MEDIAWATCH: Why on earth is Chippy feeding the Platform Trolls?

What the fuck does the Labour Party Media team think they are doing?



Chippy went back on The Platform last week???

Who on earth is running Chippy’s media right now?

Why on earth is he appearing on The Platform?

Why would Chris Hipkins join Sean Plunket on The Platform?

Search Hipkins on The Platform’s YouTube channel and on the first page of results is one clip posted seven months ago titled, “Chris Trotter calls Hipkins a Nazi”.

Sorry, what was that post called again?

“Chris Trotter calls Hipkins a Nazi”.

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This is where Chippy’s PR people believe Chippy should be? The Platform?

It’s like Obama agreeing to be interviewed by Tucker Carlson.

I wasn’t aware that Chippy had so much political capital that he could spare it for The Platform.

It opened Chippy up to the best burn of the month from Ben Thomas…

But when asked about Hipkin’s appearance on The Platform, Thomas said, “the practicality of politics is if you’re on 28% the only way is up”.

…shouldn’t Chippy be on BHN instead of feeding the beast?

It’s continued missteps like this that are making it very difficult to see any improvement in the polls if this is where he thinks he’s going to win over votes.

It’s the Platform!

“Chris Trotter calls Hipkins a Nazi”.

…they are metaphorically cheering for your lynching mate, I’m not sure there are many swing voters here unless it’s you who is the one doing the swinging!

Enormous coup for The Platform, self inflicting mutilation by Chippy.

Surely the Labour Party Media team won’t let Chippy back on after Sean’s comments about Down Syndrome Dolphins?

Sean Plunket, Cam Slater in nasty argument over Down syndrome dolphin comments

Rival internet provocateurs Sean Plunket and Cameron Slater are engaged in an online war of words over Plunket’s recent derogatory comments around people with Down syndrome.

The controversial The Platform broadcaster apologised on Wednesday for comments he previously made in response to a SailGP race through a marine sanctuary being delayed due to a dolphin sighting.

Plunket stated Māui dolphins were “like the Down syndrome kids of marine mammals. They’re cross-bred and they deserve to die.”

In response, Slater – the former the Whale Oil blogger best known as a key player in New Zealand’s ‘Dirty Politics’ era – called Plunket a “pig” in a tweet.

Sean Plunket, Cam Slater in nasty argument over Down syndrome dolphin comments

Plunket hit back with several replies including saying Slater’s parents were first cousins and referring to him as “dolphin boy”.

Slater responded: “So, let’s this straight. You compare Māui dolphins to Down syndrome kids, say they should be killed, cop negative pushback, then you issue an apology that you prefaced with an attack on me and others, essentially saying you are only sorry you got busted… then after you do the apology you come back here and call me ‘dolphin boy’ clearly implying I’m Down syndrome too… yeah, you aren’t sorry at all.”

In his video apology about his Down syndrome comments, Plunket lashed out at the “pile on” and “trolling” he had subsequently received, as well as regretting his “dumb” statements.

This is like a death cage match between Lord Voldemort and a MAGA Republican in that you aren’t sure who to cheer for, but you hope they end up both killing each other.

As a general rule of thumb, if you are EVER in a fight over ethics with Cameron Fucking Slater AND HE’S WINNING, it’s time to tap out.

Sean’s comments are jaw droopingly ugly and it really demands an answer as to why Chippy keeps going on his show.

There is a difference between being Contrarian and needlessly cruel. I used to appear on The Platform when it first launched, not because I agreed with the editorial line but because I do believe having a contrarian space for debate is really important, but the direction it has ended up going in is less contrarian and is just needlessly cruel now.

What the fuck does the Labour Party Media team think they are doing?


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  1. I’m enjoying Chipping on The Platform with Sean Plunket it confirms how silly he really is.
    To think Chippy was our Prime Minister,unbelievable.

