us more .Our pipes are nearly fucked and we will need 20 million to replace them and there are only a couple of hundred houses here .Then the council spent 360k of 3 waters money, that the last government gave them,on a car park so tourists did not get their shoes dirty when they went for the $8 coffee and the $10 pie at the cafe.The same day they applied water restrictions because they dont have enough storage and a lot of water never gets to the resevior.We could have installed an extra storage tank with that money

  11. Vera amusing, just from the headline. I expect the creamy smiling Luxon will cv off after 6 years of getting by. Leaving us deeper in shit. Like Labour before them.

    None of the ’35 socialists had a CV. LIVE or die. Better, the imbalanced fury of those curious chaps is how I take the last 40 years.

    • Luther will be better off though, that was always his plan, it’s what right wing governments do well, screw NZ over.

  12. So Martyn your position is that John Key ineptly gave water rights to Maori? And baha everyone pays a cost for that. And the reasoning is as an ordinary citizen you don’t have a right to water. Cause the Maori King said “we (Maori) own the wai”

    Three waters was central government creating state/iwi owned water companies that could easily be internationally privatised in the future versus keeping partial democratic control of local drinking water.

    Local councils for the last 150 years in NZ have been able to successfully finance and run safe local drinking water supply. What has changed? Nothing except as you point out unsustainable over-immigration. 140,000 people last year. An almost three percent population increase in a single year. No one except real estate and immigration agents wants this.

    There is no reasonable reason that between the central government and local government there can’t be a finance arrangement for water infrastructure projects to be advantaged by the low interest rates the central government can achieve or simple money printing for infrastructure.

    • Clusterfuxon’s just killing time keeping the wheels from falling off the Westminster System bandwagon til Jesus turns up in the mothership so he can hitch a ride off that and suck Christ’s dick rather than jolly king chuckles.

  13. Or to put it another way, in a much shorter version:
    ” I fucking told you so, dumbarses.”
    “Chickens home to roost – hahahaha”

  14. some of us above need to read the legislation .At no time did labour say it would be free .As was pointed out the cost would be 180 billion.They were attempting to keep the cost managable by arranging cheap money at rates that councils can now not access .Also by having 10 instead of the current 67 buyers of materials and services the cost would be lower .
    Because this was a great plan National knew they had to scupper it any way they could so their mates could rape us all .Hence they invented the racist ploy of claiming Maori were getting ownership of water ,which as we all know was a blatant lie .But the dumb arse voters chose to vote for a lie .
    Red kneckery is alive and well in NZ and you are about to pay the price

    • The answer is simply to not vote.

      If the Crown can’t get over 50% to turn up at the ballot they have no mandate and something else will have to take their and it’s place.

      Voting is the classic, keep doing the same shit expecting different results scenario.

      How the hell does turning up once every 3years to tick a box in a popularity contest to choose the best bullshitter change amything ?

  15. When I was a kid in the early 70s we called Maori, mahrees. Whenever we did our not particularly sensitive parents asked us if we meant (family friends) Marie Kirkham or Marie something else. In those days Marie was pronounced Mahree.

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