    • Given the Nat incumbent this comment is rich indeed – Luxon is the biggest testicle to ever be PM – and has the other biggest testicles as coalition partners – yes, you read it here first, the coalition is abnormal indeed – 3 testicles!

  2. When an eminent scientist was asked to debate with a flat earther, he declned, saying,”That would look good on your CV but not on mine.” Hipkins should say the same. He should not have anything to do with Plunket’s Platform, Reality Check radio retards or the Hoskng tragics of this world. I’m disappointed in Hipkins sometimes.

    • Labour need to look elsewhere because this is not Hipkins first fuck up – his first was not acting on (at the very least) starting real discussions about CGT when thrust into the PM role after Jacinda’s disappointing and surprising departure. Since then he has bumbled the party from nearly 50% support down to nearly 25% – FFS. Then there was the debacle of the most recent election result and his response was – “well I guess we got that one wrong” – no shit Einstein.

      He seems to think failure is “fine”. Carry on, nothing to see here. His weak leadership has been exploited and for the sake of the party he needs to fall on his sword – the sooner the better. The country needs a left option that is actually left not Nat lite.

  3. Ok, in answer have to ask the very obvious question. What the fuck is Chippy still doing as leader of the Labour Party???
    Chicken shit spineless Chippy. If anyone in Labour had any morals or backbone he would have at least been replaced by David Parker by now. So yes, pretty clear to see why a Labour party that has currently lost all direction is ‘letting’ Chippy go on a bottom feeding media platform that is The Platform. No hope for them. They are over.

    • @ LC
      ” No hope for them. They are over.”
      No. It should read “No hope for us. We are over.”
      We’re all running about in circles like yapping, special needs meth addict poodles while roger douglas’s neo-liberalism is going from strength to strength.
      Do you not comprehend what’s going on? If you don’t won’t or can’t then I’m sorry but you should at least say so in case someone reads then considers your comments.
      [We] have no politic and haven’t had one since about 1984. What we do have is business and business should never, ever be allowed anywhere near our politic.
      Most of us have become dreary blowflies trying to get back out of the beer bottle. We fly around in circles doing the same things to escape while expecting different results.
      Chip and luxon are the same fucking thing man so a wildly different approach is essential for change, but what’s alarming, for me at least, is that it’s crystal clear to me that, that change isn’t going to come from within our toxic-culture politic of inbred capitalist cronyism. In short, the corruptions that are installed within our economy are so entrenched and institutionalised that we need outside help. Urgently too before the criminal elite sell us to the neighbours.

    • There’s no denying Parker’s intelligence, or his social democrat credentials – or his integrity, for that matter. The concern is probably that he doesn’t have the charisma or confidence in front of the cameras that’s needed for 21st century politics.

  4. Chippy has no political capital.

    Going on The Platform is his way of trying to grow it.

    Chippy Knows BHN viewers have nowhere else to turn other than the Greens or Te Pāti Māori – with both leading back to Labour for support.

  5. tHE FOOL, ON THE RADIO, i said the first ever terrorist was the bombing of Trades Hall; not the bombing, of that care ship, fool said not. Police, now say, bomber, doing, at Trades Hall, terrorist, first ever in our country.

  6. The Labour media team still imagine their rainbow crap is meaningful to more than 3% of the population.

    The culture has not been one of democracy for decades. Democracy is inconvenient. You ask questions, and your fauxgressive presumptions get no love. The public want difficult things, like housing, responsible immigration policy, capital gains taxes, real livable wages.

    Not unfunded tosh like trans ‘rights’ or “green” hydrogen.

  7. said one time this clown, terrorist first being, the bomb, of trades hall, he laugh, fool, green ship, years, now, police, terrorist act of Trades Hall, we are looking at.

  8. Okay, this column is more confusing than usual – did Trotter accuse Hipkins of being a Nazi? I’m certainly not going along to register on that stupid fucking platform site to find out. I know Trotter doesn’t like Hipkins, but the worst I have ever heard him say (admittedly I haven’t been following him lately) was that he was “waspish”.


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